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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Halloween Advent Calendar Reviewed

Countdown to Halloween

House Ready for Halloween
image courtesy of

Until recently, I didn't realize there was such a thing as a Halloween Advent Calendar. Did you? I mean, I know about Advent Calendars for Christmas but counting down for All Hallow's Eve is a new one for me.

The one that I stumbled upon is different than the ones we use for Christmas in that there are no little gifts to be found during the countdown. This one just displays how many days until the ghouls, ghosts, goblins and zombies run around asking for treats. You turn the wheel each day to display the number. Now, the nice thing about that is you are not limited to starting the countdown on October 1st. It is possible to begin the counting as early as 99 days before Halloween. That is, if you want to.

Movable wheels

As the wheel to change the numbers is turned scenes on the haunted house change, too. Windows open to show different monsters lurking inside. The moon can be changed to show a variety of flying scenes. There are three movable wheels to play with and a pull strip in the center to move around. It is made on sturdy cardstock so it should last for many years. 

Where to display the Halloween Advent Calendar

It comes with two tombstone feet to allow displaying on a desk, table or shelf. You can get as creative as you want, though. Use some magnets and put it on the refrigerator. Hang it on a wall in any room. If you have a small easel, place it on that and display anywhere you like. It is quite versatile. Measuring only 8 inches by 10 inches, it isn't going to take up a whole lot of space no matter where you decide to display it. 

How about it? Does a decoration that also helps you count down the days to Halloween sound like fun to you?

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reviewing Orange and Black for Halloween and How it Affects Feng Shui

A Good Choice for Halloween & Beyond 
A Water Feature (Via Amazon)
Surround it with Pumpkins

Are you worried that adding more orange and black than usual will upset the Feng Shui you've worked hard to create in your home?

If so, don't worry, it's all good.

What matters is a healthy balance of the five basic elements of Feng Shui.

These five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. 

For the purpose of this article, we'll just cover the colors Black and Orange and how you can easily integrate Halloween Decor into your home without the worry of affecting your home's 'balance' (Chi) - meaning, it's good energy.

Orange (A Fire Element Color) - The Social Color

Orange is the color of social activity and conversation. In fact orange is an excellent paint color choice for the kitchen for that very reason.

Kitchens are typically the gathering place for people to converse, so adding orange to your kitchen simply aids in encouraging communication. You can do this by adding items with Halloween or Fall Colors to the space; center pieces, window stickers, and pumpkins.
Bagua Map Created by

However, orange pumpkins usually end up in our foyer or front step. That's a good thing; as you can see by the Feng Shui Bagua Map attached, the Foyer or front entrance area is usually the center part of our home, where we focus on bringing in good fortune.

Adding earth elements such as pumpkins to the hallway or entrance area will merely enhance the balance needed to encourage a little more good fortune.

Black (A Water Element Color) - The Flow of Chi (Good Energy) in Your Home/Life

Black is a huge part of Halloween Decor and like orange, tends to be focused in the Foyer, Front Yard or Entrance Way.

With Black being a Water Element, it represents the flow of energy up and into your home. However, during the Halloween Season we tend to put out some funky freaky items and that's ok too - these items are temporary and relate to fun, so enjoy the night!

However, if you want to keep some standard Feng Shui rules in place even with your Halloween Decor, add black colored elements that are 'flowing'.

A good choice is a rug for the front step that has a wavy element to it, or is round. You could add a round Halloween Rug with Black and Orange in it.

Other items you can add to your front door area are; A black framed mirror (works for Halloween), black metal pots (fill them with Halloween Decor - like a witches brew, straw, a Halloween head prop, yikes! or just a simple fall plant).

An actual water feature in your front yard or entry way is the ideal water element. Decorate it for Halloween, then remove the Halloween Decor from the water feature, and you'll have a basic Feng Shui piece all year 'round to aid in encouraging abundance and success into your life.

So remember the basics: Your front door and entry way are where the flow of Chi enters your home and Water Elements and dark colors such as black can work well.

Conversation, good energy and social connection is brought out with Orange, so place it in your home where you want this part of your life improved - and that certainly is the Front Door when those little Trick or Treaters show up for their candy.

