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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

What's Bugging You in August? A Product Review

August is the month that many people look forward to!  Why?  Well, it's the month that lots of fresh produce becomes available right across the country!

Every year my sweetie and I look forward to those open air "Farmer's Markets".  We love to let our farmer friends know how much we appreciate their work and the produce that is available is so fresh!  You know it was just picked! 
Image by Innviertlerin from Pixabay

Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peaches, cherries, and all manner of produce is there for your enjoyment.

The only problem that we have ever had with all this fresh produce around is those nasty Fruit Flies!  They seem to develop overnight, find my nice fresh fruit and drive me crazy!

Washing and drying the produce does not seem to help in keeping those nasty little flies away.  After a day or two,  the fruit flies seem to have invaded my kitchen and I'm hard pressed to get a handle on them.  Now it doesn't help much that I love making home-made tomato sauce and the fruit flies seem to love cut tomatoes more than anything else!  I just start making my sauce and it seems like there are fruit flies everywhere.  

What can you do to solve this problem?

Well, I have been researching ways to get rid of these pests!  I don't want to use "Raid" or other chemicals in my kitchen, after all, those sprays end up on everything.  Plus they are not very effective unless you get the sprays right on the bugs.  I don't want to be breathing or eating anything that has been sprayed.  So that leaves me with looking for some natural ways to get rid these pests.  

Natural traps consist of something that will ultimately bring the bugs to you.  If you check out You Tube they will show you how to make traps using a glass with vinegar and some liquid soap in the bottom.  Cover the glass with plastic wrap.  Then poke a few holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick.  The vinegar will attract the fruit flies and they will crawl into the little holes.  Once they are in, it's hard for them to find the holes to get back out.  Most will drown in the liquid in the bottom of the glass.  You can check out the how to right here if you want to go that route!  Home Made Fruit Fly Traps

Personally, I have tried this method and while it works for some fruit fly removal, I find that I have more flies that are not at all attracted to it.  And it seems that they multiply exponentially making the problem just that much worse.

Now I have found another way to get rid of these pests and not just fruit flies, but also mosquitos and fungus gnats as well.

There is nothing more annoying than heading off to sleep when you hear that buzzzzz of an errant mosquito that found it's way into your home.  Don't they always seem to follow you right into the bedroom?  Well, the method I'm employing in my home will take care of that pest too!

Fungus gnats in my houseplants should also be a problem solved with my newfound method of pest removal.  So the fact that this product will take care of them as well, just makes this product even better.  I do love my houseplants, and yes, I have had a problem with fungus gnats in the past.  

Now I'm sure you are interested in knowing what this method is and so I'm going to share it with you!
KATCHY is an indoor electronic bug zapper!  It sits on your kitchen counter (or bedroom or livingroom) and goes to work when you are sleeping.  It emits a blue light that these bugs find attractive and once they are close enough, a powerful fan draws them into the core of this gadget.  They are funneled down to the bottom and get themselves stuck on the glue board.  Once in, they will never fly out again.   


I love that it comes in either black or white and it's affordable!  There are  No Chemicals  used with this product either so no fumes to worry about, no smells and no residual films on home surfaces!

While I was looking for something that would work during the summer months, I'm sure that this will work all year long ridding my home of those other pests that live throughout the year. Katchy is the Number one rated home pest control traps on Amazon with lots of people giving it a big thumbs up!

It's a winner in my books for more than just ridding myself of those nasty fruit flies, but also the mosquitos, fungus gnats and moths.  

I hope this helps you have a much better summer with all the fresh produce you can eat!  Without the bugs to bug you!  Happy Summer everyone!

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