Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photographing in the Early Morning- A Beautiful Time of Day

misty fog above the water photo by mbgphoto

On a recent fall morning, my husband and I took an early morning drive out to August A Busch Memorial Conservation area.  We are fortunate to live only a few miles from this great recreation area. This area is a great place for hiking, biking, fishing and hunting.  It has 32 lakes and miles of trails.  It is also a great place for a photographer.  On this particular morning we arrived just after sunrise and I was delighted to see a heavy misty fog floating just above the water.  The wind was calm so the waters were still and it was great for reflections of the fall colors.

In the photo above I used the lone tree for a focal point with just the tips of the trees basked in the early morning sun.
fog above the water surrounded by trees photo by mbgphoto
At the second lake we stopped at there was an aluminum boat tied on the shore but the early morning sun was giving it a golden glow.  I crouched down low on the shoreline so I could capture the colorful brush in the foreground and the boat and reflection behind it.
misty fog above lake surrounded by trees and grass photo by mbgphoto
The next lake had a marshy area with lots of grasses.  I again got down low and photographed this area with the misty lake behind it.

Creative Processing

When I got back home I loaded my photos into the computer and tried some creative presets on the photos using my Lightroom program.  I like the way the lone tree looked in this black and white preset.
black and white misty fog above the water photo by mbgphoto

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Fog on the Lake
Fog on the Lake by mbgphoto
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  1. You know so much about photography, Mary Beth, capturing certain aspects of a scene and making an item a focal point. Your explanations really help in viewing your photos. Lovely scenes at the Busch Memorial Conservation area, especially this time of year with the leaves turning.

  2. Wow! Fantastic shots! The black and white photo really accentuates the morning ground fog which is totally awesome. What a neat photography tip! I really do need to consider looking at my photos in black & white to see what pops out. Really cool!

  3. Mary Beth, just love your photos - really calming pictures to look at too (considering all that's going on here I honestly feel a sense of calm looking at the boat photo with the steam just lifting off the lake like that)


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