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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A Song of Silence, Steve N. Lee ~ A Book Review

 Everyone who has read some of my book reviews knows that I love historical novels.  I am fascinated with the World War II era, as it has impacted my family as well.

War  is horrendous and of that there is no doubt, but I think we all need reminding that war can turn "normal" humans into savage beasts.  

A Song of Silence is a book that is hard to read and harder to put down.  Steve Lee's characters are all based on true life people that were able to corroborate the "horrors" that were inflicted on so many people all over Europe, during the uprisings in 1938-1939 and beyond!

A Song of Silence is a love story and a story of unbridled heroism and self-giving. 

Mirek Kozlowski is running an orphanage for children who have been displaced by marauding Nazi henchmen.  Mirek takes in all the children that are brought to him.  People in his village know that he will take care of them and give them some much needed "normalcy" in a world gone crazy.  His orphanage houses over 80 youngsters,  Mirek feeds and houses them all and treats each one of them like they were his own son or daughter. There is the classrooms where Mirek insists the children learn to read.  It is what a child between the ages of 6 to 13 should understand, schooling!.  Mirek's hope is to give these children a loving and caring home where they should have no fears.  So many of them have already seen much more than a child should.  

His little town in Poland so far has not been noticed by the Nazi's and he hopes that it will stay that way until the war is over.  But, that will not be the case.  

Mirek knew it was a long shot that they could remain unscathed from the realities that was happening all over Poland.  But he was an optimist at heart. reality tells him to have the children ready for anything!  The worst case scenario would be to taunt the Nazi's with "Polish" sentiments and identity.  He needs to train the children on what to do if that worst case scenario actually happens.  Everyone has been trained on what to do in case of an "unexpected visit" by the Nazi's.

Everything Polish has been put away and all things German now fill the classroom.  It was a sickening sight for Mirek and the children, but needed to be done.  Safety of the children was most important and after all and this was just window dressing.

Ania (Anne Maria) Kisiell comes to work with Baba Hanka (the housekeeper) and meets Mirek for the first time.  Ania and Hanka work to keep the children fed and the house in a reasonable state of order.  Hard to do with so many youngsters.

This is the background of Mirek and Ania's story, the start of a love story that you will not soon forget. But I must confess that I won't tell you anymore now!  This book has to go on your reading list and I know that you will be touched by the self-sacrifice and love that both Mirek and Ania shower down on the children in their care.

I could not put A Song of Silence down and I have read many World War II novels over the years.  This one will be etched on my mind for a long time.  A Song of Silence is one book that you should not miss!

This book gets a ***** (Five) Star rating from me and I don't give those up too easily.  

It is out on May 12 and available to you through, Kindle edition and many national book retailers. Steve N. Lee is a masterful story teller, you will not be disappointed!

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Book Review: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson, artist, lives in a gorgeous home in a desirable part of London with her husband who is a well-known fashion photographer. She has an upcoming art show, she is clearly very in love with her husband, and she appears to have everything. So why does she kill her husband? The Silent Patient is full of twists and turns. I suspected first one person then the next. 

Book cover of The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient is a psychological murder mystery that jumps from one point of view to another and includes Alicia's diary. The story isn't told in a linear timeline. The prologue is an excerpt from Alicia's Diary on July 14th soon before the murder in August. Chapter One begins with recap as though written by a report with the murder having happened six years prior. We learn about their careers, their art, their ages, and the last day of Gabriel's life. We learn the gory details of the murder scene, Alicia's attempt to take her own life and how she fought those trying to save her. We find that Alicia turned mute and remained silent. 

Alicia was discharged from the hospital and was initially under house arrest while waiting for the trial. She painted a self-portrait that she named Alcestis. 

Huge Cast of Characters:

Alcestis. A heroine of Greek mythology. Also, Alicia's self-portrait just after allegedly murdering her husband.

