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Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader's Digest Reviewed

Complete Guide to Needlework Reviewed on Review This!
I have a very extensive craft library in my craft room, but there are a few books that stand out as the very best.  The Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader's Digest is by far the very best craft reference book I own.  I refer to it more often than any other book in my library.

Actually, I use the book for reference, but anyone who wanted to learn basic techniques in embroidery, smocking, quilting, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, tatting, or just about any other needlework technique, will find excellent "how-to" guides for beginners in this book.

Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader's Digest

 Reader's Digest COMPLETE GUIDE TO NEEDLEWORKCheck PriceI know this book was published in 1979, but it is far from outdated.  Basic needlework techniques don't change with time.  As a matter of fact, we need these types of instructional books to ensure the techniques won't be lost in time.

Because I enjoy all of these crafts, I tend to set one aside for a while and pick up another.  Eventually, I go back to the first one and I need to refresh my memory on certain stitches or even reading a pattern.  I pull this book off the shelf, look it up and, voilà, I am ready to stitch again! 

For example, I recently came across "featherstitch" in an embroidery pattern.  I sat staring into space as if the vision of how to make that stitch would miraculously appear before my eyes.  It only "miraculously appeared" when I pulled my Complete Guide to Needlework down and looked it up.  On page 214, I found exactly what I needed.  A verbal description as well as excellent illustrations.  

I have also found that I tend to forget certain crochet pattern abbreviations if I have not used them in a while.  For those of you who crochet, you will laugh when I tell you I recently had to look up what "dec" meant on a pattern.  Yes, I was embarrassed when my trusty book gave me the answer, but amazingly, the pages didn't laugh at me.  Another crocheter would have laughed with reckless abandon.

Patterns in Complete Guide to Needlework

Complete Guide to Needlework Book Reviewed on Review This!
There are also some wonderful patterns in the Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader's Digest.  I tend to forget that those are there.  While flipping through the book today, I came across this awesome pattern for a baby quilt appliqued with baby animals.  The pattern includes the drawn animals and gives the instructions on how to enlarge the animals on a grid.  I love the detail!  It is so wonderful to have a step by step tutorial with the pattern.  

This particular pattern uses several needlework techniques to complete the baby quilt as shown.  Applique, quilting and embroidery are all a part of this fabulous piece, but you could make the quilt based on your own skill level.  Leave off the quilting and the embroidery to simplify it.  It would be an excellent way to learn how to enlarge the pattern with a grid and make a lovely applique baby quilt that would be forever treasured.

There are patterns for many of the needlework techniques.  It truly is a "complete" guide to needlework!

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Complete Guide to Needlework by Reader's Digest Book Review Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Because I said so!

A Review of the Book "But Why Can't I", a book about rules for young children.

Available on Amazon
We've all said it at one time or another. Everyone who is a parent says 'because I said so' in answer to a child's WHY in resistance to following a command or rule.  The reason we say it probably stems from a reluctance or an impatience to explain an adult's reasoning in a way a child would understand.  Perhaps the parent feels they shouldn't HAVE to explain why; that their command should simply be obeyed.

Let's look at the child's point of view, and perhaps delve back in our own childhood memories to times we also questioned a parent's command.  Because I said so doesn't answer the  'why' of the situation and tends to leave the child with the feeling that they don't count or are not important enough to be given a proper answer.  This surely is not the parent's intention, but quite often that is how the child perceives it.

Whether it's a small child resisting bedtime or a teenager being refused permission to do something or go somewhere, taking the time to give a simple explanation produces much better results and reduces resentment and resistance.  Try it next time you are tempted to just answer children with 'Because I Said So!'

But Why?

Available in Children's Books on Amazon

For smaller children who have trouble understanding an adults' reasoning or explanation about something they are told, this book "But Why Can't I?" might be helpful for both parent and child.  

It's a book about rules from the Our Emotions and Behavior series by Sue Graves and illustrated by Desideria Guicciardin.


Children sometimes find it hard to follow rules. This encouraging book joins Noah and his babysitter, Jenny, who shows him how rules help keep people safe, healthy, and happy. 

About the Author

Sue Graves is a former teacher and a published author. She writes fiction and nonfiction for children from preschool to high school.

