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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Inspirational Calendars for Women

It's time to start looking at calendars for 2017. Here are my top three favorite inspirational calendars for women, each with a touch of whimsy.
I love this time of year, when summer starts winding down, school supplies fill stores' shelves, and it's time to start looking at calendars for the upcoming new year. Why start looking at next year's calendars in August? Because there are so many beautiful new designs coming out and it can take me weeks to choose a favorite!

This year I got a head start, poring through the selection at For 2017 I knew I wanted an upbeat inspirational calendar, one that would lift my spirits each time my eyes fell on it. I like lots of color, engaging artwork, and positive messages that make me smile but also make me think. And since I am one, I specifically looked for inspirational calendars for women.

After many enjoyable hours of browsing, I've finally narrowed my choices down to three favorites. Here's what I've decided.

Since color and engaging artwork are on my list of requirements, it's no surprise that I was immediately drawn to Suzy Toronto's calendars. Her 2017 "Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle" wall calendar is bright, beautiful, and covered in the engaging art that the artist is known for. There's a bit of a "flower power" message on the cover and a huge amount of positivity that fills the insides.

Suzy Toronto's 2017 Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle Wall Calendar, March Page
Suzy Toronto's Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle 2017 Calendar
One thing that I especially like about the Suzy Toronto inspirational calendar is that her artwork isn't limited to the upper half of each monthly spread. She carries the design, and each monthly message, through to the bottom half, too, beautifully decorating not just the corners of the page but the holiday squares, too. In the sample shown, for instance, the cute shamrocks and pot of gold make St. Patrick's Day stand out on the March page. I love this calendar and know that I won't tire of looking at it.

Blessings For Life inspirational, motivational wall calendar with a scripture verse each month.
Blessings for Life 2017 Wall Calendar

The "Blessings for Life" wall calendar with scripture also is filled with beautiful artwork, but the mood is a little more subtle. I adore the whimsical art collages from the Velvet Lime Girls that remind me of colorful doodles. The theme of the calendar is hope, grace, and love and an uplifting short Bible verse is included each month.

This is a high-quality calendar with linen-embossed pages and would make not just a perfect calendar for any woman's home or office but would be a fabulous choice for a special gift. I'm thinking that this calendar will look perfect in my colorful "quilts" bedroom.

Mary Engelbreit 2017 "Life Happens" Inspirational Desk Calendar
Mary Engelbreit "Life Happens" 2017 Desk Calendar

If you prefer your inspiration and encouragement in daily doses, here's a page-a-day desk calendar that's worth waking up to each morning. You've probably already identified the artist.  Yes, this is the Mary Engelbreit 2017 "Life Happens" calendar, with a page for each day of the year (Saturday and Sunday share a page). Each day when you tear off the preceding date's page, you can count on not only an adorable, whimsical piece of art but a related, short, uplifting, inspirational quote to go with it. I can't decide which I like better, the quotes or the art! I want to put this desk calendar in the kitchen where I'll see it first thing so my brain will have all day to mull over the wisdom that permeates each message. "Every flower must grow through dirt" has been popping into my head frequently since I first saw this page. I love it and bet you'll love it, too.

So, these are my current top three favorite inspirational calendars for women, each with its own touch of whimsy and dose of wisdom. Which one is your favorite? 

If you like all of these calendars, as I do, you might appreciate this link for free shipping. - Free Shipping On Any Order Over $35

P.S. Calendars make great gifts!

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