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Hot Tea Recipes for Fall and Winter Reviewed

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Hot Tea Anyone? 

I really love discovering new hot tea blends and hot tea recipes!  Not only is hot tea good for our health, hot tea recipes are often simply delicious. 

January is National Hot Tea Month, but long before January, I need my hot tea.  After all, November and December are very cold months and we are constantly looking for something to warm us up inside and out. 

Truthfully, most tea-lovers drink hot tea year round.  We don't wait for the cold weather, but hot tea is essential when freezing temperatures settle in for the fall and winter months. 

There are many great hot tea blends and hot tea recipes.  It is often hard to choose a favorite hot tea, so we simply must sample them all!  Hot tea is especially delicious when shared with loved ones.  

Choosing the Right Hot Tea Recipe

What is the Difference in Teas?

Green, Black, and Oolong tea are all made from the same tea leaves.  It is the actual processing of the tea leaves that makes the difference.

Green teas ~ The leaves are steamed before they start to ferment. Tea leaves are not allowed to ferment for Green teas.

Black teas ~ The leaves are fermented for a limited time and then heated to stop further fermentation.

Oolong teas ~ The leaves are partially fermented.

Herbal teas ~ Not actually made from tea leaves.

Herbal Tea

Even though they are called tea, herbal teas are not made from tea leaves.  They are drinks created with flower leaves, peels, spices and/or herbs.

Make Your Own Herbal Tea ~ From the National Gardening Association:  Herbal Tea Recipes

 Try Hot Diaphoretic Herbal Tea
If You Feel a Cold Coming On
 Red Clover Tea – Herbal Tea Recipe
Made from red clover blossoms & leaves
 Hibiscus Lemongrass Tea -- A blend of hibiscus flowers, lemongrass & rosehips



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Black Tea

According to the Tea Association of the United States, "recent research findings have reported that drinking black tea may improve the body's defenses and quicken the response to bacteria and viruses."  

This is just awesome news and an excellent reason to raise our tea cups and toast tea!

Black tea is considered the tea choice for energy.  If you need a boost in your energy level, this is the tea choice for you.

Black Tea Recipes

Thai Tea Recipe - Made with Milk


Green Tea

Green tea is considered to be healthiest tea.  It is lower in caffeine and contains antioxidants that promote better health.  Some studies show that it may even help prevent cancer, heart disease and tooth decay.

Green tea also helps to increase your metabolism, which can result in slight weight loss and it helps lower cholesterol. 

For more health information, see:  Green Tea Health Benefits


Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is often referred to as the "weight loss tea" and it has been said that it is the most effective tea in aiding weight loss.  Some report that it aids in the relief of eczema, diabetes and allergies.

Oolong tea is my personal favorite.  I've never tried any Oolong blend recipes.  I simply stick to the standard Bigelow teabag and add a teaspoon of sugar for taste.  I don't drink Oolong tea for weight loss.  Honestly, if it affects my weight, I wouldn't know it.  I have been drinking it for decades. 

Holiday Hot Tea Recipes

From Halloween to New Years, we are celebrating, chatting, sipping tea and visiting with friends and family.  It is wonderful to have a variety of hot tea recipes to serve and to share.

 Spice Tea Recipe Orange Tea Recipe Warm Grapefruit Tea Hot Cranberry Tea




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More Hot Tea Articles

I am not the only hot tea loving Contributor! Here are a few more articles that you can read right here on Review This!

There are lots of great options available from a selection of teas to strainers, mugs, tea pots and much, much more.

Manatea Tea Infuser and Mug Gift SetManatea Tea Infuser and Mug Gift Set
The Manatea Tea Infuser and Mug Gift Set is really cute - I love the casual look of the mug and the 'go with the flow' inscription

Why drink peppermint tea? As well as being delicious this tea has a myriad of health benefits.

Looking for good medicinal teas? You can't do much better than Lifestyle Awareness teas. Here's my review after trying them.

Hot Tea Recipes for Fall and Winter Reviewed Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. As you know I'm a long time confirmed tea drinker all year around! The winter months do see my tea consumption increase however. I must admit that although I drink a variety of teas I have never tried oolong, as it's your favorite I will have to grab some and try it out.

  2. I've also never tried oolong tea, but after reading your article, I plan to give it a try. I'm currently drinking white tea from Lifestyle Awareness and it is delicious. Tea is my drink of choice particularly when I do not feel well as it's 'comforting'.

  3. I'm not a tea drinker (hot Dr. Pepper is my hot drink choice) but I did want to stop and tell you this is a beautifully put together post. Love your photo choices. Well done.

  4. I plan to buy some oolong tea today. This was a very interesting article. I had forgotten that all of those teas come from the same leaves. It's wonderful to learn something new first thing in the morning. Thanks!

  5. I have Herb Tea every day. I make two Liters of it every day. I use it as a base for tea with milk,cold tea, even some with my hot chocolate mix in heated milk. I have even used some herb tea with my Oatmeal when I did not have any milk. I have tried a lot of regular teas like the others I have not had Oolong tea. Chai tea blend is spicy with black tea in it. There are so many blends to choose from. I try different ones all the time. There are some nice blends with Green tea and different fruit. I only have one cup of the blends. :)

  6. I am more a coffee drinker than a tea drinker but I do enjoy tea once in a while. My favorite is Earl Grey. I have tried Oolong before and liked it, I might have to pick some up again.

  7. I don't drink hot tea or coffee. I need both iced. And I'm very new to drinking tea. This article is perfectly timed. I've started drinking Earl Grey tea with shredded Ginger in it. I think it makes me feel healthier! As a result, I plan on drinking even more tea.

  8. I don't drink tea very often but when I do it us usually an herbal type of tea. I like the tastes of the flowers mixed with other herbs and enjoy it when I feel particularly chilled. Like tonight, I'm making a ginger peach tea, just because.

  9. Tea is my hot beverage of choice, but I also like it iced in hot weather. I think I've had oolong tea in Chinese restaurants, but never enjoyed it much when I made it at home. I'm not sure why. Maybe I tried the wrong brand. Right now my tea of choice on cold days is Bigelow's Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. I make a pot every morning. I also make pots of several decaf or herbal teas to get us through the day. We just keep reheating it. It works for us, even though I know it's heresy to those who always drink it freshly made.

  10. Great suggestions here. I'm a big flavored tea drinker for sure. Especially anti-inflammatory inducing teas. My current favorite is by Tetley Tea called 'Figure' - it has ginger, orange peel, cinnamon and matcha in it. It's so good!

  11. Thanks For sharing the information about teas


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