This book is for ages 4 to 8 years. It is a cheerful, brightly illustrated, story designed to help kids understand how their emotions and actions are related—and how they can learn to manage both. At the end of the book there is a two-page series of pictures which invite kids to tell a story in their own words.There is also a special section for adults with discussion questions and ideas to help parents get their children to talk about their feelings.

This book is perhaps a much better solution than just quickly saying "Because I said so".

Coffee Mug for Father's Day Because Father Knows Best!

This mug design is professionally created and permanently inked in South Carolina, USA by Melissa of DrageynDesigns on Etsy.  Melissa also has a similar coffee mug available with -Mom as the signature.  

Each coffee mug is made to order, and is not created beforehand. This is *not* a vinyl decal design. The design is inked and professionally processed with a high heat press to bond permanently with the mug itself, and the design will not crack or peel off. Also, the design will be on both sides of the mug.  

Visit Melissa at Drageyn Designs on Etsy and see the fabulous choices of ceramic coffee mugs and travel coffee mugs, plus beer steins and much more she has created for her shop.  There is sure to be one that is perfect for you. 

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Why Parents and Teachers Need the Time Timer: A Review

What's Unique about the Time Timer?

The Time Timer is different than other timers I've used. When you set those there is an audible alert -- a ding or a buzz -- when the time is up. The Time Timer has a red disk you set for the time needed. As the time passes, the red disk gets smaller in a clockwise direction. This makes it very easy for a person to see how fast time is passing and how much time is left before time is up. Most models also come with an optional audible alert. 

Why Parents and Teachers Need the Time Timer

Is it Time Now? How Much Longer Do I Have?

How many times do parents and teachers hear these questions every day? Sometimes it can appear to children that time is just standing still. Whether it's a preschooler wanting to know how much longer a time-out will last or a student taking a timed test wanting to know when it will be over, children wonder about the passing of time.

Small children have not yet developed the concept of how long a minute is, let alone three of them, or twenty of them. Children practicing an instrument or taking a scholastic achievement test may not have noted a starting time and just want to see quickly how much time they have left to work.

The Time Timer is a helpful visual aid in all these situations and more. It comes in many sizes. Some are audible as well as visual. There is sure to be one to meet your needs as a parent or a teacher. When a normal clock or timer just doesn't communicate clearly to a child, a Time Timer will help.

How much longer do I have to practice?

Ever heard that question?

Why Parents and Teachers Need the Time Timer
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

When my children took piano lessons, I heard this question quite often, mostly from Jason, who wasn’t as fond of practicing the piano as Sarah was. It doesn’t matter which instrument it is — violin, tuba, clarinet — most children are resistant to practicing unless they absolutely love their instrument, and even then they sometimes tire of practicing.

Enter the Time Timer. I recommend the eight-inch model for this because you can mount it on the wall or let it stand up nearby. Put it where your child can see it easily during practice time and he will always know exactly how much longer his practice time will last. He may also get an idea of how long it takes to play each piece in proportion to his total practice time.

This timer is also used in many school districts and offices for effective time management. It's useful for all ages and abilities. Whereas it can teach children the concept of time passing, workers can see at a glance how much time they have left to work on a task before their next appointment. For those who want to hear when the set time is up, this timer has an optional ding to notify you.

There is a Time Timer for Every Need

Time Timer Audible Countdown Timer - 12 inch - BlackTime Timer Audible Countdown Timer - 12 inch - Black
This 12-inch Time Timer Timer is actually the largest model. It runs on battery operated quartz movement and can be free standing or you can hang it on a wall. This one is great for classroom use since it can be seen from farther away than the smaller models. It has an audible option you can use if you so choose.

People appreciate the 3-inch timer because it's the most portable Time Timer.

The Time Timer Plus is also portable because of its handy handle. It is available in either gray or white. 

The Time Timer Can Help Children Ease into Bedtime

Do you remember when you were young and you had no concept of how much longer it would be before bedtime, even if you knew that bedtime was at 7:00? You judged time by a sequence of events before you could tell time. First came dinner. Then there might be a TV show or story. Then it was bath time. Shortly after bath time might be bedtime. Or maybe not. Whatever the order of events was at your house, you probably wondered just exactly when you would have to go to bed. Just how much longer did you have to play quietly? How long could you stall?