Trick or Treat!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Outdoor Decorations

A Tour of Outdoor Halloween Decorations

When did Halloween Decorations get so Elaborate?

I remember when Halloween decorations consisted of a pumpkin that we carved into a Jack-O-Lantern and sat on our front porch. But then that was a simpler time.

In our neighborhood Halloween outdoor decorations have become as elaborate as Christmas decorating. The cute Jack-O-Lanterns have been joined by spiders, webs, grave yards, and a wide array of ghoulish characters. I'm not sure when this tradition started, but it seems to get more elaborate each year.
I decided it would be fun to take a tour of our neighborhood and photograph the various Halloween decorations.
I hope your enjoy this look into Halloween in our neighborhood in O'Fallon, Missouri!

photographs by Mary Beth Granger

Skull Heads - Halloween Lights

This new addition is a neighbor's yard that has their sidewalk lined in skull heads. They light up in the dark making an eerie walkway. I have found there are lots of different skull head Halloween decorations on the market. 

Giant Spiders add to this Halloween Look

These spiders give this house an eerie feeling.  Perfect for that Halloween affect.
These spiders give this house an eerie feeling. Perfect for that Halloween affect.

Scarecrow with Jack O Lantern Head

Here is another decorated yard. They have stuck with the more traditional jack-o-lantern, ghost, and scarecrow theme.

A Traditional Witch sits on this Doorstep - spider webs created eerie decor

Scarecrow gives a Traditional Halloween Look

Scarecrow gives a Traditional Halloween Look
Scarecrow gives a Traditional Halloween Look

Witch climbs up Front Porch

Giant Bat on Balcony - wonderful Halloween effect

Do you like to decorate for Halloween?

What do you think? Is Halloween decorating for you or do you prefer to leave the decorating for the Christmas holidays? Perhaps you don't like outdoor decorating at anytime. Let us know what you think.

Halloween Skeleton Flamingos - unique Halloween yard decor

I love these Halloween Flamingos. They would make a really unique yard decoration.

Ghost Trees are a Common Sight

Ghost Trees are a Common Sight
Ghost Trees are a Common Sight

Graveyard Theme is Popular - RIP Halloween Theme

Halloween Decor for the Graveyard Effect

These hands reaching up out of the ground would be a nice addition to the graveyard effect.

Graveyard and Ghosts

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Halloween Outdoor Decorations

I love walking around our neighborhood looking at all of the Halloween outdoor decorations.  They range from beautiful autumn pumpkin and flower displays to the haunted house downright eerie decorations.  Of course, I love them all!

Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate.  It thrills me to see my neighbors and friends enjoying the occasion.  It isn't even October yet and already my neighbors have started decorating.  Right now, they seem to be limiting their decorations to the autumn harvest displays, but I know very soon I will start seeing the witches and goblins come out.

Join Us for A Virtual Tour of a Neighborhood Decorated for Halloween

A Tour of Outdoor Halloween Decorations by Mbgphoto
I have noticed that I am not the only Review This contributor who loves touring the neighborhood and looking at all of the decorations.  Mary Beth shared her own Tour of Outdoor Halloween Decorations with us through her beautiful photography.  I know you will all enjoy talking that virtual tour of Mary Beth's neighborhood.

Decorate Your Own Yard for Halloween

We don't just stop at looking at others decorations, we decorate our own front yard!   We set up our inflatable outdoor decorations first.  After our inflatable ghosts and pumpkins are in place, we add Halloween lights to our bushes.

Several of our neighbors decorate with ghosts, witches and cauldrons.  Looking down our street, the combination of different themes really makes for a wonderful collection of "haunted homes".  I truly believe it adds fun for the children as they trick or treat, but it also gives the adults a way to enjoy their walks as well.

Share Your Halloween Decorations With Us Here on Review This!

I've given you a look at some of my favorite Halloween outdoor decorations and I would love to hear about your favorites.  Even better, I would love to see them!

If you have published an article online featuring your Halloween outdoor decorations, I welcome you to join the fun here by adding your articles link in our guestbook below for all of us to sit back and enjoy your review. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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