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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review This: Blink! Motion Detecting Camera

Blink! What do you think? I missed something, Right? Well, that's what I'm hoping to help you with today!

On the Calendar of Days, today is Photographing Nature Day and why should that day end when the sun goes down? As a matter of fact, much of what happens in the yard, happens after dark! I know for a fact that a lot happens in my yard after everyone has called it a day. I can hear the chatter of the nightlife begin to awaken. I just can't see them anymore! Blink Home Security Camera System, Wireless, Motion Detection, iOS & Android App, HD Video, 1 Year Battery Life, Free Cloud Storage - 1 Camera Bundle
With that thought in mind, I decided it was time to look for a way that I could see what was going on in my yard after everyone has turned their lights out for the night. I came across an ingenious way of seeing what was happening without having to be there in person. In my yard, we have a pond that has waterfalls in it. I love the sound of water falling at night, it makes me sleep so soundly, I feel like I'm one with nature! The only thing that I find distressing, is that I hear other sounds as well and I would love to go out there and see what or where those sounds are coming from. I confess, I'm a bit of a chicken, I won't go out there in my jammies because we have had skunks and the like come to visit at times. No late night encounters with those little stinkers are going to happen, a least not with me! To the rescue comes the Blink Camera!
This camera is sold as a home security camera. It links with WiFi to your phone and can show you what is happening as it is recording. Home security cameras operate on motion sensing, when motion is "seen" by the camera, the recording starts. So this makes perfect sense in the night time hours in the yard. You are not going to be filming the darkness, but when that camera senses motion, it will start to record. So whatever is playing in the yard at 2 in the morning, is sure to be filmed for me to review. That's what I want! I want to see what is visiting my yard in the early hours of the morn.
I am having this mounted on a small table that is in our backyard, The post that holds the tabletop doubles as the power source for the pond.  But the Blink camera doesn't need that, it is battery run.  The post though, will make a great mounting board for two reasons, one, it's near the pond and two, it will shelter the camera within a small water-resistant shelter that I saw on YouTube.  These cameras are not really meant for outdoor activities, but with these modifications they should do quite nicely to watch the wildlife playing in the wee hours of the morn....

Please watch this video on how to make a housing for your Blink Camera:
How to Modify your Blink Camera to Catch Nightlife

 As stated in this video,  you will probably nullify the warranty on the Blink camera for using it this way, but for the money, it is a worthwhile experiment. 

I hope I have triggered your interest in the wildlife that might be playing around your backyard and at the same time give you an option to capture those creatures without breaking the bank. Have fun and enjoy not only through the day, but also at night, the antics of those creatures that we share our spaces with!

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