Math Squid Bedtime t-shirt

Suppose you had had a Time Timer set about an hour before bedtime so that you could get a better idea of how much time you had and could actually see it disappear? How much better would that have been than just getting interested in an activity only to have a parent whisk you off to bed before you could finish it? I think it would have been better, and it would have been equally helpful to know how long until I needed to help set the table or do some other assigned chore. Along with learning the concept of time, seeing time pass helps a child learn to plan what he can do before his free time is gone. It's a step toward teaching a child time management.

There Are So Many Ways to Use the Time Timer

  • Timed tests
  • Practice time
  • Time-outs
  • Independent reading time
  • Free time before a chore needs to be done
  • Time before bedtime
  • Time before a lesson starts
  • Time to leave for an appointment
  • Time to take a medication
  • Time to dress and be ready for breakfast
  • Time to get ready to leave for church

How Will You Use the Time Timer in Your Home, Classroom, or Office?

Why Parents and Teachers Need the Time Timer: A Review
Bedtime Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Flowtron Bug Zapper Reviewed

Environmentally Friendly Way To Control Mosquitoes

Mosquito Image from
In my neck of the woods and I'm sure in yours too, it is insect season. I would like to review a bug zapper for you today that I have used for about 25 years. 

Just recently I discovered that my trusty little bug light had finally zapped its last mosquito. I was disappointed until I thought back to how long it had guarded my yard from those pesky mosquitoes every year. I'm thinking 25 years of service is pretty darned excellent. So, I will be purchasing another one and I do not see any reason to get a different brand since this one worked so well.

I don't know about you but as far as I'm concerned the only good mosquito is a dead one. That is a bit of an unusual statement for me because when it comes to critters I usually am on the side of the little creature and want them to live a healthy life as a part of the eco system. I can't say that for the mosquito, though. I don't see that they do much good at all except for transmitting diseases and uncomfortable bites to our bodies. We already have reports of West Nile Virus in our area this year and I just heard about a young mother who has contacted encephalitis from a recent mosquito bite. So, I don't have any qualms at all about zapping those little blood suckers with a bug light. 

I like that I am not putting harmful chemicals in the ground or the air that my family and I are breathing by using a bug light. It might seem like cruel and unusual punishment to get electrocuted if you are the mosquito but at least it is quick and complete. The other good thing is that the spiders and some birds will feed on the dead bodies of the "skeeters" without getting sick from some toxic substance.

We have always hung our bug zapper in a tree and turn it on about dusk in the evening. It doesn't do much good to have it on in the daylight. As the evening gets dark, the black light attracts those little pests in and zap boom bang those suckers are fried. Hundreds if not thousands meet their doom every night. As heinous as that might make me sound, it is a good thing in my mind!

One year an industrious spider spun a huge web between the tree trunk and the bug light. It was quite clever on her part! As some of the mosquitoes were flying towards the light, they were captured in her web! I couldn't help but think of Charlotte!

So, if you have a mosquito problem (I can't imagine an area that wouldn't); I highly recommend the Flowtron Bug Zapper to help eliminate many of them.  

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Books Reviewed on Review This

 Book Reviews on Review This!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This!

Over the years, lots of wonderful books have been reviewed on Review This!  Our contributors are not limited to specific themes or categories.  The genres that have been reviewed are quite varied. You will find mystery, romance, historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, children's books, craft books, cookbooks, photography books, resource books for writers, and more reviewed on Review This!  

Our contributors review books they have actually read themselves.  We do not rely on word of month or book awards.  Review This! readers can expect first hand opinions and recommendations about the book being reviewed.

The easiest way to see our book review collection is on our Pinterest board.   Many of us are drawn to a book by it's cover.  I'm sure you will see several books you would like to read on our board of recommendations.  

We invite you to start by reading the review of the actual book shown by simply clicking the image of the book below.  Pinterest will automatically redirect you to the published review.  If it sounds like a book you want to read, then click the book's link in the review to buy the book for your own library or Kindle.

Review This! is the very best resource for exceptional book reviews on the web!