Alicia. A complicated, artistic woman, whose husband worried about her mood and well-being. He convinced her to start a diary. After all, maybe writing would help.

Jean-Felix Martin. The manager of a small SoHo Gallery who exhibited her art; including the Alcestis. Long lines formed outside of this small gallery to see what the murderer had painted. 

Lazarus Diomedes. The clinical director of the Grove, the secure forensic psychiatric unit in North London. Alicia was placed here due to clearly suffering from profound psychological distress as determined by the murder and the continuing refusal or inability to speak.  Diomedes oversaw her treatment at the Grove. Including the high level of sedating medications that both kept her safe for others and barely able to function.

Yuri. Head psychiatric nurse. Appears to do very well with managing the patients.

Christian. The head of Alicia's care team and the current prescriber of her medications. He clearly dislikes Theo from the moment we meet him. 

Theo Faber. Psychotherapist. Theo followed the trial closely and chose to interview at the Grove as a way to get close to Alicia. His goal is to treat her and to get her to talk. But Christian is the head of her care team.

The list of characters goes on and on. Max Berenson. Gabriel's brother and Alicia's attorney. What might he and other members of the Berenson family know? The patients in the unit, what might they know? Who has something to gain from her lengthy stay at the Grove and her silence? Why is the victim's brother also the attorney for the murderer? How do the gallery still show her art?  There are so very many questions.

Alicia has been violent on the unit. Which is why her medications are so high and sedating. It's not a far leap to assume that she committed the murder. But still... there are so many things that aren't right. 

My Thoughts

During each twist and turn, I kept thinking "that's not right". Both in the unit where Alicia is house and out of the unit. With every twist and turn I began to think someone else did it. I never did guess correctly. Did I miss the clues? 

Or... is it a matter of me missing the clues in this mystery? Or, to quote Annie Wilkes in Misery, "He never got out of the cockadoodie car" and the plot doesn't fully line up? It reminds me a bit of how I felt when I watched The Sixth Sense many, many years ago. Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist and the child he's working with says, "I see dead people." I was stunned and thought, Whoa!  How'd we get here?!!!! I feel the same about The Silent Patient.

I can tell you that I've already started reading this a 2nd time to try to find what I missed and why I blamed the wrong people. How I missed seeing how we got to where we ended up. Or... was it a matter of plot problems. I don't know, but I'm reading it again.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides can be found here on Amazon.

Currently, over 300,000 readers have reviewed this book on Amazon with a 4.4. out of 5 star rating. The negative reviews discuss the mental health issues, plot, and timeline issues. The vast majority of reviewers enjoyed this book. I found that the portrayal of the flawed mental health system and what can happen in those settings to be accurate. And the flawed mental health workers... same. I'm still not completely sure what I think of the plot/timeline. I can say that it was intriguing enough that I'm re-reading it already. 

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

The One For Me by Rachel Hanna - Book Review

Many book reviews have been written on the ReviewThisReviews! Site by its many contributors. Us contributors read these book reviews right along with our readers, which quickly lets us know a good book to put on our To-Read List. 

Beach chair on the beach at the ocean

Having recently read the review of Book One in the South Carolina Sunsets series (The Beach House by Rachel Hanna ~ reviewed by contributor Mbg Photo [Mary Beth Granger] ), I became interested in reading the series myself. While looking for this book, I came across Book One in Rachel Hanna’s January Cove series (The One For Me) and now am ‘hooked’ on not only the author, but this series. It is perfect for fans of women’s fiction about clean contemporary small town romance and stories about Southerners. While Hanna’s Sunset Series takes place in South Carolina, this January Cove series takes place in Georgia. Having lived in Georgia for close to 20 years, this setting particularly appeals to me. 

