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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reviewing Carpet Stain and Soil Remover

Best Product I Have Found

If you are looking for a good product to help you remove carpet stains and soil from your home or office, I want to tell you about the product that I use. I have found the R2X Carpet Stain & Soil Remover by Shaw to be the best on the market. I have used it for several years in my own home when I find a stain or soiled area on my carpets. 

Oil stain
Let's face it, no one wants to see a stain like this on their carpet or any stain for that matter. When my children were small, it seemed that we were constantly having some kind of accident that caused a spill of some sort on the carpet. Now to be fair, it wasn't always the kids who made a mess; the adults (me included) often tipped something over or dropped something that wasn't easily wiped up. 

Back then, I did not have a lot of options available to get some of the stains removed. Sure, I could call a company to come and clean the carpets but that was not only expensive but a royal pain in the hind end to have done. You had to clear out the entire room and then not use the room until the carpets were dry. Sometimes that might take a day or two. Who has a room that they don't need to use for a couple of days? 

The option of renting a carpet cleaner from the local hardware store or grocery store became available but that could be a real bother, too. Sure, you did not necessarily have to clear out the entire room like you did when using a service but you were limited to how much time you had the machine and you had to pick it up and take it back. Although, it was less expensive than using a specific company; it wasn't exactly cheap, either. 

An over the counter solution

Even though the kids are grown and on their own, we still get an occasional stain on the carpets. It might be from the grandchildren having spilled something or one of our pets tracking something in from outdoors. I no longer have to stress over getting the stain out since I found:

I have to tell you, I absolutely love this stuff! It works like a dream! Just spray it on the stained area and wait 1 to 5 minutes, then with a dry cloth begin to blot the area until it is cleaned. Most of the time it just takes a little bit of blotting and the stain is gone. A stubborn stain that has been around for a while might take longer or maybe even a second application but I haven't found the need to use it more than the first time. There is no need to rinse after you have blotted it dry, either.

It works on things like fruit juice, oil, ketchup, wine, coffee and salsa. Once my dog tracked in some nasty dark mud and left his paw prints on the carpet, the R2X took it right off with no problem.

This product will also work on clothing, furniture and car upholstery, too. As long as the fabric is water-safe you can safely use the stain or soil remover. It even works on wool! I have used it on the seats in my car when my grandchild spilled her drink all over herself, the car seat she was in and the back seat of my car. It was marvelous!

As I said, before, I just love this product! I use it often when something gets spilled, dropped or tracked into the house. I use it on my car seats and even on my wool winter coat if I happen to drip something on it. It is so easy to use and is much less expensive than using a steam cleaner for the carpets.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Cheap and Easy Ink Stain Removal

Rubbing Alcohol
Warmer weather has arrived and as I resume wearing khaki colored slacks to work, I am reminded of the best ink stain remover. Before you spend a fistful of dollars on special stain removal formulas and chemicals, I hope you'll take a peek at my ink stain removal review.

The Skepticism

Time and time again I tell people about the easy way I remove ink stains and time and time again, they go out and purchase the pre-treats-this and the oxy-cleaner-thats.  And report back that they still have a ruined piece of clothing from an ink stain.

I am sure that the items found in the cleaning section of the grocery store are good for removing a variety of stains. But, I have had amazingly good results with a simple bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing Alcohol Removes Ink Stains

I rely on rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains. Because I wear khaki colored slacks to work during warm weather, and because I am clearly an extremely clumsy person, I have to remove self-inflicted ink stains on a regular basis.  It is cheap, easy, and best of all - reliable.

While I've used this technique on a large variety of clothing items and materials, I am going to discuss my slacks - since my slacks are most often the ink victim.

These are the steps I take:

  • lay the slacks flat, with the ink stain up.
  • place a dry, white wash cloth under the stain (and over the next layer of slacks in order to protect the unstained section)
  • pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on the stain
  • press (or blot) with another dry white, washcloth
  • add more rubbing alcohol and continue pressing until the stain is gone
  • launder slacks as usual
For visual proof, here is a video of a woman treating an ink stain on her sofa cushion

The only differences are
  • obviously, it didn't matter that she could not place a washcloth underneath. If the stain ran, it would only stain the cushion stuffing which is unseen
  • she rubs, I blot.  I blot because on finer materials, you can damage the material from the rubbing motion
One additional note.  The experts advise that stains should be treated prior to washing and drying the item, as the drying process sets the stain.  I agree.  However, I have had success at removing ink stains from my khaki pants after they've been washed and dried.  I try to always remember to remove stains before laundering, but even if you don't catch an ink stain prior to going through the laundry, you might want to still give the rubbing alcohol a try. 

I have saved much money by rescuing clothing from ink stains. A bottle of rubbing alcohol is far less expensive than replacing an article of clothing. I hope this tip is helpful to you too.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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