Welcome to Our Library!

A Preview of the Pinterest Board - Book Reviews 

There are over 150 books reviewed on Review This! This small board features the most recent 50 reviews.
Click through to Pinterest to see all of the books that have been reviewed on Review This!

Books Reviewed on Review This!

For a written list of the books reviewed on Review This, please visit our Site Directory and select "Books" from the "Fast Click" category tabs on that page.

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Note to Book Authors:  Review This Contributors are not for hire.   However, if you would like to send us your book, a contributor will voluntarily read it.  We cannot guarantee a review of your book will be published.  Please contact us via the contact form box in our footer.


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Get Ready for Canada 150 Celebrations with these Fun Party Suggestions

Canada Day Party Ideas
Do You Have Your Canada 150 Flag, Decorations, T-Shirts or a even a Canada 150 Dress?

The fireworks, the food, the flags, the t-shirts, the smiles, family and Canadian pride and you're all set for the big day.

Did You Know there's an Official Flag for Canada Day?

Nineteen year old Ariana Cuvin, a student in the University of Waterloo's global business and digital arts program designed the sesquicentennial official emblem.

Cuvin's design was chosen as Canada's emblem because of it's simple reflection of the country's diversity and unity.

The emblem consists of 13 multiple colored diamonds that form a Maple Leaf. The four original provinces of Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) are represented at the diamond's base, while the additional diamonds represent the rest of Canada's provinces and territories.

Did You Know that each Canadian Province Joined Confederation at Various Different Dates?

1867 Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
1870 Manitoba, Northwest Territories
1871 British Columbia
1873 Prince Edward Island
1898 Yukon Territory
1905 Alberta, Saskatchewan
1949 Newfoundland and Labrador
1999 Nunavut
"Take a Peek at the Canada 150 Flag Emblem" 
If you're hosting a party, you'll want to see the T-Shirt choices along with this very creative Canada 150 Bodycon dress featured here! It doesn't end there .... check out some of the original Canada Day party suggestions - Party Ideas for the guests and decor:

1) Give your guests traditional Canadian maple syrup from Quebec, or use them as prizes for those wacky party games.

2) Feature Canada 150 Soy Candles around the Yard

3) What's a party without Canada 150 balloons

4) Put up Canada 150 Garland around the room or yard

5) Feature a handcrafted Canada 'Home' Sign

6) Greet guests with a Canada 150 Wreath on the front door

7) Have a Unique Canada 150 Felt Banner made to give out as a grand party game prize
"View the above Canada 150 Party Suggestions"
Canada, have a party, and celebrate 150 years of this great land we love and call home.

But First....

Watch 65 Hours of Footage submitted by Canadians on Why they Love Canada in a Creative 2 Minute Video:

"Happy Birthday Canada"

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Reviewing The Traffic Transformation Guide

The Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott
The Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott
Lena Gott's Traffic Transformation Guide focuses on 21 strategies she used to go from 17K to 400K+ monthly page views in just 10 months.

I first came across Lena Gott when I purchased the 2016 BC Stack, her ebook - How I Went from 17k to 350+k Monthly Views in 9 Months was included in the bundle I purchased.  As I read through the book I realized that I did know who she was as I have read a number of articles on her blog - What Mommy Does (I always thought it was a cool name for a blog).

I enjoyed the way Lena wrote and I discovered something I had never known before and I immediately started to implement it!   I have been writing online for over 10 years and am constantly learning new things especially as the internet seems to change almost weekly!

Most of what was covered in her book I had read or knew before, however the way she wrote spoke to me and sometimes you can hear things over and over before they click.

If you're new to blogging and want to increase your page views then I really recommend getting Lena's new book as she openly shares everything she does and explains it as though you were sat down talking to her.   If you've been blogging for a while you might not get quite as much value, but personally I found it to be well worth it.

When I was told that Lena had an updated book out - the one I'm about to review for you my finger quickly tapped on the buy button and I looked forward to seeing what other nuggets she may have discovered.

There's a lot of information in the book which can be a little overwhelming, but Lena herself recommends reading all the way through it first before settling down to go through the steps at your own pace - she even has worksheets and pages to take notes at the end of her ebook which you can print out.

