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A Review of Three My Pillow Products


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Just about everyone in the country has heard of My Pillow.  It is a company that started out making....you guessed it:  pillows!  Since then, the company has branched out into making many other items.  Quilts, mattress pads, blankets, slippers, pet beds and many, many other things.  It seems like no one advertises more than My Pillow.  The owner of the company, Mike Lindell, stars in all his own advertisements and still spends around 72 million dollars a year on advertising, according to NBCnews.com.  Obviously this company is a big success story.

The question is:  

Are My Pillow's products as great as the advertisements claim?

I can't speak for all purchasers, but I have bought three different products from My Pillow, and I can give you my fair assessment of the each, based on my personal experience.  Rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for price, quality and comfort.

Let's begin with the original!

My Pillow Pillow

My husband has a terrible time getting comfortable to sleep.  He has tried many different kinds of pillows:  goose down, memory foam, gel insert, you name it, he has tried it.  We had discussed trying My Pillows a few times but had decided against it because we felt they were too expensive.  Back then, they were like $60, if memory serves, and that was too much for our taste.  I believe it was around Christmas time that they had a big sale and were selling them for $19.99 so we decided to try one.  After shipping it was more like $30.00.

The pillow arrived and my husband tried it and it was an immediate hit!  The very first night he said it was cool and very comfortable.  He has used it ever since, and that  has been a few years at least.  He says it is as comfortable today as it was the first night, years ago.

So the pillow gets a 10 out of 10.  

Good on price (on sale) 

Good on quality (has not worn out after years of use)

Good on comfort (as comfortable today as it was when new)

My Pillow Towel Set

We decided to buy some My Pillow towels about five years ago.  Our towels were getting rather thin, and My Pillow was having a sale.  We got a set of six, two bath, two hand and two wash clothes for $29.99.  We chose medium green to match our bathroom decor.  They arrived in a timely manner and when we pulled them out, we noticed they were pretty thick which we were happy about.  However, they did not seem very soft.  I mean, they were not scratchy, but they were not as soft as I expected.  I decided to wash them and dry them and see if that changed things.  They did come out a bit softer, after washing.  

I will say that the absorbency of the towels lives up to the promises made by Mr. Lindell in his advertisements.  They really soak up the moisture when drying off, especially my hair when I wrap it in the towel after washing.  It seems to wick the water off my hair and it is really drip free and partially dry when I remove the towel.  We were impressed with the absorbency, however in the last five years, the softness or lack there of, has stayed the same.  There is one thing, however, that we found really amazing.  In 5 years of use, our bath towels do not look worn at all or has the color faded at all.  See the picture below.


On the bottom is one of our bath towels, used practically daily for five years.  The top one is a hand towel that has never been used.  It is for decoration only and sits folded up in a basket full of hand towels and wash clothes on our bathroom counter.  I can't tell the difference, can you?

 So the towels gets a 9 out of 10.  

Good on price (on sale) 

Good on quality (does not look worn or faded after five years of use)

Fair on comfort (we wish they were a bit softer)

My Pillow Percale Sheets

We had been wanting to try My Pillow Sheets for a long time, but the price was pretty high, in our opinion, even when they are on sale.  After Christmas this year, (2024) My Pillow had their normal sale on sheets, but with the added bonus of free shipping.  The sheets were still going to be $49.99, even with the sale and free shipping, but my husband said "It's now or never" so we ordered a set.   I tried to order them online, but the website would not give me free shipping, so I had to call them and the order was not easily dealt with even then.

When they arrived, I was shocked at how much the box weighed for only one set of sheets.  They came in a fancy heavy duty plastic case with a zipper, which I thought was pretty much a waste of money since once out, they would never be able to fit in that bag again!  Anyway, we pulled them out and immediately noticed they were not at all soft.  They were very stiff, and not at all inviting for bed sheets.  I told my husband that we probably needed to wash them to soften them up, so we placed them directly in the washer.  We washed them and dried them with two fabric softener sheets.

Unfortunately, they came out even stiffer than they went in, with the added bonus of being so wrinkled it was shocking.  They were a total mess.  We tried stretching them taunt on the bed, but even then they were still wrinkled.  See the picture below for what they looked like.

bed sheetsbed sheets

We were really disappointed.  There was nothing we could do to solve this problem.  I wasn't about to iron sheets, and even if I was willing, the sheets were stiff and awful and not anything I would want to sleep on.  We had no choice but to send them back.  I went to the website to start the return when I saw that they expected me to pay $9.99 to return the sheets.  This was unacceptable to me, so I sent an e mail to customer service asking them to send me the return postage sticker so I could return the sheets and I explained why.  The next day I get an e mail saying that they did not pay for returns, it was up to us to pay the return shipping.  I sent another e mail to them, explaining, that the merchandise was faulty and it was My Pillow's responsibility to pay for return shipping.  I got another e mail the next day saying that the agreement on the website (in other words, the fine print) said that I was responsible for return shipping no matter what the cause of the return was.......BUT!  They were willing to e mail me a return shipping label and take $9.99 off the amount of my refund.

