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Halloween Outdoor Decorations

A Tour of Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween Decor
When did Halloween Decorations get so Elaborate?

I remember when Halloween decorations consisted of a pumpkin that we carved into a Jack-O-Lantern and sat on our front porch. But then that was a simpler time.

In our neighborhood Halloween outdoor decorations have become as elaborate as Christmas decorating. The cute Jack-O-Lanterns have been joined by spiders, webs, grave yards, and a wide array of ghoulish characters. I'm not sure when this tradition started, but it seems to get more elaborate each year.
I decided it would be fun to take a tour of our neighborhood and photograph the various Halloween decorations.

I hope your enjoy this look into Halloween in our neighborhood in O'Fallon, Missouri!

photographs by Mary Beth Granger

Skull Heads - Halloween Lights

Skull Heads Decor for Halloween

This new addition is a neighbor's yard that has their sidewalk lined in skull heads. They light up in the dark making an eerie walkway. I have found there are lots of different skull head Halloween decorations on the market. 

Giant Spiders add to this Halloween Look

giant spiders on a house Halloween decor

These spiders give this house an eerie feeling.  Perfect for that Halloween affect.


Scarecrow with Jack O Lantern Head

Scarecrow photo by mbgphoto

Here is another decorated yard. They have stuck with the more traditional jack-o-lantern, ghost, and scarecrow theme.

A Traditional Witch sits on this Doorstep - spider webs created eerie decor

Halloween witch photo by mbgphoto

Scarecrow gives a Traditional Halloween Look

scarecrow by mbgphoto

Witch climbs up Front Porch

Halloween climbing witch photo by mbgphoto

Giant Bat on Balcony - wonderful Halloween effect

Halloween bat photo by mbgphoto

Do you like to decorate for Halloween?

What do you think? Is Halloween decorating for you or do you prefer to leave the decorating for the Christmas holidays? Perhaps you don't like outdoor decorating at anytime. Let us know what you think.

Halloween Skeleton Flamingos - unique Halloween yard decor

I love these Halloween Flamingos. They would make a really unique yard decoration.

flamingos Click here for a Link to Amazon Skeleton Flamingos

Ghost Trees are a Common Sight

Halloween graveyard decor photo by mbgphoto

Graveyard Theme is Popular - RIP Halloween Theme

Halloween Graveyard photo by mbgphoto

Halloween Decor for the Graveyard Effect
These hands reaching up out of the ground would be a nice addition to the graveyard effect.

Graveyard and Ghosts

Halloween graveyard and ghosts decor

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  1. I really love looking at all of the photos of homes decorated for Halloween. There are just so many ideas and awesome Halloween decorations. I really love the idea of the graveyard decorations and the black skeleton flamingos. My mother needs those flamingos for her yard! She could temporarily replace her pink flamingos with the back skeleton flamingos. I love it!

  2. I live in an apartment complex, which means only small common yard areas, yet even here people have put up outdoor decorations and the office is running a contest for 'Best Halloween Yard Decorations'. Outdoor decorations for Halloween have become very popular! Love your photos of the decorations in your neighborhood.

  3. It's fun to drive around and see Halloween decorations. I'll admit, I leave the decorating to others but I do enjoy seeing how creative people are.

  4. It's fun to drive around and see Halloween decorations. I'll admit, I leave the decorating to others but I do enjoy seeing how creative people are.

  5. I love Halloween, but am lazy so I don't decorate for it. But I love seeing others' decorations. Great photos.

  6. What fun photos of Halloween decorations! Our son and wife live on a street in Louisville that goes all out with the Halloween decorating! It is so much fun to walk down the street and see all the creativity. No two houses have the same theme, it has become something we look forward to doing every year!

  7. I've seen many of those kinds of decorations in my neighborhood this year, as well. I tried to vote in your poll, but nothing happened.


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