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Reviewing Handmade Rag Rugs

Handmade denim rag rugs by StudioAtRedTopRanch
I love rag rugs and have always loved rag rugs. Occasionally, I have made my own using strips of recycled cloth (bed sheets) and a super large crochet hook. Recently, I have learned about the hand-woven rag rugs made by StudioAtRedTopRanch. They are such beautiful rugs that I wanted to share with you.

StudioAtRedTopRanch on Etsy

This Etsy shop offers hand-woven placements, table runners, and rugs. The rugs are my personal favorite. 

Tracy is the owner/artist at StudioAtRedTopRanch.  About the rugs, she writes:

"I began making handmade rag rugs as a way to use up leftover and unloved fabric. As I studied rugmaking, it became a way to learn and preserve an art developed by women who made-do by repurposing clothes and curtains because they had no other materials available..."

One of the reasons I love her rugs is because they look a little more "finished" than my crocheted rag rugs do. I guess because hers are woven they lay flatter and looked more finished than my lumpy, thick rugs.

Another reason I really like these rugs is because they are handmade - but didn't take me weeks to make!  I enjoy making my own crafts but I just don't make much time for crafts and I have the attention span of a flea. 

One more reason I like these handmade items is because I like to support women who have small, home businesses. Besides, when someone is making something they love, and something that is meaningful to them, the quality is so much better. 

These rugs, runners, and placements are perfect gifts for people who have a country farmhouse or rustic cabin living style. Or a perfect gift for yourself - adding a touch of "home" in your favorite room. My favorite "color" (and style) is the denim rug but she offers many colors to choose from.

some of the color options at StudioAtRedTopRanch

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  1. I, too, support hand made and home based businesses, Dawn Rae, and SO admire the talent displayed by the craftsmen (and women) of the world. I agree that finding a way to preserve an art form such as found with these rag rugs is just as important as the craft itself. May handmade contributors continue to enrich our life with their creative efforts.

    1. I agree completely. There is something about the saying "they just don't make things like they used too". I'm glad that some people continue to make quality items, the old-fashioned way.

  2. One of my fondest memories of time with my Grandmother was sitting and cutting strips for rag rugs! We would roll the strips into large balls after they were cut and sewn together on the ends. Once she had enough she would give them to a neighbor who would weave them for her. I could sit for hours when a "new" one came back to Grandma...picking out the fabrics...this was her apron, this was Grandpa's shirt, this was my old dress. I still love rag rugs because of it. The ones you show are really neat!

    1. Beverly, what a sweet memory. Thank you for sharing. I love that you could pick out what the scraps had been (i.e. Grandma's apron).

  3. I admire the work and appreciate the time that goes into making anything yourself! I find Etsy hosts a wealth of talented people who have perfected a particular craft. It is obvious that Tracy puts a lot of time and expertise into her rag rugs. They are lovely and would certainly make an awesome addition to any home decor.

    1. I was very slow to join the Etsy crowd... but I'm so glad I did. I agree, there is a host of talented people out there. It amazes me.

  4. Love rag rugs too - no patience to make my own - thanks for the resource!

  5. Rag rugs are very versatile and lovely to look at too! I have never made one, but I used to "hook" rugs as a younger woman.....still have those that I made back then. I like hand made too, just don't like all the time I need to spend doing it! Thanks for this great review and I will have to check out some of the other options....

    1. Oh, I had forgotten about hooking rugs. I did that too as a much younger person. That was a fun hobby.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. They're beautiful. I especially like the rustic look. I'm with you, handmade rugs are tops. Tracy makes a lovely product indeed.


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