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Let's Review the Dog Days of February

Abbi, a family Boston Terrier (c)

I know, you think of those hot, steamy days of August when you hear the term 'Dog Days', but you'll be surprised to learn how many February dates are related to the lovable pet known as DOG.

There are quite a few dog-related holidays in February alone. Perhaps this is because the Westminster Dog Show is held this month, putting the focus on dogs. 

Although there are numerous days throughout the year dedicated to dogs in one form or another, we present here just a few celebrated in February. 

“Walking the Dog Day” - February 22


Abbi, a family pet Boston Terrier
Dog owners walk their dog every day, but on February 22nd I guess they get to have an extra-special walk.  My brother's dog, Abbi, the Boston Terrier, loves her walks every day.  There's just so much for a curious dog to sniff and see and enjoy while walking along a trail in the woods or just around the neighborhood. As Abbi's 'aunt', I've gotten in my share of dog walks with her. Walking is good for both dog walker and dog. 

Abbi is a rescue pup who has found her 'forever home' with my brother & sister-in-law and she is a happy dog indeed.

"Love Your Pet Day" - February 20

February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”. While not limited strictly to dogs, one of the most popular pets is a cute puppy and the grown up dog he becomes.   No one knows who created this 'love' day for pets, but probably it was a pet lover (or the pet of one). It's definitely a day to lavish extra attention on your pet, be it a dog or other kind of animal you love. 

Our own Dawn Rae wrote this delightful story about her Rat Terrier, Daisy and you can just feel all the love she had for Daisy the dog. Put February 20 on your calendar each year so you don't miss out on 'Love Your Pet Day'

“International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day” - February 23


Image from

Another 'dog day' to celebrate in February is “International  Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day” on February 23rd.  

I can't think of a better way to let your dog know you appreciate him/her than with a favorite doggie treat. Dog biscuits are snapped up immediately by dogs and the best kind are homemade. 

Dog Bone Cookie Cutter, Stainless Steel

Try the recipe in this article filled with homemade dog food recipes and helpful tips for making your own homemade dog biscuits for your furry friend on a day we appreciate the dog biscuit.  The shape is easy to make with this dog biscuit cookie cutter from Amazon.

Besides dog biscuits, your favorite puppy might enjoy a special cupcake made especially for a doggie palette with ingredients just right for a dog diet. The recipe by Susan Zatautas is found in another review by Sylvestermouse called “Cooking for Dogs”.

Celebrate all the Dog Days in February and Thoughout the Year. 

Plush Puppies on Etsy
Peter & Patches, Plush Puppies on Etsy
My crocheted dogs, Peter and Patches, h
ope you (and your dog) get to take advantage of all these special February days for dogs!

For more dog stories and reviews of products for dogs, check out the DOG section here on Review This Reviews.

*Article written by Wednesday Elf on 2/21/2015. Updated on 2/7/2017.


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  1. What a fun post. I didn't realize that Susan ran an animal rescue center! And thank you so much for including my article about Daisy's favorite toys. I still miss her, every single day. Now, I'm off to read about the dog biscuits. Willy is a picky eater and I've started to think about cooking for him to see if I can get him to put some weight one.

    1. Glad you liked Daisy's feature, Dawn Rae. If Willy likes his homemade dog biscuits, you'll have to do a blog post about it. :)

  2. Ah, what a wonderful review of the dog days of February. Thanks for sharing the BuckHawk Center. Always appreciate those who can adopt a pet. Even if they adopt one of your darling crocheted puppies.

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks. Glad you liked my dog days review. You do such a needed service finding homes for the dogs (and cats) you take in at the BuckHawk Center. I was glad to include it so more people can find a sweet pet to adopt.

  3. What fun! We certainly have a couple of pups who don't mind being celebrated the entire month of February. Of course, they wouldn't mind a doggy celebration each month, or each day :) Peter & Patches are absolutely adorable!

    1. My niece dog, Abbi, loved being featured in this article, Mouse. Her owners (my brother and SIL) hope her instant 'stardom' doesn't go to her They said Abbi's ready to sign paw-tographs. :)

  4. Isn't Abbi a cuttie! what a face :) - the dog days of February for sure - we had another snow storm today so it's the dogs days of cold and snow, but we love it, and we love dogs! Didn't realize there were so many 'dog days' in February either !

    1. Barbara, Abbi was originally a Florida dog, now living in Georgia, so don't know what she'd think of cold and snow...LOL. Thanks for letting Abbi teach you about the Dog Days of February!

  5. Nice Dog Blog Elf... It's always good to get the rescue folks advertised. So many Dogs and cats need a good home. Our recent kitty is a rescue and she has taken to her new home life very well. Warm home, steady meals and interaction.. Sure beats the streets.