I have finished reading through the book and even though I had read the first book and found the introduction a little repetitive the rest of the book was well worth purchasing.

When your blog traffic explodes - the traffic transformation guide

One of the things that Lena sees as important is to learn something new every day and I think that it's a good philosophy to have in life and an essential one to have if you plan on making money blogging.  I think this book is a great investment for anyone who is or wants to blog; anyone who runs a website or just about anyone who has a business with an online identity.

Although the main focus for readers of Lena Gott's Traffic Transformation Guide is bloggers I believe that anyone who wants or needs to use social media in their business would benefit from reading this.

Do you need to be a geek to understand this guide?

Absolutely not!  One of the reasons I enjoyed this book is because the way Lena writes sounds like she could be any other soccer mom, workmate, old school friend etc just talking to you about something she does using 'normal' every day language.

If you want to get a feel for the easy going language that is used then you can check out Lena on her blog What Mommy Does or in her Facebook group - Adventures in Blogging.   Alternatively try her prequel for free! - Free Blog Traffic Bonus Guide.

Definitely no 'geek speak', just plain language designed for both the new blogger and the experienced one alike to understand.

Get traffic to your site in 21 steps
Pin Me!

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The Artisan's Wife - Refined by Love Series

When Ainslee is abandoned by her sister, she is forced to move to a new city & embrace someone else's dream.  A wonderful Christian fiction book that reminds us to wait and watch for the unexpected blessings from God while we are busy making other plans.
Previously, I reviewed the first and second books in the Refined by Love series by Judith Miller.  While it is not necessary to read the first two books in the series to enjoy The Artisan's Wife, the first book does give an introduction to all of main characters in the books and explains their immigration history.  I also highly recommend the second book in the series, The Potter's Lady which is wonderful historical fiction that can stand on it own merit.

While I enjoyed all three books in the series, I do believe my favorite was this last book.  Partly because of the resolutions, but also because the author delved into the world of asylums in the late 1800's.  She introduced me to several facts that shocked me.  But before I get into that, let me give you a brief plot synopsis of The Artisan's Wife.  

Refined by Love book series by Judith Miller - Books Reviewed on Review This


The Artisan's Wife Book Review

Ainslee Mckay only agreed to leave the rest of her family and move to Weston because her artistic twin sister wanted to run a tile works shop.  Since she and Adaira would embark on this new adventure together, Ainsless wasn't too concerned, even though she hated to leave her teaching position at the Pottery Works.  However, when Adaira elopes with her new beau, Ainslee feels betrayed by her sister and is quite angry.  Because her family has already purchased the tile works for the twins, she is forced to move to a new city and embrace her sister's dream alone.  Only when her brother, Ewan, agrees to sell the tile works as soon as possible, does Ainslee feel any relief or hope for her own future. 

 The Artisan's Wife (Refined by Love)Check PriceEwan helps Ainslee move to Weston and gets her set up in a boardinghouse for women.  He stays in Weston with her for several weeks as she adjusts to all of the changes.  Since she has never before run any business, she is faced with quite a monumental task.  Originally, the plan was for Ainslee to run the office, while Adaira dealt with the workers, the designs, and the bid proposals.  Now, it all fell to Ainslee to handle alone.  She braced herself to make a success of the tile works so it would be easier for Ewan to sell.

Levi Judson was also new to Weston.  He had left he job, left his dreams behind, and moved there to be close to his brother who had been committed to the asylum.  Both Levi and his brother were artists, but Levi believed his brother was truly more gifted.  Unfortunately, Noah had mental difficulties and lapses caused by a high fever when he was a child.  Levi moved into a boardinghouse for men and went in search of a new job.  He started at the local tile works where he presented his letter of introduction to the pretty girl at the front desk and ask to speak to the owner or manager about job openings. This, of course, made for a entertaining moment in the book.

Because Ainslee had just landed a new contract and because Levi was recommended, plus experienced in multiple areas of tile works, she hired him immediately. 