I was stuck.  I knew if I went to UPS that the postage would be even more than $10 because the sheets were so heavy.  So I emailed them back and said to send the shipping label and I hoped that $9.99 was worth losing my business forever.  I was so mad!

So the sheets get a 0 out of 10.  

Price was too expensive

Quality was as bad as it could be

Comfort was nonexistent 

AND customer service was bad when ordering and extremely bad when we had to return the product.


recap of my experiences with My Pillow are perplexing to try to summarize.  Three products with three different assessments; one great, one pretty good and one absolutely dreadful.  The only fair conclusion I can make it that when you buy from My Pillow, you take your chances on what you will be getting.  It may be fabulous, or it may be deplorable.  I do highly recommend their original pillows, but as for the rest, buy at your own risk and know if you need to return it, it will be at your expense.

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  1. What an absolutely fair assessment of each of the products you have tried from My Pillow. I definitely agree with your review of the bed sheets. If rough and scratchy, there is no way they would be comfortable to sleep on. The pillow and the towels look and sound great.

    The poor customer service is also well worth knowing if planning to deal with My Pillow. Thanks for providing your helpful opinion, based on your own experience.

  2. Thank you for your detailed and fair assessment. it certainly sounds like they should have stuck with their original product that they built their success upon.

  3. Like everyone else, I appreciate your fair assessment of the products, but I will share that we also have all of the products, plus the mattress. We LOVE them ALL including what we call our tent sheets. The wrinkles bothered me a lot at first too, but I decided that is not something anyone else sees since we make our bed and the comfort & coolness of the sheets is well worth the wrinkles. We loved them so much that we now use them exclusively and have several sets. For me, I would certainly agree with 10 out of 10 on the pillows, and the 9 out of 10 on the throws only because they are a little heavy for me. However, the sheets I would give a 9 out of 10 because of the wrinkles, but girl! go back and sleep in those sheets! They are soooo cool and comfortable. Yes, I will take those wrinkles for the comfort and durability :) Oh, and if they ever offer the flannel pjs for women again, I also highly recommend them.

    1. Oh, I neglected to comment on the return shipping policy. We all need to read the return policies everywhere before we buy (regardless of the size of print). We just had to pay return shipping for a pair of boots that were full price, but had serious manufacturing flaws (one boot was wider than the other) That policy is becoming more common than you might expect. The boots were a purchase from a seller on Amazon.

    2. I probably would have gone the same route you did on the sheets, had they been comfortable, however, they were stiff and not at all comfortable. We put them on the bed and tried them. They were not at all soft or cool. Did you buy the percale sheets or one of their other kinds?

      I find it strange that anyone on Amazon would charge you for a refund for a manufacturer's defect. That is unheard of in my experience, since the problem is 100% their fault. I have ordered shoes from Amazon and returned them, simply for not being comfortable and they have always paid for return shipping, but I do have Prime, maybe that is why. I have given up buying shoes on Amazon, they never fit!

    3. I went back to my actual order receipt to grab the infor, Tracey. We got the King Percale Sheet Set - 74531-01. I wash them in hot water (didn't check the washing info because I always wash sheets on hot water) and dry them on high heat. Maybe that makes a difference (?) I am sorry you did not like yours as much as we like ours. It truly may just be a difference in preferences. I did not buy any for my parents because I knew the wrinkles would drive my mom crazy :)

      As for the boots returned to the seller on Amazon. I am definitely a Prime member and they did charge us for the return (deducted it from the refund). Apparently, sellers on Amazon are allowed to make their own return terms. Like you, I was shocked. Never had that happen before, but lesson learned. I will check each seller on Amazon from now on before I buy for sure! Or, I will simply only buy sold by Amazon, shipped by Amazon

  4. Thank you for your evenhanded review of these products. A return policy that requires the customer to pay for return shipping even when returning a defective product is absolutely unacceptable to me, too. To me, requiring customers to pay for the company’s poor workmanship or quality control is dishonest and shows an obvious lack of commitment to customer satisfaction.

    1. I agree completely. I was very disappointed in Mike Lindell and My Pillow. I expected more from them.

  5. We have had the pillows for several years now. We aslo bought them when there was a sale. I absolutely love the pillows, and I have washed them many times and they come out like new every time. We almost bought the sheets but found others on sale. Thanks for your honest review. I agree the customer service is unexceptable.

  6. I will have to give these pillows a try. None of the ones I have are comfortable and I don't sleep well to begin with, so any help in that would be wonderful. I hate to hear that their customer service is less than exemplary though. Thanks for the heads up!


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