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Friday, January 16, 2015

Satechi SD Mini Portable Speaker & SD Card Player Review

I recently discovered the most amazing little electronic gadget and I simply had to share my review of the Satechi SD Mini Speaker, SD Card Player.

I like to listen to music when I am working on or offline, but I have found that if I listen to music on my computer while I am also working on my computer, the processing will slow.  I normally have multiple programs, sites and windows open all at the same time.  I decided I needed a separate music player that I would have close at hand so I could switch it on or off quickly when the phone rings.

I considered several options, including ipods and cd players, but I really wanted something less expensive and smaller.  That is when I remembered the sd cards!  

A little over a year ago, I got a new car stereo that has an sd card player.  I was clueless about how that worked initially, but thought it was a cool idea.  I downloaded several of my cds onto an sd card, inserted it into the stereo and was thrilled with how much music I could load onto one small sd card to listen to in my car.  Therefore, when I remembered the little sd cards in my car, I went in search of a small sd card player and viola', I found the Satechi SD Mini Speaker and Player.

Satechi SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker 

This absolutely has to be the coolest thing I have discovered in a long time!   Since the Satechi SD Mini Portable Speaker / SD Card Player is only about 3" tall and a bit over 2" wide, it really is very small and easily sits on my laptop table without taking up much room at all.
Transferring my cds onto an sd card takes less than a minute, so I quickly have music available to play.  This little speaker is amazingly loud too.  I often have to turn it down since I am sitting so close to it, but I love being able to turn it up and still hear it when I need to work away from the computer for a while.

You can also close the little speaker and poke it into your pocket if you want to carry it to your car or just to another room.  It is very compact.  I would say it is slightly bigger than a golf ball when closed.   

How to Charge the Satechi SD Mini Portable Speaker

No batteries are required for this mini SD player / speaker.  You simply charge the speaker by plugging it into your computer with the USB charging cable that is included with the speaker.  There is a flashing light indicator that lets you know when your speaker is fully charged.

Once charged, it will play for 5 or 6 hours without being recharged.


Use the Satechi SD Mini Portable Speaker as a Computer Speaker

I was recently watching Moonstruck on my laptop via Netflix and found that the volume was so low that I was having trouble hearing it.  

I plugged in my Satechi Mini Portable Speaker and had instant volume.  It was really fabulous to be able to hear all of the dialog the first time!  Since the speaker has a volume control, I was able to set my own comfort level for listening.

You can also plug the mini speaker into some iPhones, iPods, a Blackberry, etc. to enhance their volume via the same plug used for a laptop computer.

Now, I use my Mini speaker to hear every movie I play on my laptop.  Most excellent! 

Transferring Your Music to an SD Card

It is not hard at all to transfer music to an sd card. 

This young man shows us step by step how to easily transfer music from our computers to an sd card. 

Satechi SD Mini Portable Speakers as Gifts

My mini player / speaker was so popular with our guests over the holidays, that I purchased 5 additional units to give as birthday gifts this year.  As soon as they came in, my husband was like a little kid.  He didn't want to wait for his birthday in June.  He wanted his now!  

Yes, I let him have his gift early.  Now, we have dueling speakers in the house.   

Accessories for the Satechi Sd Mini Portable Speaker

The speaker comes with a small tote bag and the USB charging cable.   You will need to purchase your SD cards separately.  Plus, I found that I needed a case for my SD cards.  I put that on my own Christmas wishlist and my parents were kind enough to give me my little sd card holder.  It is a great way to keep all of your sd cards in one place for easy selection.


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