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Bibles Make Great Gifts - 5 Different Types Reviewed

Bibles Make Great Gifts - 5 Different Types Reviewed

The Best Christmas Gifts

What better gift could you give for Christmas than the very book that explains the reason for Christmas.   

I personally own 5 different bibles.  All but one was a gift given to me by someone I love and is a treasured keepsake.  Each one serves a different purpose, but I own them all for the same reason:  to know my creator better.   

When purchasing a Bible as a gift, you must first determine how the Bible will be used by the recipient.  I have a family Bible, a display Bible for immediate reference, a pocket Bible to carry in my purse, a Study Bible and a Bible that has been my companion for 30 years.   

The Family Bible

We own 2 family Bibles.  One is a family bible where births, deaths and marriages are listed. This bible will be passed down to the next generation to add to the records.  Family Bibles are often used in genealogical research.  After all, who would knowingly write a lie in the Holy Bible. 

The Family Bible in our Den

There is another large bible that lays open in our den.  Sometimes it is open to my favorite passage, Psalms 139.  Sometimes it is opened to a particular scripture to comfort, reassure, or remind us of what we have to be thankful for.  It is always there, waiting for whichever family member passes by and needs to search the scriptures. 

This Bible was selected because of the beautiful artwork by Thomas Kinkade.  The images are an inspiration and are lovely illustrations to accompany the Written Word. 

 Holy Bible: KJV Pocket Edition: BrownCheck Price

The Pocket Bible

I have a small pocket bible that is over 30 years old that I carry in my purse or pocket.  There have been times in my life when just being able to lay my hand on the leather cover in my purse, has given me the strength I needed for that moment.  At other times I have had it with me to read when I had to wait for someone or when I was on my lunch break.

I haven't worked outside of our home since shortly after our oldest child was born.  When I was employed, I worked in an office setting and a few of my co-workers were not Christians.  Where they might have taken exception to me bringing a large Bible to work, no one ever complained about my small, leather pocket Bible.  

Ryrie Study Bible

I also have a Ryrie Study Bible which I use just for that purpose, in-depth study. 

I found this particular study Bible to be essential when I taught Sunday School years ago.  The cross referencing and commentaries help with preparation to teach, understanding the Word, and certainly with personal study. 

My Companion ~ Study Bible

Last, but by no means least, I have the bible I read regularly.  It is the one that has accompanied me for decades to church, Sunday school, bible studies and at night, it rests in my night stand.  It really is over 30 years old.  The leather is worn, but the Word is still remarkably refreshing. 

Bibles and Gifts

As you can see, I believe there are several types of Bibles that serve different purposes, so when you are selecting a gift, choose the one that best suits the needs of the recipient. 

For those who don't need a new Bible, I recommend a Bible cover, or perhaps the Bible on cd.

 Embassy Black Solid Genuine Leather Bible CoverCheck Price

Bible Cover

Because our Bibles are carried from place to place, read often, and expected to endure a lot of handling, I highly recommend a Bible cover to protect your Bible.  I purchased a Bible cover for my companion several years ago to help protect the leather cover and I am really glad that I did, especially when it rains and I am trying to get to the car. 

There are many styles of Bible covers available to purchase.  This just happens to be the style I prefer.  The extra zipper pocket provides a place for my small wallet and car keys so I need not carry a purse to church.  There is also room for additional notes and the church bulletin.  I personally keep a small note pad and pen for making notes. 

Bible on CD's

Years ago I was thrilled to get the Bible on cassettes.  It was so awesome to be able to listen to the Bible being read when I was in my car or traveling. 

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  1. A very interesting look at your selections of Bibles. Yes they make a great gift, but would add that the person should make sure that they are gifting the right version of the Bible. There are so many different versions available, and while all the same book, references could be completely different. The New King James version may not be the one that the family is using......great review Cynthia. Thanks!

    1. Right! I don't read the King James version myself when I am studying (as you can see by the choices above) but, I do still prefer it for a family Bible or for quotes.

  2. I still love the King James version, and the Catholic bible I was raised on. But all of these bibles would be great gifts. Nice review of the different ones available.

  3. A study Bible is a very useful tool, even for people who aren't particularly religious. I had one in college and used it often.

  4. I have a Bible on my Kindle and find it very useful to be able to quickly look up passages. It is the Lutheran Study Bible and now I carry my Kindle with me to Bible class and it is very convenient. Excellent review Cynthia, on Bible's for gifts.

    1. Oh, what a fabulous idea Mary Beth! I don't know why I haven't thought to do that myself!!! Thank you so much for sharing that. I will be downloading a Bible this weekend so I can enjoy that same convenience. I love it!!!

  5. This is a lovely selection of Bibles for all the reasons you have given here. Thanks for this helpful review.

  6. I used to work in a Christian bookstore in the 1970's, so I had to know a lot about the Bibles we sold - not only the translations, but the bindings, paper, etc. It's amazing how many more choices there are now than back then. Even newer translations. You've done a good job with your recommendations. I treasure the Family Bible my dad passed to me that I have now passed down to my brother. I now use my mom's Bible for everyday reading. The two I used in the first decades of my life wore out. We also have a few more translations and multi-translation editions around and a study Bible. The important thing in choosing a Bible gift, as you stated, is knowing how it will be used. The cases are also a very good idea.

  7. I have a very religious friend and I had never considered giving her a bible as a gift, but what a wonderful idea. Although she has one, there are so many variety of ways to give one as a gift.

  8. I can't think of a more powerful or meaningful gift than a Bible. I'm sitting here with my battered Ryrie Study Bible (NAS) that I have had for over 30 years. It has been such a significant part of my life. I love the comments about getting a Kindle version of the Bible. I never thought of that, but I do plan to find myself an electronic version. Thanks for a very thoughtful review.


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