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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Popsocket Review

Handy Tool For Cell Phones And Tablets

Let's review a popsocket today. Chances are you have at least seen a popsocket but you might not have known what it was. Basically, they are a type of grip to attach to your cell phone or even your tablet. Of course not all grips are Popsockets but a whole lot of them are.

This woman must not have a popsocket on her phone
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These funky looking discs attach to a phone for a variety of uses. Probably the most popular use is for having a better grip on your cell phone making it less likely to drop it. This comes in real handy if you are the type who likes to carry your phone in your hand instead of your pocket or purse.

People who like to take selfies say the popsocket allows them to hold the phone better for snapping that shot. I'm not one that takes a lot of those so I don't know whether it makes it easier or not.

Popsocket and other brands

Not all of the brands of grips perform like the little popsockets. The uniqueness of this brand is that it is collapsible. It can go flat and then pop out once and then once again in an almost accordion like fashion. I like that you can collapse it when you want to place it flat on a surface and when you want to put it in your back pocket. If it is sticking out an inch or two in your pocket it might look rather alarming to someone behind you. 

You can completely remove the popsocket when you want to. The adhesive is reusable. This comes in handy if you want to re-charge your phone with one of those wireless chargers. There might even be a reason to remove it in order to place it in a different place on your phone. 

Why move it around? Well, another use for the popsocket is that you can use it like a stand. Yep, you can prop your phone up for hands-free time. I don't watch many videos on my phone but a lot of people do and with a popsocket they can prop their phone up on a desk or tabletop and watch without holding on to the phone. I would imagine this would be really nice if you are watching a movie on your phone; I would think you hand would get stiff having to grip for so long.

I even saw an example where someone used two of these handy little discs on the back of their phone to wrap the cord neatly from their earbuds. I thought that was pretty clever! 

Lots of choices

Another really fun thing about these little grippers is that you have a multitude of choices in how they look. You can keep it simple or you can find one that is suited to your tastes and personality. There are colorful ones, elegant looking ones and of course whimsical ones. Some can even be personalized to have a saying of your choice on yours. They aren't very expensive so you could pick one or two and switch them out as your mood changes. 

Personally, I think they would make a great little stocking stuffer for people on your gift list. How about you? Have you got a popsocket?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone Reviewed

If you are in need of a new smartphone

Not a smart phone image courtesy of
A few weeks ago my husband and I purchased the Google Pixel 2 smartphone to replace our other cell phones. The phones that we replaced were not really very old but my husband is extremely hard on his phones. His was no longer working properly. So, off we went to find new ones. 

It never ceases to amaze me, the advancements in technology is just incredible! I have said this before and I will say it again. My phone is actually smarter than the first, second and even third computers that I owned! I love my new phone, so let me tell you why!

You might have heard through the grapevine that this phone has an excellent camera. They are not just whistling really is an incredible camera. The images are really remarkable and there are some fun editing features to use, too. I don't usually choose which phone that I want for the camera but this was a very nice bonus to get.

I am amazed at how fast my new smartphone reacts to anything that I want to do. I also like that Google Assistant is a part of the phone. You can set it up in a matter of seconds during the getting started process. It is pretty cool! The other night we were watching television and all I said was OK and the silly thing came on wanting to know its next command. You can also call up the assistant by squeezing on the sides of the phone.

The battery on a phone is a source of concern for me. How often am I going to have to charge it and how long will it take? I have had phones that seemed to run out of juice very quickly and then take forever to get a full charge. This Google Pixel 2 has been a very nice surprise. The battery lasts quite a long time and it charges very quickly. It was a good thing that the phone came with its own charger because my old charger won't work on the new phone. The jack is slightly wider than my old one.

Not that I want to ever try this feature out but it is supposed to be waterproof. That is pretty neat! I have known a few people who have accidentally dropped theirs into places that I wouldn't even have my phone near (another story for another day!) and the wet phone was done for. I still don't plan to have my phone close to that particular receptacle but it is nice to know that it should survive getting wet.

Probably the most impressive part of this smartphone is the software that it runs on. The Android Oreo is the best that I have encountered.

We are very happy with our choice and I would highly recommend this smartphone to anyone who is in the market for a new one. I sincerely believe that you will not be disappointed.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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