Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homemade Christmas Centerpiece Decoration Ideas

Christmas tree globes setting in a dish for a homemade Christmas centerpiece decoration

When it comes to Christmas decorations, shop your favorite store or browse your favorite websites for inspiration. Here are a few festive homemade Christmas centerpiece decoration ideas using common holiday ornaments that are fun and easy.

The simple decoration above of Christmas tree globes setting in a dish is a combination of cold colors that brings brightness to the center of a table. And, it is so simple to put together. All you need is a pretty platter and a trio of decorative globes. Look for globes that are a color that compliments your holiday decor.

If you like this frozen holiday theme, you and your kids will have a fun time building igloos. Not the big blocks of packed snow igloos, but igloos made of sugar. Corinna Johnson shows us How to Make a Sugar Cube Igloo. She suggests using frosting to build the igloo so that you can use the sugar cubes in a dessert later.

A Christmas centerpiece decoration using small wrapped packages tied with a Tiffany bow

The Christmas stocking isn't the only way to hide extra special presents. Make a centerpiece that is simply an arrangement of tiny wrapped packages, similar to the ribbon-wrapped boxes shown above, neatly nested in evergreens or holly. Wrap a tiny treat inside each box and pass out these miniature presents after dinner.

A pretty ribbon gives these tiny boxes an elegant touch.

Christmas sleigh centerpiece decoration idea

It wouldn't be Christmas without poinsettias, evergreens, and reindeer. Glittered poinsettias fit in with any decor, the evergreens add an aromatic appeal, and reindeer statuary creates a unique touch.

Need ideas on how to arrange a menagerie of ornaments, the House of Sylvestermouse shows us How to Make a Christmas Sleigh Centerpiece that will add a touch of Santa Claus to your home.

I hope you enjoyed these homemade Christmas centerpiece decoration ideas.

Find more inspiration on Pinterest. 
This Victorian Christmas board is full of easy vintage crafts with a bit of Steampunk style.


  1. What a beautiful article! I did read it, but I admit, I was captivated by the photos and I was definitely inspired. As of this moment, my new slogan is "I'd rather be crafting!" Of course, I did giggle a bit when I realized I could add "with Coletta and Corinna" to my new slogan. Sounds cool doesn't it! I'd rather be crafting with Coletta & Corinna. We could start a craft club!

  2. Simple, yet elegant Christmas decoration ideas. Very nice.

  3. Blue is my favorite color to decorate with at Christmastime, so I am liking that image of the blue snowflake ornaments on a white plate as a simple home decoration. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I too am captivated by the photos. I've only read about two paragraphs so far. I love the idea of the gorgeous ornaments on a tray.

  5. great ideas, I would try all of these - the tiny wrapped gifts is a very creative way to do a centerpiece (may have to see if I can fit that into my decor)

  6. Great ideas for centerpieces. Thanks for getting my creative juices flowing. I just went and took two oversized wine glasses and filled them with some ornaments for a centerpiece for the dining room table.


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