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Friday, September 4, 2015

How to Make a Recipe Binder Organizer

green marble design binder

Organize Your Favorite Recipes

I love having a recipe binder to organize my recipes!  By simply adding photo sheets to a binder, I can create my own recipe card binder with all my favorite recipes.  

In my recipe organizer, I can add, delete or move my recipes around for specific occasions or label the sections with tabs by courses.

The photo sheets will also protect my recipes from spills, smudges or tears.  My recipe binder organizer is my own personal cookbook of favorite recipes and meals.


My Recipe Card Binder

I personally selected the Green Marble Recipe Binder (shown above) and I left the text "My Favorite Recipes" on the cover even though it can be personalized with any text.  I also liked the font so this binder was perfect for me.

Zazzle Binders are designed for 8.5" x 11" sized paper or photo sheets.  Each binder has 4 pockets inside.

You can select the size of binder you desire.  I opted for the 2" spine binders simply because I have a lot of recipes that I wanted to add to my binder, but you could easily select several 1" binders and have a separate binder for appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc. 

My Photo Sheets

I personally selected two different types of photo sheets.  Each style of photo sheet fits neatly into the Zazzle 3-ring binders.

One set of photo sheets holds six 4"x 6" cards. (2 vertical and 1 horizontal) If you select this photo sheet, the recipe cards you place in the vertical pockets will need to be trimmed approx. 1/8" to fit.

The second set of photo sheets holds four 5" x 7" cards.  Obviously, there would be no need to trim your recipe cards for these pockets, but it holds 2 cards instead of three.

photo sheets inside the binder
photo sheets inside the binder with recipe card

Photo of Set I with Recipe Card

 20 (Twenty Pages) - BCW Pro 3-Pocket Page (4 X 6 Cards, Postcards or Photos)

recipe cards in photo sheets inside binder

Photo of Set II with Recipe Card

 (50) BCW 2-Pocket 5 x 7 5x7 Postcard Photo Binder Pages

Printed Recipe Cards 

The recipe cards you see featured in my binder are all available on   I love the printed recipe cards professionally printed by Zazzle.  I purchased several of my favorite recipe cards to add to my Recipe Binder.

recipe cards

zazzle banner

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Reviewing Recipe Cards on Zazzle

pre-printed recipe cardsProfessionally Printed Recipe Cards on Zazzle 

I love the recipe cards on Zazzle!  The recipes are awesome, of course, but I love being able to purchase the recipes printed on postcards with the photo of the prepared food on the front.

They are especially great when they are associated with articles with lots of photos or videos of the recipe being prepared.

It is really cool to discover a new recipe online and to also be able to purchase the recipe card for my own personal recipe binder.

Because these recipe cards are professionally printed on heavy weight card stock with glossy photos, they also make a lovely presentation suitable for gift giving.  Wouldn't they be perfect for a new bride or someone setting up their home and kitchen for the first time?

Here are a few of my personal favorite recipe cards from Zazzle.

Easy Banana Pudding Recipe by Susan Deppner

banana pudding recipe


Banana Pudding is one of my favorite desserts!

My own mother makes a banana pudding for me every year for my birthday because I actually prefer it over a birthday cake.  Mom usually cooks her pudding, but Susan offers a faster, easier way to prepare Banana pudding.

This is one recipe card that I had to add to my own personal recipe binder!

Susan originally published her recipe on Hubpages. 

blackberry cobbler recipe by Sylvestermouse
This is my own recipe for Blackberry Cobbler.

The recipe was passed down from my mother, who happens to be my all time favorite cook. Mom knows how to make the best of everything!

Our recipe for Blackberry Cobbler is quite delicious, as well as easy to make.

The associated article is also currently published on where I show a step by step photo tutorial.  The recipe is so easy that the photo tutorial is not really necessary, but it is still fun to look at.  Be sure you watch for the featured mouse!

lemon cookies recipe by mbgphoto

Lemon Cookie Recipe by Mbgphoto

These cookies are definitely a "savor the flavor" cookie!

I know you will love this recipe as much as I do.  Oh, perhaps I should tell you what a delicious companion these lemon cookies are with a cup of coffee.  They make the perfect combination of hot, sweet and delectable.

The associated article on Mary Beth's lemon cookies can be found on Hubpages by simply clicking this link.

More Recipe Cards on Zazzle 

Here are a few more recipe cards that I personally offer on Zazzle.  The Peach Cobbler recipe is a real crowd pleaser and the Peanut Butter Fudge recipe makes the best ever fudge!  Both of these recipes are from my own family recipe binder.

They were also given to me by my mother and are true family traditions in our homes.

Creating Your Own Recipe Cards on Zazzle

Creating your own recipe cards on Zazzle is actually very easy. You simply choose to "create a postcard", add the photo of the food on the front and the recipe on the back. As you can see, we each chose different fonts when we made our recipe cards. You select the font that you think looks the best or that is most legible. You do not have to offer your recipe cards for sale on Zazzle to create and purchase your own recipe cards for your personal use.

zazzle banner

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Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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