Synopsis of The One For Me

Twenty years ago, when Jenna Davis was in high school, she met and fell in love with Kyle Parker, popular jock & class clown, and just knew that he would be in her heart forever. Kyle felt the same way. They were together throughout high school and into their college years. The problem was that Jenna’s mother, a very forcefully opinionated woman, insisted that her daughter be the best and have the best; meaning top grades in school, a proper profession, and a perfect marriage to someone who was ‘going places’ and would take excellent care of her daughter. Jenna’s mother disapproved of Kyle, who was being raised by a single mother with five children and was struggling to make ends meet. It didn’t matter that Kyle was a good person; Jenna’s mother only saw him as someone not a ‘proper’ fit for her daughter. 

Jenna was dominated by her mother and her father sided with his wife. Thus, she ended up studying a business course in college her mother insisted on, instead of the art courses she wanted (and had talent for), and ended up marrying a young man who was in medical school - highly approved by Jenna’s mother. When she broke up with Kyle, he was devastated, as Jenna was his ‘soul mate’ and he loved her dearly.

Twenty years later, Jenna has returned to a town near January Cove where she grew up. Newly divorced, with a 5-year-old daughter and an ex-husband who has refused to give her alimony or child support, despite the fact that he is now a doctor and can well afford it, Jenna is struggling to keep the house she can no longer afford. When the house goes into foreclosure, a local real estate investor bids on and buys the property. As you might have guessed, that investor turns out to be Kyle. 

Kyle cannot believe his eyes when he discovers the house he has just purchased in foreclosure is owned by Jenna. The romance that was there when they were in their teens has not diminished, but can Kyle forgive her for leaving him or will he fall for her all over again. 

Jenna knows she made a terrible mistake all those years ago. Will hearts break or mend in this sweet beach romance? 


As much as I wanted to read Rachel Hanna’s South Carolina Sunsets Series because Mary Beth’s review spiked my interest, and because I know South Carolina well, now that I have begun this delightful January Cove series, I need to read each of the ten books in this series first. Never fear; the Sunset Series is on my list for the next round of reading! 

*Book Review of The One For Me written by Wednesday Elf

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Saturday, May 11, 2024

The Bad Weather Friend by Dean Koontz - Book Review

We have all known ‘fair weather friends’. But it is not fair weather all the time. What everyone could use is a ‘bad weather friend’ who is there for you in good times and bad! Dean Koontz latest novel, The Bad Weather Friend, deals with that premise. 

Rainy Weather scene

Once again we have a new Koontz novel to enjoy. This one is a little bit on the Science Fiction side and a good amount in the humor area.

Main Characters:

Benny Catspaw - a kind man with a sunny disposition who is enjoying his life.

Harper - a waitress at Benny’s favorite diner who is also a PI-in-Training.

Spike - A Craggle. A Craggle’s main function is to protect those who are too nice for their time and culture. Spike becomes Benny’s Craggle.


Benny’s life was going along smoothly until the day he lost his job, his reputation, his girlfriend, and his favorite chair. One would think that Benny is just being paranoid. But, no! Someone is out to get him. He just doesn’t know who or why. Nevertheless, he soon learns that there is a faction out there who feel compelled to destroy Benny because he is so nice! The nice people in the world do not fit into the way this group wants their world to be! 

Then, a giant crate is delivered to  Benny, from an uncle he never heard of, accompanied by a video message that states All Will Be Well in Time!

Inside the crate is a seven-foot-tall self-described “bad weather friend” named Spike! Spike will take care of it. He’ll find Benny’s enemies. He’ll deal with them. 


Benny and Harper end up joining Spike in seeking out and eliminating this group, or at least making their threats useless. As the story draws to a conclusion, Benny & Harper find they are very compatible as a couple, and Spike, the Craggle, becomes a valued friend for life. 

If you want to know what a ‘Craggle’ is, you’ll have to read the story! A delightful Dean Koontz story his fans will love.

