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Friday, November 11, 2022

Lightweight Acrylic Cake Plate with Dome Lid Reviewed

Domed Acrylic Cake Plate
Let me start by saying, I absolutely love my new acrylic cake plate!

Domed Acrylic Cake Plate

I rarely buy anything for myself.  I usually keep a running wishlist for special occasions. Normally, if I want something new for my kitchen, I add it to the wishlist and try to forget it.  That way, my family can select things they know I will want and I can be surprised by a new gadget, utensil, or cookware.  

For some time now, I have been searching for a lightweight, pretty covered cake plate that I can easily move from the refrigerator to the table.  For decades, I have used my domed glass cake plate, but in recent years I have noted that it is heavy for me to carry.  

I hate the way wrap or foil messes up cake frosting and much prefer the domed cake plates, so I have continued to use the glass domed cake plate in spite of the weight.  My glass cake plate is also footed, which makes it rather tall.  I have to move my refrigerator shelf to accommodate the height, which is another inconvenience.

When I found this footless acrylic domed cake plate on Amazon, I thought I would try it.  I wasn't sure it would work well for me and I didn't want to wait for Christmas to receive it.  With several birthdays to celebrate in October & November, I really needed the cake plate now.  Therefore, I bought it for myself.  

Because it turned out to be exactly what I wanted and needed, I wish I had waited for a beloved family member to gift it to me so it would have that memory attached to it.  I'll have to settle for the memories of the birthday cakes that were first served and stored in it.


The Lightweight Acrylic Domed Cake Plate

This cake plate is perfect!  It is very lightweight, almost feather light.  Because it is not footed, it easily slides into my refrigerator without having to adjust the shelf height, even with the handled tall dome.


I was concerned that the dome would not be tall enough, however, it easily accommodates our two layer lemon cake (shown below) or chocolate cake without touching the frosting.

I use a glass plate under my cake because they turn easily on the table when frosting a cake.  The dome is tall enough and the plate is wide enough to accommodate the plate and the cake together.  As you can see in the picture below, my husband used a dinner plate for the lemon birthday cake he made for me.  The cake is not touching the lidded dome on the top or the sides, and there is plenty of room for the dinner plate underneath the cake.


The diamond pattern of the plate itself is very pretty on the table and compliments any dessert. 

I am thrilled to have a lovely domed cake plate that will protect my frosted cakes and that I can easily move from the fridge to the table.  The dome does get fogged between fridge and table, but that is easily wiped away with a paper towel, leaving the cake in a clear and lovely domed display.

 AVLA Acrylic Cake Plate with Dome, 13 Inch Cake Stand with CoverCheck Price

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