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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas Party Planning: Reviewing Invitations

It's time to get planning for those Christmas parties. It makes sense to plan your party in several steps. First, the date, then the guest list. Next up is getting your invitations. So let's review some holiday party invitations for different kinds of events.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

One of those fun traditions is ugly sweaters for Christmas. How
many of us have those kind of sweaters tucked into our closets? I have a number of them myself. Of course, that tradition gave rise to a party theme. Ugly sweater parties are that chance to wear your most outrageous holiday sweater. 

I have been awarded the Ugliest Sweater prize at several parties over the years. All due to my sweet Aunt Charlotte and the completely outlandish Christmas tree sweater she knitted for me years ago. I had no idea how valuable it would turn out to be!

Holiday Cocktail Party 

The holidays are busy for most of us. Sometimes a full evening event just doesn't fit into either our or our guests schedule. That's when something more simple like a cocktail party is in order. A holiday cocktail party  is limited in time and works great to serve appetizers only.

Your guests can attend your party then head off for another party or for that evening they wanted to just spend at home to relax. Even for your busy schedule, a cocktail party takes less work. But, getting started with getting your invitations ordered is a big help.

Elegant Christmas Party

Of course, there are times when you want that fancy or elegant holiday party. Maybe a full sit-down meal, maybe an event where you have reserved a hall or banquet room. Those are the times to choose elegant Christmas party invitations

You want your guests to know what to expect, how to dress and how to plan for attending your party. Choosing invitations that set the tone for a more elegant event will help your guests know this. 

Planning with Party Invitations

Since I use the party invitations to help me with themes, decor and even menus, I like to choose and order my invitations as early as possible. Personally, the invites from are my favorite. I have so many choices for styles, sizes and customization that I've never gone wrong. All the Christmas party invitations reviewed on this page are from Zazzle. 

If you know of other great holiday party invitations, please include them in a comment below. I would love to review more.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Reviewing Halloween Party Invitations

Planning a great Halloween party means choosing great invitations, too. In fact, I start with the invitations. They can help me pick the theme, give me decor ideas, even menu options. So I'm giving you a review of some of my favorite choices for great Halloween party invitations.

Halloween Party Themes

If you think your party theme is simply Halloween, I have some news for you. There are many different themes that can all fall under this holiday heading. When planning your party this year, there are things to think about. Such as: do you want to have a costume centered party? You might even give away prizes for the best costumes. Do you want to have a family-oriented party where it's appropriate for children as well?

Planning your theme can be as important as planning your menu. Many of your guests will enjoy designing their costumes based on your theme.

Vintage Halloween Theme

I've reviewed party invitations for a vintage Halloween theme. These are great for guests who really love to dress in period costumes. Vintage parties are easy to decorate. The look of old mansions or manor homes that have gone to ruin is not only vintage, but also traditional Halloween. So decorating ideas and props are plentiful.

Cute and Fun Halloween Theme

There is certainly a cute side to Halloween. For a family-oriented party where scaring the kids is not the idea, you'll want to choose a theme around the sweet side of the holiday. Smiling pumpkins, candy corn, and butterfly costumes can be a great theme. Of course, you want your guests to know your party is designed around the sweet side so choose cute and fun Halloween party invitations.

Ghoulish Themes

For many, the eerie, spooky and creepy side of the holiday is the best way to throw a party. Ghoulish Halloween Party Invitations reviews some those theme ideas. This theme opens up the costume options to many. Personally, a ghoulish touch to my costume is always fun. I've been known to add a little fake blood to a princess costume.

So start thinking early about your Halloween party. The planning takes some time and you'll want to choose invitations that not only match your theme, but also show your guests what to expect. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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