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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gift of a Letter - Book Review

Gift of a Letter

As Christmas cards and holiday letters from faraway friends and family begin to arrive in my mailbox, I'm reminded once again of how much I love receiving handwritten notes.  In today's 'instant' society, with communicating reduced to emails and cell phone texts, our outside mailboxes now contain mostly junk mail and any bills one hasn't changed over to 'paperless' delivery. Seldom do we find a real letter today arriving as 'snail mail', except greeting cards for holidays and birthdays, perhaps with a handwritten note.

Gift of a Letter by Alexandra Stoddard

Available on Amazon

In her book "Gift of a Letter", Alexandra Stoddard tells us about the 'power' of a letter and includes the elements of letter writing and how it touches those you love.

Letters are the most natural form of autobiography, allowing us to be personal and specific. The author tells us that by writing a letter to a friend, it brings that person into your day! The scenes and stories told linger as long as the letter, and beyond!  It's a special way of sharing ourselves with others.

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A phone call is a convenience, an email or text is quick, but a LETTER is a Gift!  It's never interrupted, it doesn't require immediate attention, and it can be saved and savored.   It's a treat with no strings attached.

Letters are sent to people we want in our lives and a way to stay close to friends who mean so much to us. Re-reading old letters can remind us of past pleasures and memories.  The  nostalgia it produces can be a wonderful reward.  Author  Stoddard states that "there is always time to write, just as there is time to enjoy life."

I Love Mail

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The importance of receiving letters became immediately apparent to me my first week in college living in a dormitory.  Suddenly I found myself over 1,000 miles away from home ~ for the very first time. Going away to college is an adventure and a wonderful feeling of being independent and 'grown up'. But you don't realize until then also how lonely those first few weeks can feel. The first letter-from-home I received was such a happy moment.  Before I even read the letter, the feeling of being loved and 'remembered' nearly overwhelmed me. Such a small thing, that letter, yet it instantly connected me with my faraway family in a way I've never forgotten. After that day, mail call became my favorite part of each day.  The anticipation of receiving a letter got me through some difficult adjustment times in the beginning.  And it set up an expectation I've never gotten over -- so much so that even today, 50 years later, I still hope to find a real letter or handwritten note in my mailbox. With today's instant communications, it doesn't happen very often, but when it does it's a very special moment.

Because of the joy I've always felt from receiving letters, all my life I have been a  letter-writer. Even with the quick availability of emails and such, I just enjoy mailing out everything from long letters to a couple lines on a postcard to cute greeting cards all year long to my grandsons. Kids LOVE getting mail addressed to them. It makes them feel someone knows them for themselves. 

Notes as a Thoughtful Gesture

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Letters don't have to be long to be enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient. How many of you have done as I have and stuck little 'smiley face' notes in our kids' lunch pails or a quick "I Love You" note in our husband's briefcase. 

Coming across little notes like that is sure to be a sweet surprise and undoubtedly will bring a smile to their faces. 

Author Alexandra Stoddard

When Alexandra was just five years old, her godmother sent her a note inviting her to visit for the weekend.  She remembers vividly that her full name was spelled out on the envelope and the letter was signed by an adult she loved.  To her godmother, she was a real-live person, not just her parents'  little girl. That letter instilled in Alexandra a passion for letter writing and receiving she has had her entire life. 

Alexandra Stoddard is more than an author of numerous books; she is also an interior decorator, a contemporary philosopher, and a speaker. You can find her website at

At age 75, she continues with her writing, seminars and lectures which contain a positive personal philosophy of ways to live a beautiful and happy life.  For a list of her other books available on Amazon, click here.

Give the 'Gift of a Letter'

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This book "Gift of a Letter" was published in 1990 and today is hard to find.  Some sellers on Amazon and others on eBay still have copies. 

Other books on the subject of letter-writing ARE readily available, as seen in the list below. But I DO like my little book, as it's a wonderful reminder for me to dash off a note or send a card with a hand-written message or even write a long letter to a dear friend I've been missing.  The time it takes to do so is rewarded ten times over by the joy the recipient has when the letter/card/note arrives in their mailbox! 

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