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Halloween Apparel & Accessories to Wear All Day

Many of us enjoy celebrating Halloween all day, not just at night for parties or trick or treating.  Some of us even wear our favorite Halloween accessories throughout the week to work, to school or simply when we go to the grocery store.  There are many ways we can dress up an everyday outfit with Halloween jewelry, scarves, sweaters, t-shirts or perhaps by carrying a Halloween purse.  These items are all a fun way to extend Halloween beyond the evening costumes.

Halloween Earrings
halloween earrings
Halloween Earrings

My personal favorite way to accessorize for all day Halloween fun is by simply wearing Halloween Earrings.  This is truly the easiest way to dress up an everyday outfit with a touch of Halloween that is not too overpowering.  Halloween earrings can often be worn to work or school, and they can certainly be worn to the grocery store for those of us who still have our regular daily responsibilities to attend to before the nighttime festivities begin.

For a selection of Halloween Earrings, you will want to visit:  Halloween Earrings

You May Also Enjoy:  Halloween Rings, which are another all day Halloween accessory. 

Halloween Shirts

Halloween shirts are also a great way to dress for the day or week to celebrate Halloween without having to don a full costume.

halloween shirts for kids
Halloween Shirts for Kids
We all enjoy wearing the comfortable t-shirts, but a Halloween t-shirt is especially a treat.  There are Halloween Shirts made just for children.  Kids will love being able to wear pumpkins, little ghosts, skeletons or a variety of other Halloween images created just for children.

Adults and teens will, no doubt, embrace these Funny T-shirts funny t-shirts that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of all of their friends.  Some will even make them laugh out loud.  

For the selection of Halloween T-shirts visit:  Halloween Shirts for Kids and Funny Halloween T-shirts.

halloween shirts
Funny Halloween T-shirts

Halloween Scarves

halloween scarves
Fun Wrap Scarves
If you live in an area where the temperatures have already turned cold by Halloween, you will want to accessorize with a fabulous Halloween Scarf.  These scarves can be worn with just a plain shirt which will provide the perfect background for them, or even with your coat.

Regardless of how cold it is in your area, a Halloween scarf is just plain fun!  It would also be the perfect Halloween item for parents to wear when they accompany their children while trick or treating.

For a selection of recommended Halloween Scarves visit:  Fun Wrap Scarves for the Holiday

Halloween Purses

halloween purses
Halloween Purses & Handbags
Halloween purses are another way to accessorize an everyday outfit, plus they are so much fun to carry.  

These Halloween purses are sure to elicit a ton of comments and compliments throughout the Halloween holiday.

For a selection of Halloween Purses visit:  Halloween Purses and Handbags

More Halloween Apparel & Accessories to Wear All Day

You can find more suggestions for Halloween all day apparel and accessories at Halloween Haven where the Halloween fun begins and continues throughout the year.  It is all about Halloween!

Halloween Haven website

If you have published an article on Halloween apparel or accessories that for be appropriate for all day wear, please share you link in our guestbook below.   We are always on the lookout for great new articles to feature.

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  1. Love those pumpkin earrings. They would be great to wear mall fall long!

    1. I love the pumpkin earrings too Mary Beth and for the exact same reason you mentioned. We can wear them throughout Oct & Nov.

  2. the earrings are so cute! the scarf is really nice too

    1. I really do like that scarf! Our weather doesn't really get cold enough for a scarf, but I could wear it indoors like the model is showing.

  3. Alright, you got me! I love everything Halloween, and frankly, I will wear my Halloween stuff for weeks before. Now, I have to get a Halloween purse to go with the rest of my apparel!

    1. I know exactly what you mean Susan! I need a Halloween purse! lol


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