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How to Put Fun into Your Holidays

family christmas card
Wouldn't we all love to put some fun back into our holiday preparations? Here are tips to help you do just that. Remember those days as a kid when the holidays were all about excitement, anticipation and just plain fun. It's time us grown-ups got to enjoy that as well.

Shop Online for Some Fun

Skip the crowds, the traffic, the lines and the surly salespeople. Shop online for just about everything you need from holiday decorations to gifts. The contributing writers for Review This put together a great holiday gift guide just to help you do that very thing. 

You can get in the mood for some fun Christmas time while still
front door decorated for Christmas
curled up in your pj's and fuzzy bunny slippers. Just do it online. Christmas Time Treasures has lots of those great pages to help you with holiday decorations for your home, like pre-lit Christmas trees, festive kitchen towels, even holiday cats on decorative pillows ( 

Get your Christmas tree decorated with personalized ornaments or something even more fun like Eiffel Tower ornaments ( Holidays are definitely easier and much more fun when you shop online from the comfort of your own home. 

Take Some Time to Relax

bubble bath
Since you won't need to spend many extra hours fighting the malls and the traffic, use that time to relax and do something you love. For me, it's a long hot bubble bath with festive scented soaps ( and reading a great Christmas mystery book (  Now, we're talking relaxing. 

Whatever you like to do to relax, do it. Your own holidays will be more fun. More like those days when you were a kid and the whole month of December was all about the excitement, anticipation and fun.

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  1. I've been shopping online for years. My children and grandchildren live far away, so everything has to be mailed. Buying online is quick; no crowds to deal with, no waiting in lines. I then have the grandson items shipped directly to them, saving on postage too, as I don't have to re-ship. I usually send the packages to their parents to sneak under the tree from 'grandma'. :)

    1. Great way to keep the holidays so much more fun! Plus, that leaves you extra time to enjoy yourself.

  2. Great suggestions! There is always so much work in preparation for Christmas. I barely get through Thanksgiving before I start getting ready for Christmas. A nice bubble bath sure sounds good right now! As I have gotten older, I have found that those pre-lit decorations truly do make my life a lot easier. Now, if I could just get my Christmas tree pre-decorated! lol. Nah, I still wouldn't do that just yet because the ornaments are so special to us, but I do take things a lot easier these days.

    1. Dealing with those lights is always a pain! I love the pre-lit ones so much easier. Then I have more time for a bubble bath.

  3. I love this post. It seems like the holidays have lost all their fun and relaxation. Drivers and shoppers become angry and rude, everyone is in such a rush... I think this is a great reminder to take time and enjoy!

  4. Lots of great suggestions. I have finished most of my shopping online so today I'm going on a fun excursion with friends to a German Christmas market in a nearby town. I will walk around and enjoy the sight and sounds and perhaps buy a few stocking stuffers...but there will be no pressure to buy anything since my main shopping is done.

  5. Great suggestions, Susan! I've been shopping online since before Amazon launched, and there's no time I appreciate it more than during the holidays. :)


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