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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Reviewing Author Plans For 2020

Planning for the Future

I'm going to put myself out on a limb today by publicly reviewing my plans as an author for 2020. I have been weighing my options quietly in my mind for about a month now. So, today I'll put my ideas out there because one of the best motivators is to have people holding you accountable for the goals you have set for yourself. It seems to work for people who are dieting, trying to quit smoking, and a variety of other things that we wish to accomplish. Let's see if it works for a budding writer.

author plans
Can this author reach her goal?
books image courtesy of

Not too long ago, I did a review on Kathi Daley She is another Cozy Mystery author, like myself. I really enjoy her books but the thing that kept niggling at my brain is that she published a book a month in one year. Actually, I think she did it two years in a row. So, 24 books in two years. At first I thought, wow that is impressive. Then I began to think on the lines of could I do that? Could I write and publish 12 books in 12 months. You probably see where I'm going with this.

2020 Goals For This Author

When the year 2019 began, I had only written and published two books. I had been stuck on book three for over a year. In February of this year, the block I was experiencing finally broke away and I was able to finish the third book in the Roni Rainer Mysteries series; publishing it in March. At that point, I didn't really have any set goals for writing other than I wanted to try to write everyday. 

To make a rather long story short, last month I published my seventh book. Without a thought of how many books I wanted to write this year, I was able to add five books to my list of published works. If you had asked me a year ago, if I could do anything even close, I would have probably said that I didn't think so. The words started flowing and the ideas kept coming and so I wrote. Some days I wrote more than others but I did try to write something everyday.

So, my goal for next year is to try really hard to write and publish a book a month for the entire year. I'm going to ask you to hold me accountable to this declaration. I really think that I can do it. I have already figured out that in order to accomplish this I'll need to write (or at least average) about 2300 words a day. I honestly think that is very doable for me. 

I have already roughly planned out how and what I will publish next year. The first thing will be a new series that I am already working on. (I'll have to have at least one book ready to publish in January.) This new series will be called the Babbs Bennett Mysteries. Babbs is older than my other main characters. She is over 65 and has temporarily moved back to her hometown to help her cousin run a book store while he recuperates from a bad fall off of an icy path. The name of the book store is Holiday Books. Holiday is the family surname and her cousin has always played on that family name by decorating the shop each month for that month's holidays. That is going to be a fun part of the creative process, coming up with titles that have to do with different holidays.

Working List of Books to Write

  • January Book One of Babbs Bennett Mysteries (working title Valentine Vengeance)
  • February Book Two of Babbs Bennett Mysteries 
  • March Book Three of Babbs Bennett Mysteries
  • April Book One of Cottonwood Grove Mysteries (new series involves a yarn shop business)
  • May Book Two of Cottonwood Grove Mysteries
  • June Book Three of Cottonwood Grove Mysteries
  • July Book Five of Roni Rainer Mysteries
  • August Book Four of Cabin 9 Mysteries
  • September Book One of Second Chances Mysteries (new series involves a second hand shop)
  • October Book Two of Second Chances Mysteries
  • November Book Three of Second Chances Mysteries
  • December Book Four of Babbs Bennett Mysteries
Well, there you have it; my goals as an author for 2020. What do you think? Am I being too ambitious? 

Already Published Books by Beverly Owens

  • Roni Rainer Mysteries
    1. Death Takes a Spin
    2. Illegal Harvest
    3. The Puzzle of Talking Rock
    4. Missing in Beaver Falls
  • Cabin 9 Mysteries
    1. Campground Corpse
    2. Untimely Checkout
    3. Grifter's Gamble

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Reviewing the Author, Favored1

favored one
I have followed the articles and online career of Favored1 for several years.  Our paths first crossed when we both started writing for the same company.  We initially clicked with each other simply because we have so much in common.  We both love cooking, crafts, collectibles, books, and we both have a deep personal faith.

Favored1 enjoys writing about her Christian beliefs and I admire anyone who stands before the world with deep conviction and faithfulness, especially in the face of adversity.  It comes as no surprise that her faith is reflected in almost everything she writes.

kinkade angel figurines

Collectibles Shared by Favored1

Many of us are already familiar with Thomas Kinkade's artwork, but Favored1 focuses on more than just his paintings.   She features his figurines, jewelry and other collectibles in her Thomas Kinkade Online Catalog.

Her appreciation for his work is expressed in each and every one of her articles.  She doesn't just give a list of his items, she actually selects individual pieces to feature and tells the stories behind them.  Reading her articles on the Thomas Kinkade selections is like reading poetry because she paints such a lovely picture with words in our minds even though we can see a photo of the item right in front of us.

Favored1 Reviews

book cover
Fay, aka Favored1, also writes and publishes her own reviews on her site Favored Reviews.  She most often reviews inspirational books.  I always smile when she throws in a inspiration bookmark or book cover as gift suggestions.  I, myself, have made gift selections for my own mother from Fay's inspirational reviews.

