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Graduation Party Ideas for Your Graduate

graduation cap and diploma
It's May and "graduation season" is just starting. If you have a graduate in the family, you may be in need of graduation party ideas. Luckily, Squidoo can help!

Whether graduating from pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, high school or college, a graduation party is in order. Graduating is a big achievement regardless of the level. Family and friends will love to celebrate with your graduate, so let's get started with some graduation party ideas.

Graduation Time!

This time of year, every time I check my mailbox I get another graduation announcement. Between friends and family, I definitely keep busy during May and June with all the graduations.

At this point, my kids have graduated from everything except college -- and that's coming soon enough. Graduation parties are one of my favorites. It's a time to let the student shine, show accomplishments and revel in the attention for their success.

A few years ago, I noticed there were hardly any lenses about hosting graduation parties. So, I wrote a lens sharing my experiences with the grad parties I have hosted and helped plan. It was and still is a popular reference for parents of graduates.

Today, I started looking around and realized there are a lot more lenses dealing with graduation parties. I decided to visit and maybe get a few new ideas I can pass along to friends and family.

Graduation Party Ideas

Here are a few lenses that should definitely be on your list if you are planning a graduation party.
graduation party memorabilia table
My Daughter's Grad Party Memorabilia Table 

Graduation Centerpieces is an eclectic mix of ideas for table decorations for you party. Everything from very simple to ornate. Lensmaster celebrate has something for everyone.

Another great resource I found was Graduation Party Decorations. Every party needs decorations and lensmaster 3QuartersToday shares some of her ideas. Drawing from her experience hosting parties for her daughter and step-daughter, she has some great grad party decorating ideas.

Lensmaster, DinosaurEgg, has some great suggestions for a graduation cake for the party. In her lens titled, Graduation Cakes -- Hooray!, we find everything from sheet cakes to shaped cakes to candy all appropriate for graduation. 

Check out all that Squidoo has to offer on the subject of graduation parties. Your party will be a resounding success when you use Squidoo for ideas!

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  1. We still have a few more graduations to celebrate in our household. Because of the age difference in our children, we had a few years there where it seemed like we were having a graduation party every year between high school, undergrad, master's degrees and now we await the doctoral walk. Each milestone and accomplishment has been worthy of great celebration and there are few things I enjoy more than planning and hosting a party in honor of my children. I have no doubt I will find lots of new and great suggestions in the articles you have featured to help me plan that next huge celebration.

    1. Thanks MM! Yes, I am with you! Each time I helped or hosted with a graduation party, I got new ideas. My niece graduated from Ball State a couple of weeks ago and I have lots of friends with kids graduating everything this month and the 1st of June. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thankfully, no graduating youngsters in my house anymore, haha! Seriously, graduation a great accomplishment, showing stick-to-it-ive-ness and I graduates do deserve a party for the event.

  3. It's hard to believe how long it's been since my boys graduated (am I that old?). Graduation is always a wonderful reason to host a party and you always have great ideas, Mandee! Congrats to all the grads out there!

  4. Graduation celebrations are so joyous. The neighbor boy that is like a son to me is graduating from high school this month. I can't wait to honor him. We still have plenty of college graduations coming up in our family. I look forward to applying what I learn from all of the links and great resources you are sharing here. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the link to my graduation decorations. It's greatly appreciated. I just got done with a round of graduation parties around here, but didn't take any photos AT the parties. I was the official photographer for the graduation ceremony and had just shot over 600 images, so me and my camera were a bit burned out.

    I'll be adding to the topic this year as my step son is a new senior this year. He's our last then it's the track to grandkids and retirement.


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