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Sunday, May 6, 2018

8 Creative Flower Planter Ideas for Inside or Outside

Have a lot of broken down cars? Or just one?
There it is, a car planter, with the body as Art
Bring out your inner artistic side to display flowers and plants.

If you're stuck in a rut on the way you feature plants in and around the home, this list is designed to trigger an artistic spark so you can break that chain, and try something different this year.

1. Use An Old Wooden Toolbox
Old Shoes as a Planter?
Hmmm Yes? No?

If you have an old wooden, distressed toolbox - the ones with the handle across the top are especially nice - fill it with dirt, flowers, plants or spices. Place it anywhere you choose. Move it around from time to time.

2. Use Window Boxes Indoors

You've seen window boxes on outdoor railings, porches and the exterior of windows, however you can use a window box inside as well.

Find the window box that works best for your space, and simply duplicate what you would do outdoors. You can also spruce it up with decorative rocks and variety of rock garden plants. 

3. Old Tea Cups or Mugs

Old tea cups and coffee mugs are a creative way to display small plants or spices. If your kitchen has an area to display a set of cups or mugs, use them as a decorating accent or a place to hold your kitchen spices. Get each mug in a different color to add a little funk to your plant area.

A Large Cup of Flowers
4. Old Metal Boxes

You can use a new metal box as well. Any metal container in your home, that's the right size for your needs, can be filled with dirt, rocks, flowers, spices or plants. 

5. Ladder Plant Display

There are a number of ways to display plants on a ladder. You can secure the plants to each rung, or rig it so that each rung can hold a planter box. If doing it yourself isn't an option, you can get an already made free standing ladder that's designed to hold planter boxes. 

6. Drawers from Old Furniture

Rather than toss out your old dressers, use a drawer or two or three to plant flowers in.

Put the dirt directly in the drawer and plant what you want, or use it as a holder to place smaller pots already planted.

If you're able, turn it into a family affair by letting the kids paint a drawer and take care of their plants in their drawer.

7. The Top of a Birdhouse

Create edging around the roof of your birdhouse, fill it with dirt, then plant what you want in the area. It will look lovely, and the birds will appreciate it.

8. An Old Bicycle as a Home for Plants and Flowers

Position an old bike against a wall, tree or in a garden and use it as a prop for planting flowers and other plants. If it has a basket, fill it with hanging flowers. Use the wheels to grow flowers and plants that need a support to tie onto.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Planting in Spring for Summer Beauty Review

garden journal
Gardeners are planners!  In order to have beautiful gardens year round, they must plan ahead, often planting months before they can expect to see the rewards for their labor.

In fall, we plant blubs for spring flowering, but in spring we plant for summer and fall flowers.

Many of us keep a journal of what we planted where.  That way we don't accidentally dig up bulbs or perennial plants.  Some blubs and plants are pretty forgiving and will simply bloom together or around each other.  Others would be ruined by accidental invasion, so we plot and plan well in advance and then wait for the glorious presentation of beautiful blooms.

Flowers to Plant in Spring for Summer Blooming  

When we plant our bulbs in the fall, it can seem like an eternity before the flowers bloom, but that is not the case with spring planting and summer flowers.  Here are some examples of flowers we plant now that will reward us before we know it.
  • Cornflower ~ Friend and gardener Beverly Owens recommends Coneflowers which not only have the benefit of beautiful blooms, but also attract butterflies and bees to our gardens.
  • Calla Lily ~ One of my personal favorites is the Calla Lily.   I have always planted a variety of colors, but Paula Atwell introduced me to the Black Star Calla Lily.  I am very excited about adding the Black Star to my blooming collection. 
  • Nasturtiums ~ This is another flower that is available in a variety of colors including a black Nasturtium.  These plants are fabulous for ground cover or as climbing flowers.
  • Alliums ~ Gorgeous spiral blooms that are a unique treat in any garden.  These flowers certainly don't look like your average garden bloom.  On Diary of a Wild Country Garden, Jasmine features Alliums, Freesias and Oriental Lilies.
  • Aster ~ Big and beautiful blooms for in summer and fall.  
  • Butterfly Bush ~ Attract additional beauty to your garden with a butterfly bush.
  • Astilbe ~ A delicate looking perennial that is actually very strong and resilient with gorgeous flowers and fern like foliage.
  • Delphiniums ~ The delphinium is lovely, but there is one concern, it can not tolerate extreme heat and hot temperature regions.  
  • Daylilies ~ If you live in the south, you can plant Daylilies in the spring for summer blooming, but northern region gardeners should wait until fall to plant Daylilies.

Late Summer / Early Fall Flowers


What to Do With Mums in Sprint
Depending on your region, some Mums will start to bloom in late summer.   Many regions do not see Mum blooms until fall, but I wanted to include them here simply because they can and should be planted in the spring and you will want to select a place for them while planning your garden.

Planting mums in the spring also gives the plant time to acclimate to your soil and to deep root.   Susan Deppner not only asks the question  What to do With Mums in Spring, but provides answers from experts and fellow gardeners.

Summer Flowers with Side Benefits


Sunflowers are not only gorgeous summer blooms that are planted in the spring, but their seeds and tubers are edible.

Likewise,  the beauty of the Nasturtium flowers is noted above, but did you know that Nasturtiums are edible and can be used for flavoring in food?  

Here are a few more summer flowers that are also sources food and nutrition.
  • Bee Balm
  • Johnny Jump-ups 
  • Lavender 
  • Marigolds
  • Roses
  • Squash Blossoms


I enjoy working and writing online.  There are so many wonderful articles shared by fellow online writers that encourage, inspire and teach freely.

Do you have an article about Summer Flowers that are planted in the spring that you would like to share?  Please leave the link in our guestbook below so we can visit your Summer Flowers article today.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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