*Book Review of The Bad Weather Friendwritten by Wednesday Elf

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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Book Review-Stiletto to the Pedal


Book Title - Stiletto to the Pedal
Stiletto to the Pedal
Karen Whalen's newest book will be published on May 15, 2024.  It is book 5 of the tow truck series but also works as a stand-alone book.  If you love mysteries, but you are also looking for something light and humorous, these fascinating novels by Ms Whalen are for you.

Brief Summary of Book

In the newest cozy mystery by Karen Whalen, Delaney Morran, has a visit from the IRS collections with an ultimatum to pay up or loose her assets.  Delaney is sure this must be a mistake, but in the time it takes to retrieve her records from her accountant the accountant ends up dead.  

As in the previous mysteries, Delaney is once again involved in finding the killer.  This time in her accountant's murder.  Along the way she has the help of Tanner, another tow truck driver and her ex-boyfriend and her current love Sheriff Ephraim Lopez.  

Delaney is known for her love of shoes and even has a stiletto design on her tow truck.  She inherited the tow truck from her Dad and is doing her best to have a successful career in a business she knew nothing about.

The Tow Truck series of mysteries are light-hearted and fun, but are sure to keep you guessing about the mystery involved.

Reviews from other Books in the Tow Truck Series

Purchase the Books on Amazon

The Tow Truck Series is available on Amazon.  Here is a link to the latest book Stiletto to the Pedal

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Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Blackbird Trilogy by Heather Graham

Blackbird is the new European branch of the Krewe of Hunters.

Blackbird on a tree branch

The Krewe of Hunters is a special FBI division whose teams investigate and solve unusual or strange cases. All the team members have unique paranormal abilities; they can talk to ghosts.

 The ghosts frequently aid the teams in their crime-fighting quests.

Now, a European branch of the 'Krewe' teams has been put together to investigate overseas cases.  This team consists of law enforcement members from the American Krewe teams, and from England, Scotland, Norway and France.  They call themselves "Blackbird" (officially, the Euro Special Assistance Team) created to extend the Krewe's reach into Europe to assist with crimes abroad.

The American FBI team of Mason Carter and Della Hamilton join up with Jon Wilhelm of the National Police Directorate of Norway, Metropolitan Police dectective chief insprector, Edmund Taylor  and Jeanne Lapierre, a longtime Parisian detective, to form the Blackbird Team of International operatives to chase and capture serial killers across Europe. They are joined by Francois Bisset, the Krewe's interpol liaison.

The Blackbird Triology

Whispers at Dust (Volume 1)

The triology begins with a series of crimes perpetrated by an organized serial killer who jumps from country to country. He calls himself The Vampire/The Master and kills beautiful young women, and displays them with care, completely drained of blood. After four bodies have been discovered along Europe's riverbanks, the Blackbird team meets up in Norway and begins their investigation. 

The trail leads the team from the forests of Lillehammer in Norway, on to England, then to the Louisiana bayou country back in America where Della has to act as bait to capture this vampire killer. 

Secrets in the Dark (Volume 2)

In Book 2 of the Blackbird Triology, the capture of The Vampire Killer others call The Master, has not ended the reign of terror. It seems The Master has convinced others to carry on his horrible work. 

Della and Mason return to England and join up with the rest of the Blackbird team to catch a killer stalking the streets of London. This self-dubbed Ripper King has patterned himself after the infamous Jack the Ripper and his intent is to be even better than that notorious serial murderer.

The Ripper King's method of killing is nothing new, but the team is forced to work quickly before another woman ends up dead. The dangerous game of cat and mouse takes an unexpected turn, leading the team into a deadly trap. 

Cursed at Dawn (Volume 3)

FBI agents Della Hamilton and Mason Carter know that real monsters exist. In Cursed at Dawn, Book 3 in the triology, they are still catching their breaths after apprehending two such monster killers.

But, as the old proverb 'no rest for the wicked' indicates that one's work never ceases, the agents discover the madness in this case hasn't ended.  Stephan Dante, the self-proclaimed king of the vampires, has escaped from prison.  

