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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Lego Flowers & Lego Bouquet Sets Reviewed

lego flower sets
Lego flowers and Lego bouquet sets are a wonderful way for Lego lovers to give flowers for any occasion.  

It isn't always easy to think of a unique gift for someone we love.  We often send flowers for holidays because they let the recipient know we are thinking of them.  Sadly, flowers don't live very long and the gift gets thrown away too soon.  Unfortunately, while they are lovely for a short time, unless you take pictures, they are quickly forgotten.

If you make and send Lego flowers, they are not only unique, but they won't die!

There are several Lego flowers and Lego bouquets available now that would be an awesome Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, Christmas gifts or any "thinking of you" gift.

Any handmade gift is a treasure for the recipient.  Lego builders now have a fabulous gift they can make and give to someone they love.

Even children can build these Lego flowers and give them as a gift.  What better way to tell someone you love them then with a handmade gift of flowers.


Lego Flowers & Lego Bouquets

Build and give a single rose, tulip, or sunflower.  If you have time, you could even build and give a Lego bouquet.  You could even mix several sets to make a completely unique, one of a kind gift for that one of a kind loved one.

 LEGO Iconic Rose - Set 40460
A red rose has long been the flower that represents love. The set makes 2 roses, has 120 pcs, & is recommended for ages 8+
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 LEGO Tulips - Set 40461
Tulip also symbolize perfect and deep love. The set makes 3 tulips, has 111 pcs and recommended for ages 8+
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 Lego Sunflower - Set 40524
Sunflowers brighten any day! They represent adoration. Set makes 2 Sunflowers, has 191 pcs. Recommended for ages 8+
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Lego bouquet sets include everything we need to build a lovely bouquet of flowers.  There is also a lovely orchid Lego set.  For someone like me who loves orchids, but cannot keep a real orchid alive, this would be the perfect bouquet gift.

Choose between a wildflower bouquet, a traditional mixed flower bouquet, the orchid, or even a succulent bouquet.

 LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet - Set 10313
8 species of wildflowers on adjustable stems. Set has 939 pcs and recommended for ages 18+
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 LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet - Set 10280
15 stems mix of flower and leaf varieties such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies. 756 pcs for ages 18+
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 LEGO Icons Orchid
Set 10311
Orchid has 6 large flowers and 2 newly opened flowers, plus the blue fluted vase. 608 pcs and recommeded for ages 18+
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 LEGO Icons Succulents
Set 10309
Set makes 9 different LEGO artificial decorative plants, has 771 pcs and recommended for ages 18+
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Regardless of which Lego bouquet or flower set(s) you choose, there is no doubt it will be a gift that is loved and reflects your love for the recipient.  Plus, it will be a precious piece of decor that can be displayed in any room of a home without having to worry about watering, sunlight, or feeding.  It will always be lovely!

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