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Friday, July 8, 2016

Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener Reviewed

Are you tired of can tops that will cut your fingers and hands?  This simple safe cut can opener opens the can without leaving a sharp edge on the lid.
Are you tired of can tops that will cut your fingers and hands?  Do you worry that anyone who sticks their hands in the trash can will cut their hands on can lids with sharp edges?  Or perhaps, you stress that just compressing the trash with your hands will result in an injury due to sharp can lids.  If this is a problem in your home, than I have a solution for you. 

I know that intro just sounded like an infomercial, but this article is in fact a review of the Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener.  I can tell you from years of experience that this simple can opener will make working in the kitchen safer when opening cans.    

This simple safe cut can opener removes the lid from a can without leaving a sharp edge on the lid top.

Discovery of the Safe Cut Can Opener

 Good Cook Classic 4 in 1 Can OpenerSeveral years ago, we were vacationing in Florida.  We rented a condo that was fully furnished which included dishes, silverware and appliances in the kitchen.  Upon arrival, everyone was hungry.  Since we had brought groceries with us, that was no problem.  I grabbed the sea shell pasta and started preparing a light lunch of everyone's favorite pasta dish.  I had no trouble finding the large saucepan in the cookware or the spaghetti strainer in the condo kitchen, but I couldn't find the can opener for the tomato sauce anywhere.  I had found something that looked like a can opener, but it didn't work!  It wouldn't grip the can and cut it open.  

Several people in the condo tried their luck at making the blade-less can opener work.  Then, miracle of all miracles, our young son who had actually never used a hand held can opener, tried this unique can opener and it worked without any problem for him.  So, I tried to open the next can.  Nope!  Didn't work.  I called my little magician back into the kitchen and again, no problem.  He whipped that lid off so easily it actually started to annoy me.  

I studied the can opener, I studied the can for an explanation.  Then I checked out the lid and discovered the biggest shocker.  There was no sharp edge on the lid!  Now, that just really freaked me out.  I was seriously wondering if my son really did have magical abilities.

For several days, I played around with that can opener determined to solve the mystery.  It was one handle piece that didn't seem to latch down like a normal hand held can opener.  Day after day I kept calling on our son to open the cans for me.  Then, one day, out of the beautiful Florida blue, that can opener latched on to a can for me.  I turned the handle, and viola', the lid was off!  It was a gentle glide that didn't seem to cut at all.  Actually, I was surprised to find the lid was cut off the can.  I couldn't "feel" the can opener severing the lid from the can, but the lid was off and the edges of the lid were smooth.  That was just weird, but really cool!

This simple safe cut can opener opens the can without leaving a sharp edge on the lid
To Open:  Rest the Metal Guide Bar on Top of Can,
Hold the handle and turn the knob clockwise. 
Cutting wheel automatically engages once the knob starts turning.

It turned out that my mistake when trying to open the can was that I wanted the opener to latch onto the can before I started turning the knob.  You must start turning the knob for the cutting wheel to engage.

Before we left Florida that year, I had already found and purchased a can opener just like the one in the condo.  I still use it to this day.  When our children started college and moved into dorm rooms, I included a Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener in their dorm room college supplies too.

Life Before My Safe Cut Can Opener

I loved my under the counter Spacemaker can opener.  It was actually one of the first things installed in my kitchen when we first moved in.  I can go further back than that even and tell you that I adored my electric can opener that sat on the kitchen counter before the days of under the counter appliances.  

I was never crazy about hand held can openers.  They were simply a necessity in the kitchen until the invention of the electric can openers.  However, I was more than happy to return to a hand held can opener when we discovered the safe cut can opener.  Having a smooth lid edge is definitely worth the minor inconvenience of holding the can opener.  I will also note that the Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener is lighter weight than the older hand held can openers.  It also glides when cutting so you don't feel like you are expending the same amount of energy or effort to remove the lid.  

I will never go back to can lids that turn into blades in the trash now that there is a smooth lid edge option!

The cutter also includes a pop-top opener and a grip twist wrench in the center of the handle, plus a pull tab lifter under the cutting wheel area.

 Edited to Include this Video Showing how to Use the Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener

Fay, Favored1, commented below that she watched a video on how to use this can opener.  I thought it would be a wonderful addition to add the video here for all to see, so no need to search it out yourself.  One thing he does mention that I neglected to mention above is how to release the can opener after it has finished cutting the lid.

He is using a different Good Cook Can opener without the pop top opener, but the can opening mechanism is the same on both.

The Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener Reviewed by:
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