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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reviewing Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Smoothie Bowl Recipes
Taken by Louanne Cox
Here at Review This it seems that a few of us enjoy our smoothies.  I have been having a smoothie nearly every morning since I first did a 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond plan*.

I do like to take my smoothie up a notch some days though (especially on the weekend) with a smoothie bowl.   My very first smoothie bowl was essentially just a chocolate one topped with hazelnuts and it was like having a delicious chocolate treat ... that was healthy - how much better does life get?

What is a Smoothie Bowl?

Essentially a smoothie bowl is a thick smoothie served in a bowl with different toppings and it is delicious.  You can have a myriad of different flavors and there's really no rules as to what you can pop on top - I have seen some amazing looking ones on instagram.

Smoothie Bowl Recipes

The smoothie bowl that I have the most for breakfast is a chocolate cherry one.

200 ml water
2 scoops vegan chocolate protein powder (I use the Arbonne one as it's the only one I really like the taste of)
1 scoop greens balance (this powder contains fruit and veg goodness and gives me energy during the day)
1 scoop daily fibre
1 tsp cacao powder
8 frozen cherries
1/2 avocado

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl
I blend all of this together and the combination of the avocado and 50ml less water than I use for my 'normal smoothie' makes this into a lovely thickness.

I serve it into a bowl and then add toppings.  Sometimes I add fresh raspberries and chopped nuts, sometimes I sprinkle coconut on it as I love cherries with coconut.

We couldn't get frozen cherries for a couple of weeks so I would use frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries or a combination of the two and this was also delicious.

I sometimes don't feel like chocolate, but I've never been sure what avocado would taste like in a vanilla smoothie.  As I was looking through my instagram feed I came across a recipe that used zucchini in a smoothie so I reached out to the person and asked about it.

This next smoothie bowl was delicious ..

200 ml water
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (the Arbonne one of course!)
1 tsp acai powder
6 x frozen strawberries
6 x frozen blackberries
1/2 zucchini

Berry Smoothie Bowl
I blended this up and it made a vibrant delicious looking smoothie (that tasted delicious too by the way).  I topped it with chopped mixed nuts and some fresh raspberries.

Now the zucchini added a thickness and creaminess to the smoothie, but you couldn't really taste it which was good.  I wanted it a little thicker the second time I made it so I added a whole zucchini - big mistake!   Zucchini has a high water content so if you want it thicker than this one reduce the water to 150 ml do not increase the amount of zucchini!

On Mother's Day my daughter took me out to breakfast where I had a smoothie bowl that was out of this world.

Decorated with not just fruit, seeds and coconut, but flowers too!

I don't have their recipe, but I really need to up my game as you can see here -

vegan healthy smoothie bowl recipes
The Ultimate Smoothie Bowl!

Check out some of our other smoothie reviews -

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe ReviewedTropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Reviewed
The tropical fruit smoothies taste really good and they are very easy to make. Simply gather your favorite tropical fruits and the blender and you have a quick and healthy snack for breakfast, lunch or after dinner!

Reviewing Chocolate SmoothiesReviewing Chocolate Smoothies
Enjoying your chocolate is easy when you make it into a smoothie. Yes, I have gotten into smoothies lately. And since I can't not have chocolate as part of my day, a chocolate smoothie sounded great.

Healthy and Delicious SmoothiesHealthy and Delicious Smoothies
Some time ago I began trying to eat healthier foods and cut things from my diet such as soda. One of the things I've enjoyed are green smoothies.

*By the way if you're interested in finding out more about my 30 days to healthy living and beyond plan please message me via my facebook business page or instagram. Personally I have lots more energy, my hormones are balanced, the inflammation from my rheumatoid arthritis is non existent and I've lost 13.4kg over the past 6 months.

Back to smoothie bowls - have you ever made your own smoothie bowl and what was your favorite flavor combination?

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Reviewed

Easy Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Reviewed
My son recently started requesting Smoothies again for breakfast, which caused me to pull out some of my old recipes. I thought you, too, might like to try this easy Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe for a healthy snack anytime you want one! 

The tropical fruit smoothies taste really good and they are very easy to make. Simply gather your favorite tropical fruits and the blender and you have a quick and healthy snack for breakfast, lunch or after dinner! 

Personally, I always enjoy discovering new ideas and delicious treats. These fruit drinks really are a lot more healthy than most desserts and are certainly more enjoyable than taking vitamin supplements. 

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Preparation Time

Prep Time Ready In Yields
                      5 min.                        5 min.                                  2 servings


Ingredients for My Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 mango peeled and seeded
  • 1 papaya peeled and seeded
  • 1/2 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1/3 cup orange juice
  • 5 cubes ice


Tropical Fruit Smoothie are so simple to make. All you have to do to have a quick healthy snack is mix the following ingredients into a blender and mix it together.   

Step 1: Place the mango, papaya, strawberries, orange juice, and ice cubes in an electric blender 
Step 2: Process until the ingredients are smooth 

I have started cutting up my seasonal fruit and freezing it in freezer bags for convenience.  The frozen fruit is actually even better than fresh fruit in smoothies, but the fruit is delicious either way.

Reviewed & Recommended Smoothie Blender

Nutri Bullet Review
Read Dawn's Review by Clicking this Photo
I previously used a blender for making smoothies. However, in June of 2016, Dawn Rae reviewed the Nutribullet here on Review This and I was so impressed with her review, that I replaced my blender with a Nutribullet immediately.  That was definitely the right decision!  

The Nutribullet works faster and chops the fruit into much smaller pieces which makes a smoother smoothie.  The Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 Blender/Mixer (15 Piece Set) that we purchased also comes with a smoothie recipe book that has some great recipes in it.  We have enjoyed several of them.

The Nutribullet made such a favorable impression on our household, that we gave our daughter and her husband one as a gift when they moved into their new home last fall.

Read More About the Nutribullet on Dawn's Review:  Nutribullet: Why I Waited Too Long!

More Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Pawpaw Fruit Smoothie Pawpaw Fruit Smoothie
PawPaws are not a fruit from my own area so when I discovered this recipe by Dawn Rae, I was quite intrigued. I still have not had an opportunity to try it, but I really look forward to it. In my case, I simply have to find a pawpaw supplier.

Bumbleberry Pomegranate SmoothiesBumbleberry Pomegranate Smoothies offers this recipe that is a fabulous mix of berries, honey and pomegranate juice. This would truly be a delightful summer treat.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Reviewed by:
House of Sylvestermouse

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


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