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Reviewing the DeWalt 20v Max Cordless Pruner

Some time ago I bought my first cordless DeWalt tools. They have been reliable and durable for all these years. Imagine my delight when my son gifted me with two more Dewalt tools (a cordless chainsaw and pruner) for Mother's Day. The DeWalt Pruner has been far more useful than I had imagined and I highly recommend it.

the powerful DeWALT cordless pruner

DeWalt 20v Max Cordless Pruner

In just a few short months, I have put this pruner to good use in my yard and my woods. The blades are a really good size for trimming woody stems and small branches. I have not noticed any dulling of the blades.

My Pruner was the "tool only" option which did not include the battery or the battery charger. It does include a blade sheath and the wrench/tool that would be useful if I ever need to replace the blades. There are options with the pruner, battery, and battery charger included for folks who would need the set.

Some specifications:

  • non-stick coated blades
  • blade gap of 1.5 inches (Maximum cut diameter 1.5 inches)
  • 60 cut strokes per minute - 1 cut per second
  • powered by the DeWalt 20V battery (may or may not be included)
  • built in LED light 
  • weighs 3 lbs
  • covered by warranty (3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service, 90 day money back guarantee - see website for details)

My Thoughts About the DeWalt 20v Max Cordless Pruner

I already mentioned that I like DeWalt brand tools and have had good luck with their durability and ease of use. I have the perception that many cordless tools are not as powerful as gas-powered or corded electric tools. However, my DeWalt circular saw and drill started to change my mind. Yet I was still very surprised the first time I pulled the trigger on the pruner and the blades literally slammed shut. 

Having issues with weak hands ergonomics related to grips and triggers are important to me. Fortunately, the handle seems just right and the trigger pulls easily. In my opinion, it is a plus that your hand must be fully on the tool and engaging what appears to be a safety switch before the pruner blades will shut. I appreciate those types of safety features. Someone may wonder whether the 3 lb weight is prohibitive for someone with weak hands. Yes, the tool feels hefty but no, it's not a problem. Personally, I have far more difficulty squeezing manual pruners (both small hand-held pruners and larger loppers) together than I do holding this DeWalt Pruner up.

I want to also mention that the manual available for download online. The pruner came with a manual but in the event your manual becomes lost or ruined, the online version is easy to find and download. 

This pruner is an excellent tool and would be a perfect investment for yourself or a gift for a landowner.

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And a very brief review and update now:

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  1. What useful Mother's Day gifts. Your son definitely knows what would please you best. This cordless pruner looks perfect for use around your property atop a mountain ridge.

  2. I watched your video because I wanted to actually see it work. That is pretty awesome! I still use the loppers when a bush doesn't need a full trim, but they take a real toll on my shoulders and back. Do you have any trouble (weight wise) holding higher than your own height? Some of the batteries can be heavy and I wasn't sure if the 3 lbs included the weight of the battery. This certainly look like a wonderful trimming tool!

    1. Excellent questions! I just weighed myself with and without the pruner/battery on my bathroom scales. They are the el-cheapo scales and not digital. It looks like the pruner/battery combo added 3#. I have not used it above my head recently. But I looked back in my original Mother's Day video and held it above my head a couple of times. I think I could cut above my head about 10 - 20 cuts before taking a break (I just walked around the house holding it above my head. I'm glad neighbors can't see in my windows! haha)

  3. This sounds like a great tool to have if you have large trees and bushes around your yard.

    1. Thank you! This has turned out to be a perfect tool for me and my yard.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thank you for your useful review! I have been considering something like this to help with work around the garden, especially with the larger shrubs or jobs that currently take a long time. Safety features are very important to me too and I had concerns over the weight of such tools but it sounds like this would be just fine. Appreciate your personal review and recommendation.

    1. Thank you! If you get one of these... or some other brand.. I hope you share how it works for you.

  6. These sound like a tool anyone who needs to lop woody stems and small branches would really appreciate. I especially appreciate the safety features on a powerful and otherwise potentially dangerous piece of equipment such as this one. Thanks for your review and recommendation.

  7. Wow, that's a handy product to have on hand - especially where there are a lot of trees that need trimming - I can't tell hubby about this one because he'll want it! lol. He loves Dewalt products, I think that's all he owns in tools.


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