Like everyone else in town, Ainslee was frightened by what and who was within the walls of the asylum.  She was surprised one day when she ran into her employee, Levi Judson, leaving the grounds of the asylum.  She was even more surprised when she discovered he taught art there to a small group of men.  Being uncomfortable with deception, Levi shared that his brother lived in the asylum.  When he found out how much Ainslee enjoyed teaching, he recommended that she consider teaching a group of women in the asylum.  But it wasn't until Ainslee was hurt on the job and needed immediate medical attention, that she was taken inside the doors of the asylum to the only available doctor in town.  

When Ainslee decided to start a library in the asylum for the women, she met several of them and discovered they had been committed by their husbands.  Some were there for depression or grief, but others were there simply because their husbands had tired of them and wanted rid of them.  One lady was committed because her brother wanted access to her bank account.

Ainslee had now found a place where she was needed in Weston, but she still wanted to make the tile works successful.  To do that, she needed Levi and his brother, Noah.  The artists who could revolutionize the tile industry.


The Artisan's Wife is a wonderful Christian fiction book that reminds us to wait and watch for the unexpected blessings from God while we are busy making other plans.

Reviews of the Books in the Refined by Love Series

The Brickmaker's Bride (#1 in the series) Book Review

The Potter's Lady (#2 in the series) Book Review

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The Artisan's Wife Book Review Written by:
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Ken Follett’s The Century Trilogy Books Reviewed

Ken Follett’s The Century Trilogy Books Reviewed
I am thoroughly enjoying Ken Follett’s the Century Trilogy and totally unable to put it down.

The three books are based on what happened in world history between the years of 1911 and 2008. Those story lines include the Russian Revolution, the suffrage movement, the rise of Nazi Germany, World War II, the atomic age, the Cold War, civil rights, assassinations, mass political movements, Vietnam, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, presidential impeachment, revolution, rock and roll and of course both good and bad from all of those time periods.

To tell this story, Follett skillfully weaved together generations of five families from America, Russia, Germany, England and Wales.

I picked up the first book, FALL OF GIANTS, as a good long read for our recent Panama Canal cruise and I have been steadily working my way through the series for a couple of months. I am often pulled away kicking and screaming from books in order to turn my attention to an “assigned” book club book. Leaving the second book, WINTER OF THE WORLD, for a grumpy old geezer in A MAN CALLED OVE was downright difficult although worthwhile in the end.

Currently, I have had to put the third book, EDGE OF ETERNITY, down to read LEAN IN, a book about women, work, and the will to lead, which is not compulsive reading for me and definitely not middle-of-the-night when-you-cannot-sleep reading.

Ken Follett FALL OF GIANTS Century Trilogy 1

Ken Follett Winter of the World Century Trilogy 2

Ken Follett Edge of Eternity Century Trilogy 3

Anyway, in case you cannot tell from my enthusiasm, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ken Follett’s Century trilogy. I caution that as a world history book it definitely has violence and it also has sexual content. However, I believe that most of the violence and some of the sexual content was required to tell this realistic story.

The three-book series contains 2,991 pages and each book is encyclopedic in length so for ease of reading I highly recommend purchasing it as an eBook or if not an eBook, then as a paperback book. We own the hardcover version and each I just weighed them and discovered that each one weighs an average of just over 3 pounds. They are heavy. Ordinarily, I prefer to read physical books because I spend much of my working life using a computer but in this case because of the sheer weight of these books I really, truly preferred to read them on my cellphone.

You can find the Century Trilogy in hardcover, paperback and electronic versions on Amazon by clicking right here. I looked for and with some difficulty eventually found a boxed set both in paperback and hardcover editions. You can find the gift sets here. I believe that this series would make an absolutely brilliant gift idea for anyone male or female who likes a good historical novel. Of course, gifting the first volume alone would be a good idea, too.

Is there a movie? No, there is not and Follett himself says in this Washington Post interview, that if they were to make a mini-series that it would be the longest mini-series ever made, that it would be very expensive to make at least partly because he would not allow it to be done cheaply and that a mini-series was therefore, not likely to happen.

Have you read Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy? Are there any other Follett books that you have read, thoroughly loved and would recommend to us?

See you at the bookstore!

Treasures By Brenda

Quick Link:

Buy Ken Follett's Century Trilogy books on Amazon.

