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Monday, April 25, 2016

Moultrie Game Camera Review

I had considered purchasing a game camera for some time. I have considered placing one on my balcony rail as security for my Jeep and urban parking lot. I have also wanted one to capture wildlife during camping trips. Price and uncertainty about ease of use stopped me from making the purchase. Until recently. I learned from a friend how easy-to-use the Moultrie A-5 Game Camera is and the price was easily within my budget.  With the purchase of a piece of land teeming with wildlife, buying a game camera seemed like a logical choice. 

The Moultrie A-5 Digital Game Camera Gen 2

This model of Moultrie is an easy-to-use 5.0 MP game camera.  It comes with the "belt" and a clip that attach it to a tree.  I just added the batteries and a SD memory card.  The easy-to-use and understand control panel are under the door that latches securely shut.  

control panel and battery compartment
My favorite feature is the count-down display. It shows that I have set the camera and begins a count down so that I can leave the area without having my photo taken. Much like the arming of a home security system.  Like a home security system, the last thing I want is to set it off on myself. I know, I know, in this case it is only a picture. But I really don't want to see what I look like when I'm wandering around my yard at The Shack.

The price of game cameras seem to fluctuate. I purchased mine around $45.  Then we found some at a big box store, on the clearance shelf, for $30!  Yes, we snatched them up.  If you can afford to pay more, you can purchase a model with higher pixels (resulting in better photo quality). But for what I want, this photo quality and price tag suits me just fine.

Our Moultie Game Camera Pictures

My roommate is monitoring an area where he hunts. He's captured deer, a fox, birds, and apparently, occasionally, the blowing wind during a snow storm.  Well... I should say he caught the movement of the trees during a windy storm.  If only we could capture photos of the wind!

deer during a snow storm

I love seeing fox

I only set up my camera at The Shack just last weekend. There is evidence of many large deer there. And we may have seen bear scat last weekend. I'm certainly no bear scat expert but it was a pile of something from a large animal. I am very excited to have a camera set up to record some of my visitors.  

So far, I've captured Willy and the neighbors dog. (Oh boy, I hope the neighbors dog isn't a problem after I move there permanently and add chickens and rabbits to the family! At least I don't have to worry about that for awhile).

I will soon move the camera so it captures the entrance of The Shack. I will know if I have human visitors while I'm away. 

Willy loves being at The Shack

visiting neighbor dog

For More Information - 

In order to help you decide if the Moultrie A-5 Gen 2 Game Camera is for you, be sure to look at the nearly 300 reviews on Amazon, complete with nearly 100 questions that have been answered. It is likely that any of your specs and technical questions will be answered there.  I will leave that information to the experts.
See Amazon listing for more information

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