Sunday, June 8, 2014

June is Wedding Month!

I love weddings anytime of year but June holds a special place in a bride's heart. I thought I would look around at what helpful information and ideas Squidoo has to offer a bride, groom, mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom or other host of a wedding celebration.

Squidoo and Weddings

Let me just say, Squidoo does weddings up right and even has a category just for weddings. The main category is broken down again to 17 different sub-categories. This makes it so much easier for a bride (or whomever) to find just the right information for anything to do with weddings.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work but can be a lot of fun as well. Gathering ideas and suggestions and then sifting through them can inspire your own unique ideas.

Maybe you are stuck for music ideas for the ceremony? At Squidoo, you can find suggestions from a church organist for ceremony music.  Or, perhaps you need some inspiration for your personal wedding vows. Reading what others did can unleash a person's creativity.

You can find help with wedding flowers, traditions, general planning and more. Themed weddings are very popular. Seeing what others did may spark something new and different for yourself.

On a budget? Got you covered there too! Budget Weddings is filled with ideas you can incorporate to keep costs under control.

Everything from music to vows to food and reception decor -- you name it and Squidoo has it covered! It is a wonderful resource brides and other make use of everyday!

If you are planning a wedding, or have a friend or relative planning a wedding that could use some inspiration, point them to Squidoo. The wealth of information makes it invaluable. Best of all: It's FREE!

If you want to share your experiences about weddings or any events to help others, join me on Squidoo as a writer. I am the Party Planning Contributor and I will help in any way I can as well as promote your finished lenses (articles).

It's almost summer -- jump right in, the water's great!


  1. Thank you for the great wedding ideas, Mandee! I'm going to pass these along to a friend of mine, with a little hint.

  2. Thankfully, wedding plans for me are a thing of the past, but I'll share the info for those who haven't "been there and done that" yet!

  3. Planning a wedding really is a lot of work and mistakes can be quite costly. It is a really good thing to have advice from experienced wedding planners who are willing to freely share they advice and wisdom.

  4. What a great resource you put together here. Squidoo does have a great collection of lenses that are perfect for those planning a wedding. I'm ready to welcome in June with a wedding.