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Science Academy Lip Balm Lab Reviewed

Promote the Sciences to Girls

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When I can, I love to give my grandchildren educational toys. Recently I purchased a Science Academy Lip Balm Lab as a Christmas gift for my youngest granddaughter. I thought it was worth a review as a gift idea for the readers of Review This. 

I was thrilled when I discovered the Science Academy lab kits for children! Obviously, both boys and girls can have fun with  observing first hand the chemical reactions to different materials. Either gender can be a potential scientist in the making. Since I have little girls to buy for, I love the idea of promoting any of the sciences to them. When I was a little girl, my gender did not get much in encouragement when it came to fields of science. Society has changed and I think we are doing a better job of promoting a career in science to girls but we can do better, in my humble opinion. 

There are 5 choices when it comes to the options for a gift for the child on your list. I chose the lip balm for a couple of reasons. First of all, my little six year old is obsessed with lip gloss and lip balm. Secondly, she has very sensitive skin so I was leery of the soap and bath bomb choices. The lip balm lab seemed a good option for her to have fun with while learning about chemicals and how to produce a product that she can actually use.

I love that she is going to learn about formulas while working with the kit. She will decide on colors and shimmers and can even add SPF to help protect her little lips from the sun. While experimenting with her own lip protection with her mom's assistance, she will be exposed to the possibilities that a career in science might offer to her. I am a firm believer in presenting the concepts of different professions to children as they play. We never know what might plant a seed in their young minds that later grows into a passion in their adult lives. To me, that is always a good thing!

Will my sweet little grandchild grow up to be a chemist or work in the science field? I don't know nor does she at her young little age. What this educational toy will do is give her some practical experience so that later on she will have more information to base her decision on what she wants to make a living with. Whatever she decides we will applaud her decision.

How about you? Are you planning on giving a child on your list an educational toy this year for the holidays?

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  1. What a really great gift idea! Anything educational is always preferred because I love the idea of teaching while playing. No, every child that plays with the Science Academy lip balm lab won't grow up to be a chemist, but they will all understand formulas and mixing different ingredients to create something new and original. Most of us grew up simply using our make-up products without any knowledge of what was in them. These days, I would much rather know the contents of what I am using and/or consuming. This "lab" will also spark an interest in knowing what is used to make a product. Very cool gift idea indeed!

  2. Educational toys are excellent choices of gifts for children and this science kit looks perfect for your little granddaughter, Beverly. This is the type of gift that will be remembered (and enjoyed) long after the gift-giving occasion. Wise choice!

  3. I love, love love this idea. I'm always after things that children can either learn from or learn how to use their hands with. I'm sharing this with an upcoming Review....thanks Bev. You and I are on the same page with wanting to teach our children something of value......

  4. What a really neat gift idea Bev. Our 6 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter are also obsessed with lip balm. I love the idea of educationl toys, and this one seems perfect. Thanks!

  5. This is the type of gift I can enthusiastically give a child. As a career educator, I go out of my way to find just this type of stimulating present. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful gift option.

  6. My daughter loved her science kits when she was younger - I was convinced she'd end up a scientist at one stage. She's more into languages and the arts these days, but the knowledge never goes away. A great gift idea!

  7. what a fantastic gift idea - will keep this in mind for future gifts - it's getting saved in family gift giving ideas for sure. Very cool.


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