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Review This: Personal Flotation Devices and Pool/Water Safety for Children

We all want our families to have fun and enjoy their summer time.  Let's Review how to keep our children safe around water!

Everyone likes to relax and enjoy the warmth and sunshine that comes our way during the summer months, but, it's not a good time to let down your guard.  Families will be planning trips to the beach, swimming pool, cottage or campgrounds to enjoy this wonderful season.  Let's take a look at how to make lasting memories that will be wonderful and happy with our families.  Because after all, good memories can only be made one at a time and last forever. So let's make those memories and be safe at the same time.
pool safety for children, safety at home for children, Personal Floatation Devices for children

Water, water, everywhere!  Summertime and water go hand in hand.

Children love to play in the water all year long, but when summer comes,  the idea of playing with water seems to become even more fascinating. After all it is summer, it's hot and water keeps you nice and cool.  The hours can fly by when the children are busy playing at the water edge or even deeper.  That is where and when the dangers of summertime come to the fore!  We all know that children forget their safety rules when they are so immersed in having fun.  Parent's must be diligent in keeping their little ones safe.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) are essential Summer Safety Gear.

If you have young children, I would highly recommend that each one of them has their own Personal Flotation Device or PFD.  All that playing in and around the water requires that parents keep an extra special watch out for their youngsters.  Even if they know how to swim, it is a great idea to have some form of  PFD available for your kids.  Water, sun and fun can tire out even the best swimmers.  Better to be safe than to be sorry.  Rules for playing around water should also be enforced.  No exceptions to these rules.

Five Rules that Must Be Enforced

1.  Never go into the water alone.
2.  Always, wear your PFD when you are in or near the water's edge.
3.  Adults, make sure you are within arm's reach of young children.
4.  Get out of the water and  rest every now and then.
5.  Keep your eyes on your children when they are in the water or near the water's edge..

Even if they are wearing a PFD that does not mean you can take your eyes off of the children.  PFD's are just one way to keep them a little bit safer, but they are not Life Guards.  You are their life guards!

There are many types of Personal Flotation Devices and some are meant as toys, while others are meant to keep your children floating safely.  Make sure you have a device that will keep your children floating, face up(I have shown you Certified PFDs).  Inflatables are toys, that are meant to be  enjoyed in the water, but they are not meant to keep you from going face down in the water.  Only certified PFD's are meant to keep you face up and floating.  Beachballs, blown-up air rings and such are toys.  Sure they are fun and some even look really cute, but they are not PFD's.  Just look at what can happen when children are left alone!
Totally Unnecessary Trauma For This Child and His Parents!
Inflatable rings are not meant to be life savers.  Never Ever leave your child unsupervised just because they have an inflatable ring around them.  Please pass this on to all your friends and family, you never know, you just might save a life!

Who needs a Personal Flotation Device?

Without a doubt any child who is spending a lot of time in or near water, should have their own PFD.  Now when I'm talking about water, I mean a pool, lake or river.  Water coming out of a hose does not require that you to wear a PFD.  

Personal Flotation Devices are available for small children and adults as well. Depending on the types of water activities you are undertaking, having your own PFD is a great idea.  If you are just playing at the water's edge, only small children really need to be wearing a Life Vest of sorts.  Bigger kids or children who are adept at swimming will be fine in shallow waters, with adult supervision.  Supervision is the most important part of any water activity time.  Children forget the dangers, parents need to be extra cautious. We don't want to think what could happen if our children are left on their own.

My own grandson, will not go near the pool in his yard without his "floaty" as he calls it.  Rest assured that I don't want him near the pool  without it, either.  His sisters are a different story.  In the pool they are well advanced in their swimming capabilities.  Does that mean they can go into the pool alone?  Not a chance.  Even they know that an adult must be with them, or they don't go into the water.  Water safety means that there is an adult always present.  If this rule is ever broken, they know that the repercussions are severe.  It's one rule that is never, ever broken, it doesn't matter how hot it is outside. Pool safety for children is about educating them and making sure they know the rules.  Pool safety for children means making rules and sticking to them with no exceptions. You will enjoy your time much more if there isn't any chance of a child being hurt because you let down your guard.

Happy Summer to all, may you stay safe and enjoy your vacation  time!

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