This time the locale is Scotland and the Blackbird team meets up in Edinburgh. Knowing that the clock is ticking regarding this cruel killer. the team needs to outwit and re-capture Dante and stop the carnage once and for all. But, it seems this killer seeks his eternal bride – Della herself. 


Throughout the trilogy, we meet various ghosts who aid the team in many ways. Being able to 'talk to the dead' definitely helps their investigations. Plus, as fans of The Krewe of Hunters series knows, the stories also involve some historical facts about the areas involved in each story, giving us a history lesson along with a mystery to solve.

The series genre is noted to be that of a paranormal mystery romance. The talking to the ghosts is the paranormal aspect. We have the mystery involved with this law enforcement team solving the crimes. And, of course, there is a bit of romance among the team and people they meet as time goes by.  

A little bit of everything for fans of this genre and fans of author Heather Graham. I recommend reading the triology in order, as the best way meet and follow each character. 

*The Blackbird Trilogy by Heather Graham – reviewed by Wednesday Elf

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Review of Cozy Mystery Genre

Bar Harbor Maine
Bar Harbor Maine 
Photo by mbgphoto

 The "Cozy Mystery" Genre for stories has become very popular.  I thought this was a newer genre until I did a bit of research.  Actually, it has been around for a while.  Think about the TV program "Murder She Wrote" with Angela Lansbury and you find the perfect ingredients for a cozy mystery.  Like so many cozy mysteries this program features a woman who finds herself falling into the role of amateur sleuth.  She is an intelligent woman who also has main career.  The program takes place in a small, coastal town, where everyone knows each other.  She also has a good friend in law enforcement.  As I read more cozy mysteries, I find that these features are common to many of the books.

Why I Like Cozy Mysteries

I like cozy mysteries because they are fairly short, they feature a mystery that keeps my interest throughout the entire book, and many times there is a romantic interest in the story.  Often, they take place in places I have visited and really enjoyed.  In the past year I have read cozy mysteries that took place on the coast of South Carolina, in a small Irish village, small Colorado town, and along the coast of Maine.  I find this genre of books to be a wonderful way to relax and I often pick one up after I've been doing heavier reading.  They are great reads for a day at the beach or to bring along on a vacation.  Many cozy mysteries are part of a series of books with the same characters.

Cozy Mystery I am Currently Reading

Currently I am reading a book by Carlene O'Connor.  It is called "Murder in an Irish Churchyard".  It has an amateur sleuth named, Siobh'an who also runs a bistro.   It takes place in a small Irish village where everyone seems to know everyone and is willing to talk about it.  The book begins with a body being found in the local churchyard among the gravestones.  Siobh'an finds the body and the mystery begins.   All of these are common traits of the cozy mystery. Oh, and yes, there is a love interest with one of the local garda's (police).

As the story progresses, we meet a group of American's who are in Ireland researching their ancestors.  Do they have anything to do with the dead body? I will leave you to read the book and solve the mystery.  You can purchase the book on Amazon at the following link.

Review This Writers Review Cozy Mystery Books

Many of the writers for Review This have reviewed cozy mystery  books.  Here are a few that are in the RT archives.

Review This Writers Review Cozy Mystery Movies

Cozy mysteries are also very big in movies.  Here are several that Cynthia reviewed for Review This.
Enjoy a Cozy Mystery!!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Some Danger Involved: An Excellent Victorian Mystery for Sherlock Fans

Aficionados of Sherlock Holmes are sure to love "Some Danger Involved," an award-winning novel by Will Thomas and book one of the author’s popular Barker and Llewelyn mystery series. This story offers a captivating blend of Victorian mystery, intrigue, and varied cultures that undoubtedly will satisfy even the most discerning readers.

