Friday, May 30, 2014

Flip Flop Time!

flip flop craft idea
With summer on the horizon and beach vacations in the works, I have decided that it is definitely "Flip Flop Time!"

What better way to get your family excited about summer than creating cute, inexpensive footwear to wear on that beach vacation?  If you shop wisely and use stuff you already have on hand, you could create new sandals for every summer outfit or bathing suit you own. Of course, you should remember that "You Get What You Pay For",  so if you want your personalized sandals to last, buy the best shoe you can afford.  Really examine the shoe to make sure it is made well and will not break the first time you wear it.  Bend that shoe and pull on the straps!

If you have a ton of buttons in your craft cache, you should read DIY Button Flip Flops . One of the best ideas I found on malina123's page on Squidoo, involved recycling an old pair of shorts for use on her summer flipping footwear! By reusing a bit of fabric, she completely refashioned an ordinary pair of beach thongs into a colorful fashion statement. (Thank you, malina123 for letting me use the image below!)

colored button flip flops

Of course if you think you might try this project shown above, you should probably own a glue gun. (Click here to find a top rated glue gun on Amazon!glue gun)

However, one does not have to use a glue gun to decorate your flips if you want to use beads or rhinestones. One blogger suggested using E6000 Adhesivedecorate flipflops with beads and rhinestones.  I have read many good reviews for this product on Squidoo and on the Amazon website. I highly recommend that you research products before you buy them.

Need more ideas for creating summertime sandals with lots of bling? Then I would like to send you to Make Your Own Bedazzled Flip Flops on There you find will several suggestions (ie. buy your flip flops at Old Navy) and tips for adding your own style to your flip-floppy summer shoes.

Another blogger alerted me to a product I had never heard of before, Beacon Flip Flop Glueflip flop glue.

One last Tip: Prepare the rubber straps on your purchased flip-flops by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol or vinegar to remove any reside that might inhibit the glue from sticking to the shoe. It also helps to scuff up the surface of the strap with an emery board, too.

Now that you have all of these wonderful summer sandals, you might need to store them somewhere! I saw an "green" idea to recycle old wire clothes hangers that just might help you out! Click "Shoe Hanger"  to be taken directly to a photo of that shoe hanger. Lensmaster lbrummer found  lots of ways to upcycle clothes hangers from all over the web.

Now, you can begin summertime with your best-looking foot forward.

(flip flops with ribbon photo credit: Lyn Lomasi via photopin cc)

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  1. What a really fun craft idea! I have "decorated" shoes in the past, but I have never worked with flip flops and I love the suggestion. I had no idea there was a glue just for flip flops. How very cool!

  2. Just reading this and seeing those cute flip flops puts me in a major summer mood. Bring on the fun and the sun! Here's to flip flop season and a whole new way to sling that glue gun.

  3. Flip Flops are extremely popular everywhere, but most especially in my little corner of the world with the beach and Atlantic Ocean just down the road from me. What a delightful idea for making your flip flops an individual accessory to your summer wardrobe. Well done review!

  4. I live in Florida and could not live without my flip flops. These are cute ideas.

  5. For some odd reason, I am not a flip--flip person. I don't own a pair. Oddly enough, decades ago I lived in them. Now I prefer a sturdier shoe for wearing, especially beachcombing amid sharp shells and such. But, these are great decorative ideas I might have used eons ago.

  6. Fun idea! I wish I had thought about this or known this before throwing out a pair of flip flops that willy had left bite marks in the straps. I could have decorated over the teeth marks.


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