You might ask, as I did in the interview, what is Fay's personal favorite book.  Her answer is fast and direct.  The Bible is her favorite book.  Again, that comes as no surprise to those of us who have followed Favored1's online career.  She did try to give me a second choice, but there was really no reason to.  After all, the Bible pretty much covers every genre, every niche, every feeling, every personal concern.  Nothing else is really necessary even if we do enjoy the occasional fiction or inspirational supplement. 


 Crafting with Favored1

hobnob milkglass
I love it when another writer and crafter can introduce me to a new craft, especially when it is something I have never even considered trying to create.  Fay did that very thing with her articles How to Make Hobnob Milkglass and How to Make a Washcloth Travel Tote.  I loved both of these ideas!  They are simple enough to make, but it is the simplicity that is ingenious when you consider the beauty and practicality of the end result.

Favored1 has lots of really cool craft ideas and tutorials.  Many of which you can find on Hubpages  where she has published over 150 articles.

Oh!  And, be sure to check out her Christmas Cinnamon Pine Cone Wreath.  It is totally fabulous!


Favored1 Cooks

I am constantly looking for new recipes!  Even though I am the Cooking for the Holidays owner and contributor, I still love discovering new recipes to cook in my own home and try out on my family, which is my personal testing ground.

Fay's husband eats meat, but Fay does not.  This is also something we have in common, we both have a combination of meat-eaters and vegetarians in our homes to cook for simultaneously.   Finding meals that appeals to both can often be quite challenging. On Favored Cooking, Fay shares her favorite recipes.  This is a fairly new site for Favored1 and I look forward to seeing all of her future recipes published there.  You can also find some of her recipes currently published on Hubpages.


 About Favored1

Available on Thomas Kinkade Online Catalog
Available on Thomas Kinkade Online Catalog 
You have now had a very comprehensive look at places you can find publications and articles by Favored1, but I would like to take a moment to tell you a little more about Fay personally.  She is loyal, optimistic, joyful and a tremendous encourager.  She loves dogs, her favorite movie is the 1964 version of Cinderella, and she prefers the Bahamas for a restful vacation. It is easy to see why Fay was selected as one of the top five teachers in her home state.  She loves connecting with people from all walks of life, as well as the research required to write and teach effectively.  Her desire to serve and help others is truly her most admirable quality.

To close, I am going to quote Fay directly from our interview.  When asked her favorite quote, this was her response:

"My favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Overcoming the feeling of being inferior has taken a lifetime it seems to conquer.   I came across this quote in my early years of teaching and realized that I had a choice about how I felt about myself.  Giving into the lie of being inferior to others will stop us from achieving our goals and dreams in life.  Believing in who God made me to be will allow me to reach anything I set out to accomplish."

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Author in Review: Cheryl Paton aka CherylsArt

Cheryl Paton
For several years, I have been reading articles written by Cheryl Paton, but I did not realize she had published a book until I interviewed her for Review This!

Funny how you think you know someone well after reading their articles, only to discover even more to admire and appreciate about them during an interview.  

Author of The Phonics Guide 

The Phonics Guide:: A guide to reading and spelling patternsThe Phonics Guide:: A guide to reading and spelling patternsCheck Price

As a literacy tutor, Cheryl discovered a real need for a literacy reference guide for adults.  Instead of grumbling or complaining, Cheryl stepped out on her own and met that need by publishing The Phonics Guide, which is a quick resource handbook that lists common spelling patterns and/or letter combinations, alphabetically.  According to Cheryl, it can be used by both tutors and intermediate readers.  

I think we all understand how time consuming it can be to have to search several resources for information when we need to be spending our valuable time actually focusing on teaching and learning.  There are few things more valuable to a teacher than a well written reference guide by an experienced professional.

Cheryl Paton

I found Cheryl to be very open and candid in her interview.   Cheryl shared that her proudest achievement was when she started her art business, but I was personally touched when she stated "the most important thing was that I overcame old childhood beliefs about what I could or couldn’t be."

Saint RalphSaint RalphCheck PriceI was intrigued when she told me that her favorite movie is "Saint Ralph" and went on to explain that it is a story about a teen boy whose mother goes into a coma. Ralph is in a Catholic school and comes to believe that he must do something of significance in order for his mother to come out of the coma. He decides to run in the Boston Marathon.  There are funny spots in this movie too, and it ends with one of the best renditions of Hallelujah she has ever heard.

Cheryl's favorite book is No Attachments No Aversions by Lester Levenson which she personally reviewed.  I encourage you to read it today by simply clicking on the book title link above.  

I began to see a strong thread in the tapestry of Cheryl's life.  Her choice in books and movies, her work to help adults overcome illiteracy, as well as her own determination to discard childhood insecurities, are examples of her belief in success over complacency and a zeal to move beyond adversity.   

CherylsArt on Zazzle

Cheryl's Art at*

Cheryl offers her custom designs for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more on Zazzle.  She has over 7000 items currently listed.

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