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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Flowtron Bug Zapper Reviewed

Environmentally Friendly Way To Control Mosquitoes

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In my neck of the woods and I'm sure in yours too, it is insect season. I would like to review a bug zapper for you today that I have used for about 25 years. 

Just recently I discovered that my trusty little bug light had finally zapped its last mosquito. I was disappointed until I thought back to how long it had guarded my yard from those pesky mosquitoes every year. I'm thinking 25 years of service is pretty darned excellent. So, I will be purchasing another one and I do not see any reason to get a different brand since this one worked so well.

I don't know about you but as far as I'm concerned the only good mosquito is a dead one. That is a bit of an unusual statement for me because when it comes to critters I usually am on the side of the little creature and want them to live a healthy life as a part of the eco system. I can't say that for the mosquito, though. I don't see that they do much good at all except for transmitting diseases and uncomfortable bites to our bodies. We already have reports of West Nile Virus in our area this year and I just heard about a young mother who has contacted encephalitis from a recent mosquito bite. So, I don't have any qualms at all about zapping those little blood suckers with a bug light. 

I like that I am not putting harmful chemicals in the ground or the air that my family and I are breathing by using a bug light. It might seem like cruel and unusual punishment to get electrocuted if you are the mosquito but at least it is quick and complete. The other good thing is that the spiders and some birds will feed on the dead bodies of the "skeeters" without getting sick from some toxic substance.

We have always hung our bug zapper in a tree and turn it on about dusk in the evening. It doesn't do much good to have it on in the daylight. As the evening gets dark, the black light attracts those little pests in and zap boom bang those suckers are fried. Hundreds if not thousands meet their doom every night. As heinous as that might make me sound, it is a good thing in my mind!

One year an industrious spider spun a huge web between the tree trunk and the bug light. It was quite clever on her part! As some of the mosquitoes were flying towards the light, they were captured in her web! I couldn't help but think of Charlotte!

So, if you have a mosquito problem (I can't imagine an area that wouldn't); I highly recommend the Flowtron Bug Zapper to help eliminate many of them.  

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