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National Bird Holidays and Awareness Days- 3rd Quarter

Bluebird sitting on a Birdbath
Bluebird of Happiness

 I love to explore designated bird holidays to find out more about these fascinating creatures that give pleasure to our lives.  For the third quarter of the year, I discovered three different holidays that I would like to write about in this post.

National Hummingbird Day

The first Saturday in September is designated as National Hummingbird Day.  These little birds have long fascinated people and as beautiful as they are, they are only found in the America's, especially North and South America.  The first recorded siting of a Hummingbird took place in 1557 in Brazil in by a French explorer.
Hummingbird sitting on a feeder.
Hummingbird at Feeder

Hummingbirds are very colorful little birds that are characterized by their ability to hover mid-air and rapidly flap their wings which make a "humming" sound. 

In my area of the country, we put out our hummingbird feeders in early April, hoping to attract these fascinating little birds as they migrate north.  
To find out more about hummingbirds and National Hummingbird Day check out this website.

World Shorebirds Day

World Shorebirds Day is celebrated on September 6th and is a day to learn more about the birds that frequent our shores.  It is surrounded by a week where volunteers count the shorebirds in their area.
blue heron
Blue Heron

Shorebird fishing on rock
Shorebird fishing on Rock

White Ibis in the sand
White Ibis

When we travel to the shore, I always enjoy seeing all the different shorebirds.  They are very different from the types of birds we see at home in the Midwest, and I enjoy trying to identify each bird.  The three photos above are shorebirds I photographed in Florida.

National Bluebird of Happiness Day

The bluebird is my favorite bird and I get very excited the few times each year when they visit my backyard.  I have my camera ready and delight in capturing these beautiful birds with my camera.
Group of bluebirds sitting on birdbath
Bluebirds Enjoying a Drink

Bright bluebird sitting on birdbath
Bluebird of Happiness

There is much written about bluebirds, and you will find them on all types of cards and household decor.  On September 24th we celebrate National Bluebird of Happiness Day.  Here is a little history of the bluebird I found on the website.
For the longest time, it has been known that the bluebird is a harbinger of happiness. This notion was first held by the Chinese who saw the bird as immortal, a protector, and a symbol of the sun. Native Americans too were in deep awe of the bluebird. Navajos revered it as a spirit in animal form, and the Iroquois believed the bluebird’s song would make the harsh winters bearable. For the Russians, the bluebird represented hope.

Bluebird of Happiness Day will be a great time to spend some time learning more about these birds that bring happiness to so many people.

Reviews on Birds

Here are some reviews written on Review This about the birds listed in this review.

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  1. Bluebirds are among my favorite birds as well and I also love the little hummingbirds. I absolutely love watching the shorebirds when we are in Florida. We have cranes in our area, which I see around the lakes when we walk the board trails in our area. My parents always have a backyard full of birds. I enjoy just sitting at their kitchen table, looking out and watching the myriad of colors attracted to the feeders.

  2. Love all the bird holidays. Our feathered friends are all so gorgeous in their each individual way that they are a joy to share are old world with. Thanks for sharing some of the special days we recognize birds. Shorebirds are probably my favorite as I've lived at or near their beach habitats several times over the years.

  3. What a fun and interesting look at holidays celebrating birds this fall! Your photos are wonderful.

  4. beautiful photos - the bluebird is so pretty - looking at your lovely pictures has me thinking of my mom and dad watching the birds on their deck while sitting in their family room - I certainly didn't know there was a national Hummingbird Day - that's pretty cool too.


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