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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Before You Decorate, Learn the Top Color Choices for Fall 2016

Top 10 Fall/Winter 2016 Pantone Colors
in Headband Hair Ties 
It seems ridiculous to decorate for a trend or season doesn't it? Not necessarily.

It can be done without spending a fortune in time or money. As an example, here's how to temporarily make a bedroom change for Halloween.

To be all-up-in-what's-current in your decor with Pantone's fall and winter colors, add pieces that include some of their ten choices into various accessories.

That way you're not doing a complete overhaul but can still show your friends and guests what the current seasonal colors are ... and for Fall 2016, they're calm, appealing, and gorgeous!


You can see the specific color choices here on Pantone's website.

They're beautifully presented and you'll get a real sense of their true color tones. The headband hair ties featured here are the colors listed below, however they're not in order.

When you visit the Pantone website or watch the video featured below you'll see exactly the color name as it relates to the actual color.
1. Riverside Blue
2. Airy Blue
3. Sharkskin (grey family)
4. Aurora Red
5. Warm Taupe
6. Dusty Cedar
7. Lush Meadow
8. Spicy Mustard
9. Potters Clay
10. Bodacious
The Zeitgeist and Color

Upon reviewing Pantone's top color choices for fall 2016, their main theme of consistency, confidence and strength certainly fits the emotional and even uncertain times we currently find ourselves living in.

The emotions exuded by Pantone's color choices reflect the times, however they do so in a way that encourages a sense of calm in a world where division and hardening of positions have taken root. The certainty of Riverside Blue is meant as an example of something you can count on.

Of course that's not by coincidence, as Pantone connects it's color selections to the Zeitgeist, which in simple english means it reflects the mood, emotions and beliefs of society for the current time.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2016

Pantone announces a color of the year every year and puts out the top 10 color choices for both spring and fall. This year was the first time two colors were selected as color of the year; Rose Quartz and Serenity. Of course, the need for calm and steadiness in a divided world is reflected in this choice.

Seven Ways You Can Incorporate any of the Above 10 Fall Colors for 2106 into Your Current Decor:
1. Use slip covers over pillows
2. Add a throw blanket to a room
3. Have your child/children create a piece of art with any one or all of the ten colors then frame and feature it
4. Create a fall center-piece using the lovely fall shades of spicy mustard, aurora red, lush meadow, and warm taupe
5. Put lush green plants throughout your home or add several to one room
6. Incorporate Aurora Red and Lush Green into your holiday home decor
7. Set your Thanksgiving Table with each of these colors in mind; glasses, mugs, plates, napkins, the tablecloth and center-piece
Of course you'll find most of these colors reflected in fashion, however, they also extend to our working and living environments. After all, color selection is based upon society's current 'mood' and that mood makes itself visible in every aspect of our life, from where we live, to where we work, to what we wear.

Here's a video that shows you the fall color choices reflected in clothing. Go ahead and use these as your guideline should you decide on home decor accessories in these shades:

Color is a very personal choice, and in the end, our room and our clothes have to reflect who we are inside. With the mood of society ever changing the one constant we can confidently call upon are the things and colors that make us happy.

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