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Friday, October 6, 2017

Brain Games 10 Minute Sudoku Puzzles Book Review

Sudoku Books:  Brain Games 10 Minute Sudoku Puzzles Book Review
When I am stressed, anxious or just down-right bored, there is nothing like a Sudoku puzzle to help me focus and concentrate.   Finishing the puzzle gives me an inexplicable sense of accomplishment. 

I first discovered Sudoku years ago in a restaurant that had paper place-mats with Sudoku puzzles printed on them.  I was intrigued and immediately started working the puzzle in front of me.   Then it became a race between my husband and myself to see which of us could finish our puzzle first.  There were times when that was just downright funny.  Now I ask you, do you really think I would erase a few numbers from his box while he was giving his order to the waitress?  You bet I did!   No, I wasn't cheating.   Pencils marks don't completely vanish just because they have been erased.  I did it to devil him. 

The time waiting for our orders passed very quickly as we met our Sudoku challenge head on.  Actually, I recall several times when I was very annoyed to have my puzzle interrupted by the waitress trying to set down a plate of food.  Honestly, I think we continued to go to that restaurant more for the puzzles than for the food. 

That restaurant went out of business long ago, but my love for Sudoku was here to stay. 

Brain Games 10 Minute Sudoku Puzzles Book  

 Brain Games® 10 Minute Sudoku PuzzlesCheck PriceOne of my favorite gifts has to be a book of Sudoku puzzles.  When my mother discovered my obsession with Sudoku, my parents included a new book each year in my birthday and Christmas gifts.  Once I had a new book in my hands, the puzzles inside called to me.  It was often all I could do to stay present for the continued celebration when all I really wanted to do was slip off to a quiet place and work my Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku puzzles are definitely available online.  I play those too.  But, I actually prefer the book, paper, and pencil form.  Again, this obsession and sense of accomplishment is fairly inexplicable.  

What can I say, I like numbers, puzzles and a challenge!  However, you don't have to be a math genius (I assure you, I am not!) to love Sudoku.

My favorite style of book is one with a spiral binding.  That way I can fold they pages back and leave the book open to my puzzle in progress.  Life sometimes interrupts my play and I like to be able to easily get back where I left off.

I also take books with Sudoku puzzles when we are traveling.  When highway boredom sets in, I grab my book and pencil and get down to the business of solving my latest puzzle.  Sadly, I can't do that if I am driving.  It truly is best to not Sudoku and drive! 

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