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Monday, July 25, 2016

DeWalt Cordless 20V Drill Review for Beginners

My compost bin frame in process
I do not have much DIY experience. I have zero woodworking experience.  I certainly have not used power tools as an adult - before now. It would seem that I am not the best candidate for writing a review about a cordless power tool. On the other hand, perhaps I am the best reviewer of tools for DIY beginners.  If you are anxious about your first power tool purchase, be confident that the DeWalt Cordless 20v Max Drill Driver Kit is an excellent choice.

Why I Needed to Purchase Tools

I have purchased a small piece of land with a very rustic hunting "cabin" in West Virginia - affectionately referred to as The Shack.  I plan to live up there at some point.  In the meantime, I want to learn to be as self-sufficient as possible.  Which includes learning to do more than unclog a toilet, replace light bulbs, and change locks on doors. I can paint and I have laid carpet successfully in very small rooms.  But that is the extent of my DIY ability.  But I want to do so much more.

My very first project was building a wooden trellis (with much help) and tearing it back down for transport. The plan was to install the trellis on my own.  So far, digging the holes in my yard has me stymied and that project is on hold.

My second project, which I have successfully finished, is a small wooden and wire compost bin.  I purchased the DeWalt Cordless 20v Drill for this project. I had dire misgivings about purchasing a cordless. And I made a beginner mistake that made me think my review of this item would be negative.  However, it ended up that this drill works GREAT. I found that once I fixed my mistake, this drill is reliable.  I am so glad I purchased it.

My Dad - The Roofer and Builder

My dad owned his own roofing and pole barn business.  He also built our barn.  I was young, but I helped with both building our barn and occasionally with his business during the summer.  I held boards, carried shingles, and pounded nails occasionally.  But I did not handle the power tools.

This feels like a million years ago. But I clearly remember the portable generator and the corded saws and tools.  Surely, I can build things now.  It's in my should come naturally, right? No. Not so much.

Shopping for Power Tools

How overwhelming, shopping for power tools when you have no experience.  I very much wanted to follow in my father's footsteps with the generator and the corded tools.  However, generators are expensive.  They also weigh a good bit.  Depending on which one I purchased, I wouldn't be able to haul it up in the back of my Jeep Wrangler.  I also noted that tools don't "feel" like they did all those years ago.  Due to being much lighter and made with more plastic components they feel cheap and chintzy.

I felt like I "gave in" and purchased a cordless drill. After much window shopping, I chose the DeWalt Cordless 20v Max Drill with the lithium ion battery. Although, at the time of purchase, I felt little to no confidence about a "power tool" that was battery operated.  I intentionally saved my receipt so I could return the drill after it failed.

My DeWalt Cordless 20v Max Drill and Driver 

My drill came with a bag, two batteries, the charger, and the drill.  I purchased a set of drill bits separately.  Once I was no longer hesitant, the drill worked great for pre-drilling holes and screwing in screws. It was powerful and I could easily adjust the speed. Changing bits was exceedingly easy.  The light feature was very helpful as I was working inside my shack with little natural light in the area I was working. The bag was perfect to make sure I had everything together in order to carry it back and forth between the apartment and The Shack.

DeWalt cordless 20v max drill and driver kit

Initially, I thought the fully charged batteries were going dead following just a few holes and screws. I was ready to return it - my biggest concern being realized. Then I realized that the light on the charger lights as though the battery is fully charged when you just lay the battery onto the charger - as I was doing.  However, and this is very important, the battery must click onto the charger in order to charge properly. I feel silly admitting that I hadn't known that but am sharing the information to make sure the next beginner understands that.

That one slight user error was the only thing that has given me pause about this wonderful cordless drill.  The price was great. The drill has plenty of oompf. Figuring out the settings was easy for even a rank beginning like me.

And with the help of my drill (and a DeWalt cordless 20v Max saw) I was able to successfully build my first item - a wooden and wire compost bin.  

For DIY beginners as well as those of you who understand the meaning of volts, RPMs, 3 speed transmission, ratcheting chuck, and carbide insert may be interested in this video provided by DeWalt.  

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