Set in late 19th-century London, this novel introduces us to the dynamic duo of Cyrus Barker, an enigmatic private enquiry (the British spelling) agent with many similarities to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famed fictional detective, and his newest assistant, Thomas Llewelyn, a down-on-his-luck former inmate who is eager to learn the many and varied lessons his new employer has to teach him about the ways of the world.

Some Danger Involved by Will Thomas - Barker and Llewelyn Series Book One
Image created with Microsoft Copilot Image Creator

The Barker and Llewelyn Mystery Series

Before getting into book one, "Some Danger Involved," let's look at Will Thomas’s Barker and Llewelyn mystery series that, at the time of this post's publication in 2024, includes 15 books to date.

We are transported back in time to Victorian London, where gas lamps flicker ominously in fog-laden streets and whispers of unsolved crimes linger in the air. Thomas's meticulous attention to historical detail is evident throughout, immersing readers in a world teeming with authenticity and atmosphere. His narrative skillfully evokes the essence of Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved Sherlock Holmes tales while simultaneously forging its own unique path. 

At the heart of these stories lies the enigmatic figure of Cyrus Barker, a man of singular intellect and unorthodox methods. Much like Sherlock Holmes himself, Barker possesses a tremendous intellect and an uncanny ability to unravel the most perplexing of mysteries by employing keen observation and deductive reasoning. Yet, unlike Holmes, Barker's character is imbued with a sense of stoic pragmatism and moral ambiguity that sets him apart, making him a truly compelling protagonist in his own right.  Barker plays his cards close to the vest, revealing information in judiciously measured and carefully timed droplets on a need-to-know basis or to elicit a specific reaction. In the book's prologue, his assistant Thomas Llewelyn describes him thus:

"I find myself at a loss when trying to describe my employer, Cyrus Barker, to someone who has never met him. He is, in turns, wise and stubborn, thoughtful and oblivious, gentle and terrifyingly lethal."

Equally fascinating is the character of Thomas Llewelyn, the young, naive, academically-minded, but gutsy assistant who suddenly is thrust into Barker's wholly unfamiliar world of intrigue and danger. Llewelyn's backstory adds depth to his character, as we gradually learn of his struggles to rebuild his life after a tragic accident left him heartbroken and destitute. His journey from wide-eyed novice to capable investigator is a compelling arc that adds depth and nuance to the narrative, as he grapples with his own demons while navigating the treacherous waters of Victorian society.

"Some Danger Involved" — Barker and Llewelyn Series, Book 1

"Some Danger Involved" is Will Thomas's debut novel published in 2004. The story begins with Llewelyn's job interview and probationary hiring as Barker's assistant. The tale unfolds against the backdrop of a city on edge, as rumors of an attempted pogrom* against London's Jewish population cast a shadow over the bustling streets. Against this volatile backdrop, Barker and Llewelyn find themselves embroiled in a complex case involving the gruesome murder of a young Jewish scholar in an apparent crucifixion. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a web of conspiracy and betrayal that threatens to engulf them both.

One of the most impressive aspects of "Some Danger Involved" is Thomas's ability to weave a complex and multilayered mystery that keeps readers guessing until the very end. The plot unfolds with a steady pace, revealing a web of secrets and lies that ultimately lead to a shocking conclusion. Along the way, readers are treated to a series of cleverly devised twists and turns that will leave them eagerly turning the pages in anticipation of what comes next.

In addition to its engrossing plot and well-drawn characters, "Some Danger Involved" is also notable for its masterful prose and vivid imagery. Thomas's writing is rich and evocative, bringing to life the sights, sounds, and smells of Victorian London in exquisite detail. Whether describing the opulent drawing rooms of the upper class or the seedy alleyways of the criminal underworld, the author's prose is always immersive and atmospheric, transporting readers effortlessly to another time and place.

