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A Good Romantic Comedy for the Whole Family - A Christmas Classic

A Good Romantic Comedy for the Whole Family - A Christmas Classic

If you're looking for an excellent romantic comedy movie, look no further! While You Were Sleeping is a flirty, fun, cheerful film that the whole family can watch.

What's the Movie About?

Sandra Bullock plays Lucy Moderatz, a Chicago Transit Token Collector who's in love with a handsome man she's never met but sees every day taking the train. That man is played by Peter Gallagher; his character's name is Peter Callaghan.

On one particular day, a mugger pushes Peter onto the tracks, and Lucy, without considering her own safety, jumps into action and saves Peter from an oncoming train. When he's brought to the hospital, unconscious and in a coma (where he stays for most of the movie), they won't let Lucy see Peter because she's not which point she quietly says under her breath, 'Oh that's alright I was just going to marry the guy.' One of the nurses hears what she says, misunderstands it, and lets her see Peter, explaining to the hospital staff that she's 'Peter's fiance.' His family shows up and is told by a nurse that Lucy is Peter's fiance - they're rather shocked! It seems she's not Peter's type, as Peter is a high-powered lawyer. In contrast, Lucy is a down-to-earth, loving, single, non-manipulative woman...the type Peter doesn't usually attract.

Lucy Falls in Love with Peter's Whole Family

The story centers around Lucy being unable to tell Peter's family that she's not really his fiance because she feels like she's part of a family again for the first time in a long time. You see, Lucy lost both her mother and father, was an only child, and didn't have a family.

The story also centers around Christmas time, so being invited over for Christmas and being around all the fuss of the season in a family home gives Lucy a sense of connection she's long needed.

Things Get Complicated When Lucy Meets Peter's Brother Jack

Lucy ends up spending the night on the couch at Peter's parents' home after dinner, and late that night, Jack, played by Bill Pullman, comes home. Lucy hears him speaking to his sister Mary, pretends to sleep, and tries to slip out quickly in the morning to avoid talking with Jack. Unfortunately, that plan doesn't work; Jack waits on the staircase to speak to Lucy before she leaves. You can see that even though he doesn't believe she's Peter's fiance, he's very attracted to her. Thus, things begin to get emotionally complicated when neither Lucy nor Jack can tell each other their true feelings about each other..since, after all, Lucy is engaged to his brother (but not really!).

The Movie is Filled with Numerous Funny Characters

One of the funniest characters is Joe Fusco Jr., played by Michael Rispoli! He's the son of the landlord in the building Lucy lives in. He has a 'thing' for Lucy, but of course, she's sweet to him but doesn't have 'those feelings' for him. He flirts with her in comical day,  he's standing at the bottom of the staircase as Lucy unlocks her apartment door, flashing some tickets, and shouts up to her.."Tomorrow night, eight o'clock... I got ice capades...I know, I guy" - This movie line always gets tossed around in our house!

Peter Boyle plays Ox Callaghan, the father, and his dry sense of humor adds dimension to the film Jack Warden, who plays 'Saul,' the family friend.

How does it End?

I won't be spoiling the ending on this one, so if you haven't seen it, you'll have to watch to see how it all turns out. It's a wonderful feel-good movie to watch on girls' night or with the family. It usually comes on TV during the holiday season. I watch it every year.

My Personal Sense When I Watch the Movie

I don't know if this happens to you, but some movies bring me back to a point in my life and leave me almost missing that time. My early 20s remind me of Lucy's life: I moved to Toronto, finished school, worked, and loved being a city girl. 

The 'city setting' makes me think of my young days of living alone, in my own apartment in Downtown Toronto...a time I loved. Watching the characters walk through the city and laugh together...the cold winter days and nights all bring a familiar smile to my face. I love how this movie makes me feel.

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  1. Sounds like a delightful movie. And Sandra Bullock is a favorite of mine (I even actually saw her in person once at my post office). I'll be looking for "While You Were Sleeping" for sure. Just my kind of movie.

  2. We are so much alike Barbara! This is one of my all time favorite movies. I watch it when I need a "pick me up" after a long day or when I want a movie I am guaranteed to love. It is so easy to just sit back, watch and enjoy. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman are fabulous together!

    1. Cynthia, lol, why doesn't this surprise me! Honestly, we ARE so much a like! (maybe we're related in Ancestry!)

  3. I love this movie. I haven't seen it forever. I definitely need to watch it again.

  4. Dawn I watched it so much my friend finally bought me the DVD, lol


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