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Discount Halloween Costumes

cowgirl riding on a horse
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Simple, Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

What is the best Halloween costume? Well I hate waste so to me the best costume is one that can be worn again for other things, or at least some of the parts can be worn again. And I really don't like the ones at the big box stores because they fall apart so quickly and really look cheap too. (But they aren't really cheap if you look at the prices for what you are getting.)

So my kids and myself always make costumes from stuff we already have and just buy masks and cute Halloween bags.

No Sew Cowgirl Costume

This year I moved to Texas so the clothing I see when I walk around town is quite different than the clothing I was seeing in California where I lived for many years. This state is very proud of its Western/Cowboy heritage and people still revel in all things cowboy and horse related, including their clothing.

So it was an easy choice for me to make a no sew cowgirl costume  this year for Halloween, as I can buy all the parts locally and more important, I can wear all the clothes after Halloween is long gone, especially the boots. I love boots! Long skirts, boots, vests, scarves, all can be worn again in different styles of clothing, so your costume will not be a money waster. And bonus, if you don't sew, you can make it without sewing.

No Sew Ballerina Costume

ballerina costume
Now if cowboys and cowgirls are not your thing, you can still make a Halloween costume that you will be able to wear again and not waste all that money. Some great choices include, a ballerina costume for a dancer, or even a "Cats" dancer. I did that one when the play was popular, and got to wear the tights and the bathing suit afterward for years. Even if you or your child are not a ballerina, the tights and leotards are reusable for other outfits.

No Sew Cheerleader Costume

cheerleader costume

A  cheerleader costume is also one that can be worn again. A gymnast can use that cute outfit, and so can a skater. And your child can pretend to be a cheerleader any time, and get exercise in a fun way.  

Use Pajamas for a No Sew Halloween Costume

Of course if your little one is under the age of 10, you can also use pajamas as the base of your costume and then you will definitely get wear from them. That's my best hint in the money saving department. I discovered this when my son wanted to be Luke Skywalker for Halloween. I made him a costume from a pajama pattern and he wore that thing for 5 years straight, I kid you not. I had to wash it while he was at school so he could put it on the minute he got home. As he grew I let out the hems of the pants, so it lasted for those 5 years. Now that was a budget costume!

So if you want to save money on Halloween costumes, make a costume that will be reusable. Just say no to wasteful big box flimsy ones! Use your imagination instead. Happy Halloween!

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  1. I'll take the cowgirl look for myself and I know a couple of little girls that would look adorable in your ballerina costumes. Great costumes!

  2. Years ago I did the cowgirl costume for myself (as a bartender) for Halloween, and yes, it's much better to make your own costume and saves money for sure!

  3. I love boots and long skirts so I love the cowgirl look! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Cowgirl works for me too :) - when the boys were little I remember passing down a dinosaur costume we used on son 1 to the other three - there used to be jokes in our house about re-using that costume so much, but now it's a memory I cherish - I think I kept it as well? Maybe not? I'll have to check.

  5. I love that your were creative enough to make a costume from a pajama pattern and that your son wore it for 5 years. You know you have made a hit when it is wore so often, and for so long.

    I also love the idea of using "everyday" wear for the costume. It especially seems essential to do that with a tight budget and hard economic times in the world.

    Awesome premier article! Welcome to Review This! Heather

  6. Using a 'costume' for more than Halloween is a terrific idea. My daughter used a vintage dress from a thrift shop (cut short) and some accessories to go as Uhura from the original Star Trek TV series to a Halloween party. Now she's wearing it to the ARCON convention in St. Louis this coming weekend (Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention). Yes, she's a 'trekkie'. :) Well done article, Heather. Welcome!

  7. I love your ideas. I hated buying the el-cheapo costumes that fell apart as soon as the kids wore them.

  8. Fun ideas for Halloween costumes! Keeping things for years of use is always valuable - great ideas here!

  9. Great ideas, I like them all. and agree with you that whatever you do yourself is a hundred times better than what is offered in Big box stores.....great start


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