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Reviewing What Makes a Great Bowl Cozy

Over the years I've often had a Bowl Cozy in my kitchen. Some I've loved and some were so annoying that they simply weren't used. Bowl Cozies are similar to a hot pad and are used to help you safely handle your bowl of soup, chili, or other hot items. They are quilted pieces of fabric and feel as though they have at least three layers - similar to a hot pad or a quilt. Whether you've ladled your meal from the pot on the stove or are removing your re-heated leftovers from the microwave, you know that those bowls can become uncomfortably hot to the touch. Sometimes, dangerously too hot to handle.

Hot bowl of food and a colorful printed cloth Bowl Cozy

As autumn erases the last chance of warm summer weather, I knew it wouldn't be much longer until I wouldn't be eating meals on deck. So I grabbed my new Bowl Cozy from LoudBrightandHappy, scooped up some steaming hot Impossibly Easy Beef Pot Pie and headed out to the deck.  I am so pleased with my new Bowl Cozy set that I decided to tell you about them.

While I use my Bowl Cozy for hot dishes, my friend has also used his favorite bowl cozy for his daily serving of ice cream. He loves ice cream but does not like to feel the cold bowl. So he keeps his hands warm with the bowl cozy. And I never thought to ask, but I wonder if the bowl cozy also slows the melting of the ice cream since the cozies add some insulation to the bowl. 

My new set of Bowl Cozies came from a shop on Etsy called LoudBrightandHappy. While you can find a Bowl Cozy at many places online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and at craft festivals there are many different versions and I'm just not happy with some of them.

I do not want a Bowl Cozy that is too flat. If it is, I might as well use a regular, square hot pad. I want my Bowl Cozy to hug the bowl.  I want my Bowl Cozy to wrap around my bowl - whether my bowl is a small bowl that comes with most tableware or one of my larger ceramic or polish pottery bowls (think larger spaghetti or salad bowl). However, I don't want my Bowl Cozy to be so large that it flops over into the bowl. And speaking of flopping, I want my Bowl Cozy to have some structure to it: I like when a Bowl Cozy is able to stand on it's own. You'll see that my new Bowl Cozy is made in such a way that the corners automatically tip out and away from my food. 

All of those boxes are checked with my new Bowl Cozies from LoudBrightandHappy Etsy store.

  • well-made with evenly stitched/quilting lines
  • a variety of beautiful colors and patterns to choose from
  • large enough to cover my larger bowls
  • Structured and solid; does not flop down into my bowl

And best of all, excellent customer service. I ordered hand-made Bowl Cozies that were already created. They arrived quickly and with a receipt that included the photo of the item I ordered. 

I couldn't be more thrilled with my new Bowl Cozies. If you've never heard of a Bowl Cozy, you may want to see what they are all about. If you already know and love them, I highly recommend the Bowl Cozy Selection at LoudBrightandHappy

colorful fabric prints
photo taken from above - looking down into the "bowl"

If you prefer shopping on Amazon as opposed to Etsy, you can see some Bowl Cozies here. I have not purchased any from Amazon so you'll have to check the reviews there.

PS. With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fast approaching, I want to add that a Bowl Cozy makes a GREAT gift. The variety of patterns can make a Bowl Cozy a more personal gift. 

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  1. I've seen bowl cozies before at craft fairs. Happy to hear they work so well. I can see the bowl cozy you are using works great on a cool morning eating on your deck in cooler Fall weather. And I never even thought about how handy a bowl cozy would be for a bowl of ice cream. Very versitile.

  2. I hadn’t headed off bowl cozies before reading your review. What a great idea! And how nice to find a small business owner who makes well crafted ones in a wide variety of fabric patterns.

  3. The bowl cozy on your bowl certainly makes for a lovely picture! I have never heard of a bowl cozy, but I have often wrapped a towel around a bowl that was too hot to handle. A bowl cozy is a wonderful idea and creation! I see a few in my near future. Going now to add them to my wishlist. Christmas is not very far away :)

  4. I've seen bowl cozies at craft shows but didn't realize you could also buy them on Amazon. How cool!!

  5. Dawn, I've never really heard of these? What a fantastic idea - makes a lovely stocking stuffer as well, or even a hostess gift - I love the pretty designs as well (lots to choose from)


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