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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reviewing the Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop

Dry Sweep Or Wet Mop With One Tool

Here are some reasons that I feel that every home (large or small) needs a Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop. How often do you find that you need to sweep up a small area in your home that does not have carpet on it? It is not big enough of a job to pull the big old vacuum out. There are times when a small area of non-carpeted floor gets soiled by a spill or muddy footprints. Do you mop the entire floor or could you just do the small surface area?

There was a time when I would have dragged out the vacuum for those small jobs or I would have filled the mop bucket up and mopped the entire floor. I no longer do that for those small jobs. I use my Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop, instead.

What I love about this handy little sweeper/mop is that it can do two jobs for me. If I just want to sweep a little dust off of the floor, then I can use one of the disposable dry cloths. It picks up hair (helpful with our cat), dust and dirt really well. They are easily placed on the sweeper edge by pressing the ends into the four little slots and removed just as easily. I just wad them up and toss in the trash basket.

When my husband, cat or the grandkids track in mud from outside or if I happen to spill something in the kitchen, all I have to do is get one of the wet cloths and attach it to the sweeper/mop. Once the area has been mopped, I just toss the soiled sheet into the trash.

Storing the Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop is easy, also. The head folds down so that it doesn't take up much room in my little cleaning closet where I keep all of my cleaning supplies.

You only have to purchase the sweeper mop once, then as needed you can purchase refills in both the dry and wet versions.

I like to get the Dry Cloth Refills in the 48 count box because I sweep my tile floors just about every day with this little broom or dust mop tool. If I am going to run the vacuum on the carpets then I will use it on the tiled floors, too. But for those quick little once a day tasks of sweeping the floors this little sweeper works like a charm.

The wet sheets come in a smaller count of only 12. That is just fine for my needs because I don't use them as often. I do not mop my entire floor with this handy little tool, although I could if I wanted to. If it is an all floor job, then the mop bucket and mop come out of the cleaning supply closet. I use the Swiffer wet cloths and sweeper for the small little mopping jobs that come up once in a while.

If you are like me and find that just about every day there is a small little sweeping job staring you in the face, I can highly recommend using this product.

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