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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Computer Chair Mat Review


Computer Chair Mats

An office chair mat for your computer or office chair on wheels is a necessity whether you have carpet or a non-carpeted surface.

Many companies manufacture chair mats for the precise purpose of protecting your carpet from snags or your wood or tile floors from scratches. The mats also allow your office chair casters to move easily while offering the described protection.

I have used several brands over the years, and they have all worked well.  The one I am featuring today is the AiBob Office Chair Mat.


  • Made from long-life pure polyethylene that is BPA and phthalalate free for a healthy indoor environment.
  • Surface allows your office chair to move easily, but has enough grip to maintain controlled rolling so your chair does not skid around.
  • The surface of the mat is strong and sturdy, so your chair’s wheels glide easily.
  • Provides good protection for your hardwood floors and carpeted floors.

Mats for Carpets and for Floors

AiBob Chair Mat for Carpets

Version for Carpets
:  The floor mats available for carpets work well on low pile carpet floors. Designed to allow effortless movement of office chair wheels while it protects your low pile carpets without leaving indentations. 

The mat designed for carpets has nubs on the back to hold the mat in place.

Office Chair Mat for Floors

Version for Hard Floors: Designed to protect flooring from scratches and dust. Works well on hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, concrete, and linoleum. This mat provides good protection for your hard floors.


The AiBob Office Chair Mat is rated #16 (mats for floors) and #18 (mats for carpet). Also, the AiBob mat for carpets is listed as Amazon's Choice. 

The mat comes rolled, so needs to be flattened a bit before using.  The only complaint registered by reviewers is a strong chemical smell when the mat first arrives. The smell dissipates faster if aired for awhile outside.

Ghost Chair

Now for a fun personal story regarding my computer office chair sitting on my chair mat.


One summer 5 years ago, after visiting my son & family in Iowa, I ended up bringing my grandson Ryan (then age 14) back to Georgia with me for a visit.  It was nice having company on the drive home and delightful to have the companionship of my teenage grandson. We did a lot of sightseeing in the Savannah, GA area and many trips to the beach and to my apartment complex pool. In the evenings we played a lot of card games.

One night, while we were playing Monopoly Deal, I happened to glance into my home office which I could view across the hall from the dining room table.  I noticed that my computer chair had moved from my computer desk near the window nearly all the way across to the door of the room. Very strange.  I got up and returned the chair to the mat, wondering how the chair had moved by itself. I wondered if because all the wheels happened to be in a straight line a vibration of some sort had caused the chair to slide off the mat and end up stopping on the rug several feet away. 

Ryan and I tried to figure out a reason for this occurrence, but came up with nothing.  Later, the same thing happened. This time, I turned two of the wheels on the chair to hopefully hold it in place. A few days later, the same thing happened. The chair moved half a dozen times in the next couple of weeks and we never did find a reason for it. By that time, we had begun to call it the “Ghost Chair”

At the end of the month-long visit, Ryan and I drove to Kentucky – a half-way point for both us and his parents - to return him home. We stayed overnight in a motel before going our separate ways and that night, out to dinner together, I related to my son & daughter-in-law the story of the Ghost Chair.  Afterwards, Ryan finally admitted that HE was the reason behind the chair's movement which he accomplished whenever I left the room! It was all a teenage practical joke and 'grandma' never suspected. Ryan had succeeded in looking completely innocent the whole time. LOL. We all had a good laugh over it and it has since become a favorite family story. 😄

Chair Mats for Computer Chairs reviewed by 

Wednesday Elf.

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