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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Elephant Appreciation Day Gift Review

Elephant Appreciation Day is September 22

Tubbie Wubbie Plush Elephant by Aurora
Available on Amazon

Elephant Appreciation Day became a National holiday in 1996. It was created by Wayne Hepburn after he received the gift of a paperweight with elephants on parade from his daughter. That gift began an elephant fascination for Wayne and he began collecting elephant books and objects.  Having a day to appreciate elephants is a fun reminder for all of us.  Celebrate by visiting a zoo or wildlife center to enjoy this huge beast in person, or read a book or watch a movie about elephants. 

There are also elephant books and toys which make great gifts and Elephant Appreciation Day is the perfect day to browse through a few of these gift ideas.

Horton Hears a Who!

An elephant well-known to children comes alive on the pages of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who where Horton promises the people of a tiny world called 'Whoville' that he will protect them.  

Written in 1954, this charming story has a special message, that of "a person’s a person, no matter how small." 

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Available on Amazon

In a delightful children's book series by British author David McKee, kids learn about a colorful patchworked pachyderm and the importance of being unique and why it's okay to be different.

Pink Elephants on Parade 

The 'seeing of' Pink elephants  was originally used as a description for what one who 'imbibes-too-much' sees.  Today, the term 'Pink elephant' is used for many things. 

Pink Elephants on Parade is a song from the Disney animated film “Dumbo”.  Remember when Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse become intoxicated when their drinking water is spiked with champagne and they see pink elephants singing, dancing and playing marching band instruments? 

Pink Plush Pachyderm

pink elephant
Plush Pink Elephant Available on Etsy
A pink plush elephant handmade in crochet makes a delightful cuddly toy for a little girl or a darling new baby gift. 

Created by a coastal Georgia crochet crafter, this pink elephant can be found in her Etsy Shop Coastal Crochet Crafts.


 Pink Elephants for the Garden?

Pink Elephant Watering Can on Amazon

Why not! What fun to liven up your gardening with a whimsical pink elephant watering can!  Handy in the garden and, since it holds 2 quarts of water, it is the perfect size for your window box flowers or house plants.

Fun Elephant Facts

  • The elephant is largest land animal in existence.
  • Elephants are intelligent animals and thought to be very wise.
  • Elephants love pumpkins and watermelon!
  • Elephants are considered a good luck symbol. They say that having an elephant symbol face the door will bring good luck into the house. 

Enjoy Elephant Appreciation Day

So, circle September 22 on your calendar and get ready to celebrate and appreciate this unique animal on Elephant Appreciation Day.

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