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Friday, October 27, 2017

Death Takes A Spin: An Up-cycling Mystery Reviewed

Death Takes A Spin: An Up-cycling Mystery
(Roni Rainer Mysteries Book 1) 

Death Takes A Spin:  An Up-cycling Mystery - Book Reviewed
When I first started reading "Death Takes A Spin: An Up-cycling Mystery" by Beverly Owens, I did not want to put it down.  I was quickly pulled into the lives of the characters in the book, as well as the mystery surrounding the murder of the bicycle shop owner.  Somewhere around chapter 9, my life interrupted my reading.  I was forced to set the book aside for a few hours.  I honestly don't know why my family thinks they should eat! 

However, during those few hours of preparing and serving dinner, I found myself thinking about the characters and wondering what was really going on in their lives.   That was one of the things I loved most about "Death Takes a Spin".  There is a lot of detail, mystery and mystic woven throughout the pages about each individual's life that was separate from the actual murder mystery of the story.  Each character was more like a real person with real lives, real concerns and even real fears and danger.

I was also captivated by the idea of having an up-cycling store that gave old furniture new life by salvaging usable parts and creating something new and beautiful.  In my crafter's mind, I could easily envision the finished piece because the written descriptions were so vivid.  Since one of my own favorite pastimes happens to be exploring antique malls looking for something special, that concept very much appeals to me.  Although, I readily admit I am not creative enough to take apart several pieces and recreate a new gorgeous piece, I do love the idea. 

Death Takes A Spin:  An Up-cycling Mystery
The Plot 

When Roni Rainer inherits her grandmother's antique store, she opts to give the store a more current day appeal.  Instead of selling antiques, she focuses on redesigning antiques and giving them a modern day appeal.  Her unique approach is well accepted and her business is flourishing.   She has no idea that her life is about to be turned upside down.  She has already heard rumors about her husband, but she dismisses them as being incidents of mistaken identity.  

 Death Takes A Spin: An Up-cycling Mystery
(Roni Rainer Mysteries)
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Roni is well known in town since she grew up there.  Like many small towns, people know a lot about each other's daily business, as well as their past.  When Roni's old boyfriend, Mitch, returns to town as a deputy sheriff, old questions as well as forgotten hurts, are revived.  

One of his first stops in town is the old antique store.  Mitch is happily surprised to find Roni is there.  She is more than surprised to see Mitch Denton in her shop.  With the initial shock of seeing each other again now behind them, they chat about furniture and Roni accepts a consignment job to make a masculine tea cart for Mitch.  In order to create the tea cart she envisions, she will need bicycle wheels from Willie's bicycle shop.  When she walks into the bike store, she finds Willie dead behind the counter.  Why would anyone kill this benevolent and beloved gentleman who thrived on helping others?

With the mystery of Willie's murder, the return of Mitch Denton, the rumors about her husband, and the need to hire more help in her store, Roni finds herself juggling life events.  During all of it, she has a old and steadfast friend that she can turn to for support.  Kitchi is actually more like a grandfather to her.  He has an unworldly insight coupled with wisdom that helps them all be prepared for what will happen next.  

There are a few other characters who are a very important part of the story.  They are both Roni's employees and are actually pretty endearing themselves.  I found myself wishing to protect both Charlotte and Clay from the cruelties of the world.  Although, life has already prepared them.


I know you will enjoy this book as much as I did!  It is truly fabulous, and I can hardly wait to start reading the second book in the series, Illegal Harvest!  

The first time I ever read an article written by Beverly Owens, I made the comment, " I want to write like that!".  Now all I can say is, I WISH I could write like that!

If and when you have read the book, I would love to hear who your favorite character in the book is.  I can't seem to choose between them. 

One other note, I thought it was pretty cool when I realized the author's husband did the illustration for the book.  Those of us who read on kindles now, often miss seeing the images.  Now that I have a Fire Tablet, I get to enjoy the pictures too.  Well done Beverly and Terry Owens!

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