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Friday, March 9, 2018

KitchenAid Smooth Glide Ice Cream Scoop Reviewed

KitchenAid Smooth Glide Ice Cream Scoop Reviewed
For decades I have fought the battle with scooping ice cream.  Recently, I purchased the KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop and I am here to tell you, it actually works!  Scooping ice cream or sherbet just got a whole lot easier for me.

I can't even begin to guess how many spoons I have bent trying to scoop ice cream without letting it thaw on the kitchen counter first.  I hate leaving the ice cream out on the counter to thaw for several reasons.  For one thing, if I want ice cream, I'm not very patient.  I want it right then.  Second, I hate having to wipe off the condensation ring the container leaves on my kitchen counter before I can enjoy my dessert.  Plus, I hate the "frost" coating on the top of my ice cream that is created when it has to refreeze.

I have tried several ice cream scoops over the years.  While they won't bend like a spoon, they have been laborious to use.  Sometimes even painful.  I simply don't have the gorilla strength required to scoop hardened ice cream with a half moon bowl shaped scooper.  However, the KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop makes me feel a lot stronger because I can immediately dish up a bowl of ice cream without doing any permanent damage to my silverware, my hand, my wrist, my arm or my shoulder.

KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop

 KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop, BlackCheck PriceIt is all in the design!  The handle is thick enough for me to grip without being too wide for me to hold.  In the picture, it looks like that is a flat handle, but it is only flat on the top.  It is curved underneath and fits perfectly in my hand, allowing me to firmly grip the scoop.

The scoop itself is slightly curved and easily glides through frozen ice cream.  I admit, I don't really care if the ice cream has a pretty shape.  It doesn't have to be a perfectly shaped ball for me to enjoy devouring it.  Obviously, if you plan to serve ice cream on a cone, you would need the old-fashioned half-moon bowl shaped ice cream scoop.  Me?  I would rather never eat ice cream on a cone again now that I can scoop my ice cream without hurting myself, or someone else.

Oh, and another great feature:  It is dishwasher safe and I do, indeed, wash mine in the dishwasher. 

I will keep my old bowl shaped ice cream scoop to use with batter for cupcakes, cookies, etc., but for ice cream, I choose the KitchenAid Smooth Glide Ice Cream Scoop!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Reviewing Jenaluca Kitchen Scoop Set

Set Of Kitchen Scoops: The perfect gift for a bride

Recently, I was invited to a bridal shower for one of the neighbor girls down the street. There wasn't even a hesitation as to what I would get for the shower. I have a favorite gift to give when it comes to brides, a set of kitchen scoops.

Why scoops you ask? Well, for one thing I feel that every cook needs a good set of scoops whether she or he realizes it. Once they have them in their kitchen, they find that there are so many ways to use them.

Wouldn't one scoop be enough? Actually, I like having the different sizes in my kitchen, let me explain.

The Large Scoop: Not just for ice cream

Included in the set above is the large size that immediately brings to mind scooping ice cream. Yes, I use it for ice cream and sherbets all the time. I also use it for scooping portions of mashed potatoes onto our dinner plates along with any other mashed veggie that we may be having. When making cupcakes, I use the large scoop to put my batter into the baking cups so that my cupcakes are a uniform size when baked. It also works nicely for serving portions of pudding into a pretty dish for dinner guests. The large scoop holds 3 tablespoons of whatever you are scooping so it is easy to find all kinds of uses for it. 

The Medium Scoop: Cookies anyone?

The medium sized kitchen scoop holds 1 1/2 tablespoons of ingredients so I use it the most for my cookie dough. It is a perfect size and I love that my cookies are a uniform size when baked. It is also the kitchen scoop that I grab when I make meatballs. Once the grandchildren came along, I also use the medium scoop for serving the little ones their portion of mashed potatoes. I like to use this size for smaller cupcakes and muffins, too.

The Small Scoop: A fruitful tool

The third and smallest tool in this kitchen scoop set holds 2 teaspoons of ingredients. I love to use it for melon balls and any other fruit that can be scooped. It is also handy when I want to make smaller meatballs. Since I know that it holds the two teaspoons, I will often grab it to measure out ingredients for recipes, too.

Choose Scoops That Last: 

There is hardly a day in my kitchen that I'm not grabbing at least one of my kitchen scoops for something. When I first started out, I had a fairly cheap ice cream scoop and it wore out pretty quickly. I replaced it with a relatively inexpensive one and that one wore out, too. Finally, the light bulb came on in my head! These are tools in your kitchen that are used often so buy a good one that will last. In the long run, I've saved myself money by purchasing the better quality scoops that last for what seems forever. 

That is why when I have a gift to purchase for a bride, I choose a good set of kitchen scoops like the Jenaluca set. I know she will use them for a very long time in her own kitchen. I know they are good because I use them myself.  

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


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