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Top 5 Valentine's Day Hallmark Movies Reviewed

Hallmark and Valentine's Day do seem like a well matched pair! While romance and comedy remains the theme of Hallmark movies and of course a fan cannot forget the  the catch phrase "It's complicated" and a mug of the requisite hot cocoa in movies all year long (Hallmark fans do have a sense of humor too!)

Valentine's Day does bring an extra dose of romance, chocolate and love is in the air at Hallmark. While Hallmark premiers movies all year there are always a few movies each season that stand out as perennial favorites. This year and in no specific order are older Hallmark movies which will be sprinkled throughout the Valentines' Day season of movies. The top 5 Valentine's Day Hallmark movies are ...

valentines day hallmark movies

Love, Romance, Chocolate with Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp

Cannot have Valentine's Day without a little or in this movie alot of chocolate! European villages, royalty and the annual chocolate competition and chocolatiers fill the small screen as the chemistry develops between village visiting Chabert and Village chocolatier Kemp.

Very Very Valentine with Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathieson

This is a charming movie with believable chemistry as the characters are best friends - or are they?
Flower shop owner plus the best friend who pines for the flower shop owner, masquerade ball and flower contest keep the backstory interesting as the flower shop owner McKellar preps for Valentine's Day.

My Secret Valentine with Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker

The future of the family winery is at stake with Chabert trying to save the families legacy. Walker portrays a smooth sales representative in hopes of convincing the family to sell and so the clash between the characters begin. The chalkboard enters as the third character (wink) as the board becomes the conversation link. The chemistry between the actors make this rom com a must see in the Valentine's Day rotation.

And of course it is always Christmas at Hallmark! Enjoy the 2023 Christmas movie reviews here in case you missed any during the holidays.

Vineyard Series with Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny

The Vineyard series is a threefer with three movies in the popular series: Autumn In The Vineyard, Summer In The Vineyard and Valentine In The Vineyard. The movies center around two feuding families in gorgeous wine country and the inevitable sparks between the younger generations of Cook and Penny. As the movies progress so does the relationship between the characters and their trials and tribulations with fulfilling their vineyard dreams. The third installation is the Valentine In The Vineyard - no spoiler alert - the relationship between the characters builds with each movie and Valentine's Day does make an appearance.

The series is based on the St. Helena Vineyard books and filmed in gorgeous British Columbia.

 Cooking With Love with Ali Liebert and Brett Dalton

TV producer meets temperamental and uncooperative chef as he lands ever so temperamentally in her cooking show which needs a fill in chef. Fill in chef is not happy and the back and forth begins. Cute and funny rom com filled with Kimberly Sustad is a strong second female lead and adds favorably to the mix. Liebert also starred in the A Gift To Remember and its' sequel which are Hallmark fan favorite films to watch and re watch.

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  1. Oh thank you Tracey, I was looking for something to binge watch on Valentine's Day and you have just filled my list with your post. I can't thank you enough! Bring on the love!

  2. I was just thinking this morning how I really need a day off! A day of Hallmark Valentine movies and a cup of hot chocolate is the break I am seeking. I have seen a few of these movies, but I think I will watch them again!

  3. Always fun to watch Hallmark movies and the romance is always perfect for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the list and reminder, Tracey.

  4. As you say, Valentine’s Day and Hallmark romantic movies go hand in hand! Thanks for your top five picks.

  5. Sometimes these are the only movies I want to watch; light, fun, and positive - We can always count on Hallmark for that!


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