*A pogrom is an organized mob attack or massacre approved or condoned by authorities against a religious, racial, or national minority, in particular that of Jewish people in Russia or eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Kindle Format Is Popular and Convenient

The Kindle edition offers a convenient option that allows readers to delve into the story at their own pace and carry it with them wherever they go. With the added bonus of access to maps, character profiles, and historical notes, the Kindle edition provides an enhanced reading experience that is sure to delight fans of historical fiction and detective mysteries alike.

The Audiobook Narration Enhances the Story

I also enthusiastically recommend the audiobook version of "Some Danger Involved," expertly narrated by Antony Ferguson. The audiobook captures the essence of the characters and brings the streets of Victorian London to life with vivid clarity. Ferguson's skillful narration adds an extra layer of depth and immersion to the story, making it feel as though Barker and Llewelyn are speaking directly to the listener. He delivers Barker's Scottish brogue convincingly.

In conclusion, "Some Danger Involved" is a triumph of historical mystery fiction that is sure to captivate readers from start to finish. With its richly drawn characters, gripping plot twists, and atmospheric setting, Will Thomas's debut novel heralds the arrival of an exciting new voice in the genre. Whether enjoyed on Kindle or as an audiobook, this thrilling tale is destined to become a favorite among Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts and lovers of Victorian literature alike. So, dear reader, do yourself a favor and embark on this thrilling journey into the heart of Victorian London—you won't be disappointed.

A Great Gift for Any Mystery Lover

Anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery with complex, well-drawn characters and hard-to-guess plots will enjoy "Some Danger Involved." Better yet, if they love it, they can continue with the rest of the popular Barker and Llewelyn murder mystery series, giving them many hours of reading or listening pleasure for a long time to come.

Some Danger Involved: An Excellent Victorian Mystery for Sherlock Fans by Margaret Schindel

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The Lake of Lost Girls ~ A Book Review

 The Lake of Lost Girls is a novel that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat right up until the very end.  

Stella and Rachel are two podcasters who follow up on cold cases involving murder!

book cover
Their followers are also tracking the evidence and speculations run rampant about the "Whodunit?"


Lindsey has been living in the shadow of what ever happened to her sister so many years ago.  All of a sudden out of the blue, the lake, the police and the crime scene tape is being played out yet again.

Body parts have been found by some young boys fishing in Doll's Eye Lake!  Could it be they are the remains of  Jessica (Jessie)?  Will her disappearance finally be solved?  Can Lindsey finally get out from under the cloud of grief and loss?

This story will have you turning pages and not wanting to put this book down for anything including coffee!

Jessica is a college student who comes home for a visit and her little sister is the last person to see her.  It took ten seconds for her to disappear and never be seen again!  How can anyone live with that kind of torment?  Lindsey was only 6 years old when her sister disappeared.  Twenty four years later body parts are coming to the surface.

Now back in the 1990's more than one college girl went missing, so could this be one of those girls or could it really be Jessie?  

Back in the day when these girls first were listed as missing, the police did not have enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime.  They also didn't have any bodies!  No evidence and only a lot of hearsay about some of the professors  and young men on campus!  

What was going on here?  

Well let me tell you, I had to read the book from start to finish in less than four days!  My husband was busy cooking, because I was busy reading!  He's great though and didn't mind.  He's also a great cook, but I digress!

What I'm trying to tell you is that this book, The Lake of Lost Girls, should be on your MUST READ LIST!

It is available for pre-purchase as it is only coming out on November 5th,  of this year.

If you have family or friends that love true crime novels, this one is for you!

I am a member of NetGalley ( and this book was made available to me for my honest review.  The Lake of Lost Girls,  does not leave you disappointed as you will engage with the disturbing and quick downfall of a responsible girl who does not cope well with college life .  The aftermath of her disappearance leaves her younger sister with emotional scars too.  All of this is very understandable and I think in a way relatable.

Bring in a few "shady" characters and you start to see how lost a young person can become when their lives change so quickly.  No one gets out of this mystery without being touched by it in some way!  

~ Mark your calendar for this release date!  November 5, 2024!~

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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