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Egyptian Cotton Sheets Really Are THAT Awesome!

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100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets are Incredible to Sleep In

I've never been one to fuss about the quality of our bed sheets. If the sheet set was on sale, then it likely made it's way into our home.

However this past weekend my mother gifted me a set of 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets and my husband and I are shocked at how amazingly comfortable they are.

The thread count on these sheets is quite high: If I had to guess I'd say approaching 1000tc.

If you've ever stayed in a quality hotel with those Hotel Bed Sheets, these sheets fall into the same category.

Mom purchased the sheets a few years ago, but because she didn't like the way they wrinkled after washing, she never used them. In fact, she had them dry cleaned and kept them hanging in her closet unused.

When I arrived home from my visit with Mom, I washed and dried the sheets, and yes they did wrinkle, but once on the bed, they were fine.

The wrinkles really don't bother me. Of course I googled how to get the wrinkles out, but have no intention of doing any of the suggestions. For my taste, they really don't wrinkle enough to worry about it.

Crisp and Cozy

That's how I'd describe these sheets. In my opinion they're worth every penny. 
Thread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set Dark Grey QueenThread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count 4 Piece Sheet Set Dark Grey Queen, King, & California King
The crisp feeling of the sheets make you want to stay in bed and never get out. Even my husband who could care less about bed sheets has been going on about how comfortable they are.

Apparently the sheets will get softer as they go through additional wash and dry cycles. However, I prefer their new and 'crisp' feeling on my skin. 

If you want to soften them quicker, you can always try these suggested tips from WikiHow.

Flannel and Jersey Bed Sheets - Also Awesome

Although we're not terribly fussy about our sheets (until the Egyptian Cotton Sheets!), we have always liked Flannel Sheets and Jersey Sheets for the winter months. 

There's nothing more comfy cozy than crawling into a bed with flannel sheets on a cold winters night.

Jersey sheets are similar to flannel, just a little thinner. Their bonus feature is how the fitted sheet easily stretches over the mattress ends. If you've never tried jersey sheets, you should, they're pretty awesome, and not that expensive.

So in summary, all the hype you've heard about 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Sheets, in my opinion, is justified; total comfort!

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  1. I have some 500ct Egyptian cotton sheets that we really like too, but I don't have any that 1000ct. I admit, I don't worry about wrinkled sheets. I always figured they would be wrinkled after slept on them anyway and I sure don't change them daily. I'll have to be sure to buy the 1000ct the next time and see if there is any difference. Now, I would like to know!

    1. I'd be anxious to hear if you think there's a difference between the thread counts as well. My gawd, I can't believe how awesome these sheets are.

  2. The thread count will matter when it comes to the longevity of the sheets. I love egyptian cotton sheets and bought a set when we moved. The are about 600-800 I don't remember exactly which. They are soft, yet sturdy, wash up like a dream and I love them as well. Sometimes the higher the thread count the more $$$$ you will spend, but they will also last longer. So, it depends what you are really after. Love this review.

    1. Have to agree about the durability as well Olivia; that the thread count more than likely comes into play for the sheets lasting longer

  3. Years ago we were given a gift certificate to a department store and ended up using it to buy Egyptian cotton sheets as hubby's choice. He loved them and I still have them these many years later. If truth be known, I prefer my percale sheets for softness, so sometimes I use one kind and sometimes the other. The percale sheets are wearing out; the Egyptian cotton sheets still appear in fine shape after many years, so it looks like that's a good sign for longevity of sheets. Maybe it is the wrinkling that bothers me. :)

    1. Lol at the wrinkles bothering you, :) - could be, they bother my mom. Percale sheets are also wonderful sheets. We own some, by accident I think hahaha.

  4. I have some Egyption cotton sheets on my bed. They are very nice and comfy.

    1. So comfy Brenda, am quite shocked by just how comfortable they are.

  5. Once upon a time I had Egyptian cotton sheets - can't remember the thread count. I LOVED them. Plan to have them again someday.

    1. A good pick Dawn, I don't want to put any other kind on our bed now lol

  6. Thanks for the review! Haven't tried Egyptian ... yet!


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