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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sharpies - a Great Way to Personalize Easter Eggs

Eggs by A Pumpkin & a Princess
There is an easy way to make beautiful and personalized Easter eggs. In this review, you will see that using egg coloring and Sharpie brand markers is an inexpensive way to make your eggs unique.Whether you decorate Easter eggs as a great way to spend time with children or because you are an adult who loves to relive that childhood magic of coloring eggs, using a Sharpie marker is a great way to make your eggs your own.

I have always loved Easter eggs

I am not a very creative person. Nor do I do much decorating on the holidays. But I have always loved Easter egg decorating and hunting. Easter eggs bring back memories of the hunts at Grandma's house so many years ago.  Even the hunt that I remember few details of except looking down at my pretty new shoes in the snow, leading up to Grandma's house. We had the hunt in that house that year.  I must have been around kindegarten age but I sure do remember those black patent leather shoes and the excitement of trying to add eggs to my little basket. 

Coloring the eggs

Over the years I have tried different products to color eggs. But I always return to the familiar way with PAAS. I have the best luck with PAAS and it is inexpensive.  I find PAAS is reliable and the directions are simple to follow. 

PAAS Egg Decorating Kit

Some folks color their eggs with Kool-Aid.  I may try that this year. I like the colors and they say that it slightly scents your eggs. The directions for using Kool-Aid packs are as follows:

  • Pour 1 pack of Kool-Aid into a container suitable for coloring eggs
  • Add 2/3 cup water to container; stir until completely dissolved.
  • Place the egg into the container (with a spoon preferably)
  • Keep the egg, or section of egg, submerged until the desired color is achieved
  • Set egg aside and allow to dry completely

Cherry Kool Aid

Taking the decorating one step further

My friend's personal Easter Bunny
I have to say that I LOVE Sharpie brand markers. Always have and I always will.  I use them at work, at home, and every chance I get.  Sharpie makes a marker size and color for every project you could think of.  They are bright and permanent. There are a variety of tips and mediums. 

My friend likes Sharpie markers even more than I do. A few years ago he introduced me to the idea of decorating Easter Eggs with Sharpie markers. We colored our eggs as we normally do. After they cooled and dried, we drew on them with these simple, black, permanent markers.  I regret not having taken more photos of his artwork but I think you can get the idea. You can see that the marker ink is dark and bold.  I am not as artistic. Rather than drawing things such as bunny faces, I drew simple smiley faces on mine, and wrote words or messages. 

I never imagined that Minion eggs would be an easy and adorable Easter egg design. Crystal on A Pumpkin & a Princess shows us how to color the eggs with PAAS, then add googley eyes, a bit of string, and a hand-drawn face to make these holiday Minions (shown above).  There too, you can see how nice the Sharpie marker ink looks on the eggs. 

On Redefine Creativity Alisa Burke shows us how she creates gorgeous "doodle" Easter eggs by using a black Sharpie over a white egg.  She uses the empty egg shell after blowing out the contents.  There are a variety of designs in her article but they all remind me somewhat of beautiful henna tattoos. I'd like to try these with a hard-boiled egg and a base of pastel color. Thank you Alisa for this wonderful idea. 

Eggs by Obviously Sweet
The "doodle" eggs displayed on Obviously Sweet are also white eggs with black sharpie patterns. These have a slightly different look than the patterns mentioned earlier. To me they look more modern and geometric. They can be as easy or difficult as you care to make them.

I don't know how I didn't know, but there is a neon sharpie marker set that is fluorescent under black lights.  I can imagine using the neon colors for these patterned "doodle" eggs.  I think they would look great. 

Happy Easter to you. Whether you are helping a child discover the wonder of making beautiful things or whether you are an adult that still enjoys the fun of decorating eggs, I hope that you create some wonderful memories as you make your eggs this year. 

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